It is about getting our freedom and liberty back

I began my research for a fuel that does not create pollution in 1970. It did not take long to find those three fuels, green hydrogen, hemp seed diesel, and hemp fuel. On my journey for that information, I also discovered why we currently have our deepest down ward spiral, and we continue to live in a modern day dark age starting 140 years ago. My first invention was in 1970. I invented the illuminating motorcycle gas tank of my original design that glows at night. So I began putting all my designs and inventions up on the shelves to be brought down at the right time. It is a perfect time to launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states, 10 provinces, 4 territories. When you are no longer buying what the cronies are selling, and building a strong nation that has regained freedom. liberty, justice, and coutry back by the powers of the truth, regained lost hope, and going completely green. terry cook/ to get a 2 page summary of where we are going, how we are getting there, the wonders of cannabis, and the crucial importance of Bernie Sanders becoming our next President for 8 years. Then click on the HOME page. Nothing needs to be invented to go a far more positive direction for the good of all creatures. Terry Cook, ex-Marine, 65-69 2 tours of Vietnam, progressive inventor, United Patriot for Bernie Sanders

Response to James L. Withrow’s letter to the editor in the May 3rd Courier

Thank you so much for a letter with great substance. I really liked many parts of your informative statements, declaring several wars have been concurred by spending billions. Since the totally winning of these wars has come to pass, I would like to bring attention to the four remaining wars that must be dealt with now, before things get a lot worse. End world hunger, stop trashing this earth, put an end to our longest, most senseless, and costly war on drugs, the stopping of our deepest downward spiral, and finally the most important of all wars ever fought, The War To Survive.
Having Mr. Withrow lay down the foundation to end all wars. That would be the spending billions to win. Allow me to tell everybody what will work and what has not. Giving the financial institutions of our country several train loads of money and the oil industry at least ½ a trillion in tax payers’ money to find the oil and kept the price down. These are prime examples of what has not worked. The plan that will bring us hemp composite water towers, the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, and an economic and environmental growth with no limits, is thetopcatplan.
I defy, James L. Withrow, any one, or group to challenge me in any thing I have stated in 92 letters to the editor or to my solution on what we must do now, before it is past the fixing point. Now, back to my first paragraph. James writes global warming as being a history topic because of the cold winter we had. The billions spent on wind turbines and solar collectors hasn’t put a dent in the situation, but we will be increasing those technologies many thousands of times. We have went from 350 to 400 ppm of CO2s in our air in a short time. We will reach 450 within a decade or sooner, depending how soon we launch what must be done. Any questions? Top Cat II

We will stop trashing this earth, don’t need to any more

For every job lost to the current way we have carried on, will be replaced with good green jobs, not trashing the earth jobs like fracking, the XL Keystone pipeline, or making pharmaceuticals to become the #1 cause of death over booze and tobacco. Our design of vertical wind turbines puts the propeller type to shame in durability, output, and efficiency. If a volcano blocked the sun for along time, we would still be able to make enough green electricity and fuel for heat and transportation. The green way of life is coming. We have no other option. Thetopcatplan is the way we will accomplish this mission. The days of hoping, wishing, waiting, and praying for the better way of life to come are over. 140 years of that has gotten us to where we are now. Living in a modern day dark age. 1% own 50% and getting worst. Many fear change, fear is in deed, lack of knowledge. So, we’ll have education, communication, and the power of the truth working for us and the team work of a bunch of Americans. I began fighting tyranny in 1965. I will never give up in that war. I am talking about the war that has rendered 14 million years of imprisonment in our longest and most costly War On Drugs. 80% of the trashing this earth was made possible when cannabis was outlawed in 1937 by the cronies. Any questions? Top Cat II

A Thomas Jefferson Quote

A Thomas Jefferson quote appeared in last Thursday’s Courier View point page. “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” The cronies must have had a meeting and decided, that sounds like a good idea. The first thing they had to do was, blow President Kennedy’s brains out in public. He was in the process of bringing the hemp industry back, legalizing all cannabis products, and never have another war especially a Vietnam War.
The rest is public history, we not only spend too many years in a senseless conflict but later go to war for oil.
All our founding fathers shared one ideal. All Americans whether, rich, poor, highly educated, ignorant, black, white, yellow, or red are responsible for their own consciousness. So why did we have our nation’s longest and most costly war? A war with more tyranny over the mind of man. Laying down over 14 million years of imprisonment in the War on Drugs. A thousand Americans die every year from all combined illegal drugs but more than 100 thousand die from pharmaceutical or legal drugs. So should not legal drugs be made illegal? Or does the present system allow for population control over the common man. We are the world’s most controlled, manipulated, and don’t have a clue. GMOs and cigarettes are the perfect example. Take the poisons being stored in warehouses and put them in our food and the already most deadly habit. Only in a American, land of opportunity.
Bob Hope, Jack Kennedy, and I have the same birthday, May 29. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio