People that don’t use pot are not fools

In response to Denny Scales; Mr. Scales, I could care less whether your or anybody else’s opinion is out on the “grass” culture, and I would never regard any one, not sold on it to be foolish. The foolishness I speak of, is the fools we all are to have allowed the rulers to make fools of us all. We are all in the same boat in that regard. If there is any fact I have stated that anybody believes to be false, please come on! These facts did not just pop in my head, they are documented. Jack Herer’s people and Edwin Black back up every word to the tune of $100,000.00
Now, we will get to the issues. I mentioned an acre of worn out farm land has the potential of an annual yield of the world’s finest oil, medicine, protein for any animal, char-coal to replace coal, 30 tons of fiber to launch a trillion dollar industry, but what I did not mention is, 1,450 gals of the finest fuel on earth.
I have poised the question to Dr Bernard Sanders, Ann Coulter, the White House, and many others last week, this; Do you believe, if we allow the Keystone XL pipeline project to happen, we will have shown the world we are maintaining the status as #1 in corruption and ignorance? If you believe my statement to be true, you are cool, if you don’t, you are not. 10,000 jobs to help in the effort to trash this earth is what this project represents.   My plan will put a million people to work in green jobs, with a min. wage of $20.00 an hour and nobody including investing partners, engineers, troubleshooters, scientist, stockholders, and owners of the companies we use for contract labor will make no more than $250,000.00 a year, off of us. and we will not be shaken down by any one.  please review  A plan to launch the Hydrogen Economy and the Hemp Industry is not enough to bring down 410 ppm. to 350 ppm of COs.  But if we also change our way of raising our livestock.  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Yes, Everyone Must Step Up

In response to Denny Scales on his, “Everyone Must Step Up” message. I agree with your comments concerning our founding fathers. Yes, our government can easily become tyranny ruled . Wake up America! We have become that, starting back at least 100 years, we have lived in the modern day Dark Ages. Life was simple in the old dark ages. Get caught with a book, get your head chopped off. Well, it would be hard to get away with that these days, so they did the next best thing. They altered all History books and they controlled the media. How many people in this country know that President Kennedy was in the process of completely calling off the Viet Nam War and had plans to legalize marijuana and hemp production. Please read “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black, and “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. Both books are loaded with facts that were kept from the common people.
Denny, you can have millions of militia, National Guardsmen, and professional military, but that will serve no purpose, if there is no leader, and if the leader has no plan. Eight months ago, I proclaimed myself to be the leader in 4 revolutions, which are; Get our freedom and liberty back, stamp out world hunger, reverse global warming, and cap all metal guard rails on all drag strips. I have a plan that will address those issues and many more. I have approached the University of Findlay’s and Bowling Green State University’s economic research departments with my web site, which is I have been told by several people including the late Dr. Loren Pace and James H. Miller that changes, especially positive changes can not occur without the very rich making it happen. I will prove those statements to be false. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio