Bernie will be our next President for 8 years

The question is, how would you solve poverty in the US? This is an easy question for me, since I have been working on it for 45 years. It is called We will launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficent industry in all states. This brings 17 divisions of green products and services with a minimum wage of $25 an hour for a 30 hour work week. Nothing needs to be invented to go green in every way. Right now 80% of your paycheck goes to energy of some kind. All that energy is coming from the crony rulers. When you have the equipment and technology to use the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water to make your own green hydrogen for heat, and fuel for all your engines. That enables all common people to keep the money they used to give to the filthy rich, in your pocket or use it for a hemp composite item that is guaranteed for life, made in your own state, causing no pollution, increasing local economy, giving us the ability to phase out what is killing us, take our freedom, liberty, and country back from the rule of the machine that used to dictate what President is selected. Electing Bernie Sanders is the key to enhancing our education and communication. We are not going to have a revolution. We are IN a Revolution right now by so many people coming together to put our hero in the Oval Office. Any questions????????

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The biggest game of buying laws belong to the experts

Trying to make laws to stop fracking is impossible folks. It used to be, in earlier times, when somebody dies from some unnatural cause, that would trigger a change. That is not the case these days. The only way to phase out fossil fuel, poison chemicals, and deforestation is by launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all states to drive fracking to close up operations because we don’t need any fossil fuel of any kind or to ever cut down a tree to make a paper or building product. Go to Yahoo, type in, hemp composite water towers. That will get you go to the category ENERGY to get the 17 green divisions coming to every state soon. I hope we can do this before we bankrupt our health care system. The frackers will not be satisfied until we have the size of Lake Erie in poison chemicals under the #1 most un-green state (Ohio). Hydrogen, hemp fuel, the sun, wind, and your downspout water are our sources of energy for life. We don’t need one more drop of oil, poison chemicals, or bucket of coal any more. For every 1 job lost to these commodities, there will be 9 green jobs to take their place. The leading causes of breast cancer is the use of anti-antiperspirant, eating GMO food, breathing bad air from big oil. Any questions? Top Cat II

All electric trains are cool, not diesel engines generating the electicity

Allow me to inform what needs to be done with all trains in this country.  It was proven back in the 1950’s that the most powerful and efficient trains are ALL electric.  Not a diesel engine generating the electricity.  The electric power will be provided by, the area the rails are running, by the power of the sun, wind, downspout water to make hydrogen & oxygen but also be stored in hemp composite water towers for hydro-power if needed.  They will be called green trains.  Thetopcatplan is coming soon to all states with electric trains and motor vehicles running on hemp fuel or green electric power.  We are phasing out fossil fuel and poison chemicals folks.  Top Cat II

We don’t care about the words, climate change or global warming

Hey, lets just forget the phrase global warming or climate change ever existed. It does not matter. Thanks to the cronies, we have a 70% trashed earth, air, water, and soil. So in the name, of jobs and the need for dirty rotten natural gas energy, we must frack the whole world or just 90% of this country. WRONG!!! We must kill fracking before it kills us, but first it will poison the well water, and then we will ask ourselves, why did we allow this to happen? The answer to that and why we have lived in a modern day dark age for 140 years is the same. Currently we are in a record breaking downward spiral, while the 1% own 50% and 95% of corporate profit goes to 1%, the farmers and the common people are so easy and so screwed. Still, in Ohio, a farmer is not allowed to grow hemp to help bring the soil back to good health, able to absorb rain water several times better, reduce the need for poison chemicals, make their own hydrogen or hemp fuel by using the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water, and make at least $3,000.00 AN ACRE to make 50,000 products in a green manner, put at least 20 million people to work, and enhance the economy of several hundred million citizens. is the only idea to address all our problems while taking the ruler’s power down. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services in fifty states. One of those is supply the equipment and technology to anybody who wish to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. They are contributors of society in the highest degree, self-sufficient, and put out no green house gases. Any questions? Top Cat II

Marathon can be #1 in hemp oil

What a beautiful sight, to see an eighty million dollar improvement project in the works to take up a city block. My first question I have, is why do we see a drawing of a Flintstone era complex? Not a green roof anywhere, or plans to have a rain water containment system is not surprising. That would be taking a responsible and positive step to do their part in reducing flooding, which no other business in this town has ever done, so why should they be the first? Answer to my first, modern buildings being build these days include a green roof and it only makes sense for all to be able to use all downspout water for every purpose. A green roof also uses the power of the sun and wind to make electricity and hydrogen to heat the buildings and sidewalks and to fuel motor vehicles. The answer to my second question, why should they be the first. They should be first, because most believe Marathon is made up of very intelligent minds that have no excuse to do other wise unless, they are more concerned about people seeing a fossil fuel company going green in any way might send the message to start my predicted pulling stocks out of fossil oil products and go green with hemp, 50,000 hemp products, fuel, and hydrogen.
I told Marathon years ago, they have the chance to go from 250th in fossil to #1 in hemp fuel, oil, and anything else with no limits. So, shine me on and go down with barge, if you think that is the choice of intelligent minds.
Also the estimate on the price of 80 million is not even half of what it will be.

Got thrown out

Oh, what an evening. Listening to the farmers telling how we need help from the government to clean the river and we are still waiting for the Corps of Engineers to come through with a plan. I came to a gathering at Steve Oman’s farm. Got thrown out, not without getting my point across in about 45 seconds while Mr. Oman with his micro-phone trying to drown me out. He did not accomplish his mission, but I certainly did. The point I made in a very short time, was we need to do two things. All buildings will not run the downspout water to the river and all farmers plant hemp. By doing so will cut the amount of rain water going to the river in half.  The solution is that simple folks. In town we need to outlaw all sump pumps from discharging to both the sanitary or storm sewer system. Every house will discharge their sump pump in the yard, pond, collection system, or use the power of the sun and wind to pump it up into your hemp composite water tower, but it does not go to the river. We don’t need one cent from the government, any help from the Corps of Engineers,  leave the mussels alone, don’t mess with it other than pick up the plastic or unwanted debris, and finally plant lots of hemp especially from the creek and river banks out as far as you wish. By doing so, you have  enriched the soil better than anything Monsanto or DuPont poison products can do and the soil once again, has the ability to absorb rain water several times better.
Congressman Robert E. Latta sent me, by E-mail Monday,a thank you note for contacting him with support for H. R. 525 which was introduced by Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) on Feb. 2013 was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, of which he is a member. The legislation would amend the Controlled Substance Act to exclude hemp from the definition of marijuana. He also said he would kept in mind the points and facts at
I took the opportunity to shake the Congressman’s hand and introduced my self before leaving the Oman farm.
During the discussion, one farmer said, “You can’t change the world.” I disagree.
If the farmers and any one else wish to have me give a enlightenment presentation, it won’t be free any more. It will cost each attending, at least a can good for the hungry or five dollars, going to the City Mission. I will speak to no less than a hundred people and I will put it on You-Tube.  At the end of a 45 minute crash course on where we are going and how we will get there and what positive benefits come with it for the common man not the filthy rich. I will answer any question like Ted Turner used to do, but I won’t know the questions coming.

A meeting with Congressman Robert Latta and farmer friends

Dear Congressman Latta,
I had the privilege of shaking your Father’s hand at my graduation ceremony at Elmwood High School in 1965. He thanked me for enlisting in the Marine Corp, he also said, “especially knowing you are going to Viet Nam, to fight for freedom and liberty first hand. I said, “well I am just following in my Grandfather Edelman’s foot steps. He was a Marine in WW1, left an E-8.
Please review It is the only plan of it’s kind, fairest to all fifty States and 7 Provinces, and absolutely the only to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. We have two trillion dollar industries plus many billion dollar enter-prizes with products made, transported, and used in a green manner. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products and services.
My life time goal was set in 1965. To some day become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a motorcycle built only for women with a base price of ½ million dollars. That famous lady can ride that any where in the world, and every one, at one glace will know, that’s one of those. Hand built with options all other builders have not ever dreamed of. Forty years ago I knew I would run a truly clean fuel in all my engines. Hydrogen and hemp fuel is the answer Robert.
Steve Oman has invited me to attend an hour meeting with you and his friends next Tuesday, with the subject of flooding. Every house hold and farm must keep the downspout water on their property. Is that so hard? Every time it puts down 1 inch of rain, that gives me 600 gals of good water.
I am going to be like a friend I admire. I will be like a church mouse at this upcoming gathering. I have one request. I have one question to you and your people. When will we be able to grow hemp again, like Canada and thirty other Countries? If you and your staff can come up with the answer to that question, I would like for you to tell every one at the meeting the answer at the very end of discussions.
The farmers are the key to so many good things to come. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be proud of us. By bringing in the hemp industry and the hydrogen economy with serve us many ways. One of the end results will be that we will begin getting our freedom and liberty back. That is something we lost when the war on drugs began. I look forward to listening to you and everybody there, and truly look forward to shaking your hand. Respectfully yours, Terry Cook

Hydrogen Generator

This is my final letter to the editor concerning where we are going with the aerodynamic trailer, hydrogen generator using downspout water, hemp, and hydrogen divisions of Brothers Choppers.  I wish to thank all my responders,  I owe you a lot.  Your comments added substance to my story which will come in a book and movie form.  The statements brought forth by my opponents served as the showing of the mind set that are shared by most residents of this area of the country and not shared by most in other regions.  A lifestyle of convenience, co-dependence, close-mindedness, living for me, me, me, and not giving a hill of beans for the future generations basically sums up the local status of the majority of the state of Ohio. That is how you acquire the distinction of being this nations #1 most un-green state.

In the last 100 years in this country, our history books were filled with altered facts to suit the rulers.  For an example, the myths concerning the third most plentiful substance on earth (hydrogen) and to marijuana (our most important plant).  Thanks to the books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion, the facts are out about how our America has been controlled by the cronies with a lot of money in their pockets.

Three years ago, we would not of had a chance in the world to accomplish what we are going to do in the near future.  Giving all 52 states a equal opportunity to enhance their economy beyond our greatest expectations.

Please visit our web site at and be counted as a Brother or Sister teaming up in the effort to take our country back.  We have a small window of opportunity to jump on what should have been done along time ago.  Attack global warming by bringing  in the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.  We are on a mission of Love and Good, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  Many people say this can’t be done because it’s never been done before.  Terry Cook