The awesome power of the TRUTH

Please allow me to post my latest letter to the editor in about the remark of the acting head. How did Chuck Rosenberg become the acting head of the Drug Enforcement Adminstration? First, he must be a good acting head, must know nothing about what he is supposed to know everything about, and must make ignorant statements like, “medical marijuana is a joke.” Guess what, acting head? The joke is on you!!! You must have been trained by the American Medical Association. You must not have ever Googled, “The Scientific and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.” It has a three hour video of out nation’s most highly-educated medical researchers explaining and showing how cannabis kills cancer cells and leaves the good cells alone. Every animal has a cannabinoid receptor system to use the 70 cannabioids found in marijuana to allow your body to use it’s immune system to it’s top efficiency. Rosenberg has the same qualifications all drug counselors possess. They know marijuana is classified in the same class as heroin. Guess what, folks? When Bernie Sanders becomes our next President, marijuana will be reclassified as a food, not a drug. Nobody has ever died from its use. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio Also, allow me to say, and the United Patriots for Bernie Sanders are my favorite Bernie groups. All Bernie groups are made up of warriors devoted to make this man our next President and to be instrumental in our effort to march into hell for one heavenly cause. We don’t have just one heavenly cause, we have countless missions that we must address in daring to, Dream of the Impossible Dream to make this country of ours, a better nation for it’s common citizens. Ex-Marine 65-69, two tours of Vietnam, Progressive inventor starting in 1970, terry cook/

Imagine if all those individuals shared the same goals

Please go to  “They will be our Chattel” is what Woodrow Wilson and Ed House said to each other in their plan to rule the common people.

Yes we have fallen victims to an involuntary system of control, having been swindled into “Sheepification” by way of absurdly over-the-top laws and legal legislation s.

 Woodrow Wilson said to Ed House, “The community is comprised of individuals, imagine if all those individuals shared the same goal?”         We have lived long enough to see the day, that most individuals do share the same goal. That would be to SURVIVE. In order to do that several things must occur. Stop our downward spiral, end living in a modern day dark age, get our freedom & liberty back, end our drug war, launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. Go to Yahoo, type in, aerodynamic hemp composite water buffaloes. That will get While you are on that page, Scroll down to get Terry cook’s 17 comments on the renewableenergyworld web site. I am the most prepared to debate with any one or group on the subject of where we must go and how we will accomplish the biggest task in the history of this country. That would be to bring this nation back to what our founding fathers intended it to be. Any questions? Top Cat II

Fracking and the keystone pipeline is our modern day MIdway in the war to survive

There appears to be no stopping fracking in this country. I have and will fight against tyranny over the mind of man till I am laid to my rest, so it hurts me very much to make such a defeat-us attitude statement. Thetopcatplan is the answer to convince the majority of Americans that it is time to go a far more positive direction. Google up hemp composite water towers, dastardly used in a letter to the editor, or the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. That will get our plan to stop our downward spiral, end hunger, and living in a modern day dark age. Clean drinking water is the most valuable substance on earth. That is why we must phase out fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Any questions? Top Cat II

Good things do not just magically come about, they are made to happen

The ONLY way to stop our downward spiral, phase out coal & fossil fuel use, get our freedom & liberty back, and end living in a modern day dark age, is thetopcatplan which is the ONLY idea to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states and 7 provinces.  Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services. The Keystone pipeline and fracking must end soon.  Its time to end the nightmare and give our people hope.  Nothing needs to be invented.  200 million DGAs (distributed generation association) members in this country and a billion world wide would throw a spark into the world economy while enjoying limitless possibilities. In the near future, the smart class will be pulling out of poison chemicals and fossil fuel to go green.  We will make it simple, without the greedy guts hoarding in on the process of giving every one the opportunity to become contributors of society, living with love, health, and hope for a bright future. Top Cat II

The war against hemp is almost over

A person dies every minute of every day of Cancer. If fracking is allowed to continue for two more years, we will see Cancer double within 5 years and double within another 5 years. Believe me or believe the experts that say, fracking is completely safe for the air, soil, and well water.
When once again, hemp is legal to grow, we will see the powerful chemical and fossil fuel rulers begin a transformation of power from the cronies to the farmers. It does not have to be a slow but sure process. If the Top Cat Plan does not get into full swing. Very little will change for the best, for the future of mankind. We will continue to be ruled as we have in the past 140 years. We are facing the death of a Country. If the launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry, we will experience the greatest advance to a far more positive direction for the common people, not the greedy gluttons.
I am ready to take on the sharks. As soon as I have been scheduled to be on the Shark Tank Show, all will be informed. I will be astonished if they have me on. They are among-est the many that choose not, to get into a debate with me, on what this nation must do to stop, our downward spiral and record amount of money being pulled from the productive class to the obstructive class.
President Kennedy once said, “The United States, as the world knows will never start a war. We do not want a war, we do not now expect a war, This generation of Americans has already had enough, more than enough, of wars of hate and oppression.”  The war for oil, and against hemp is almost over.  But the War to survive is here.  This could, be our biggest and last.

A wake up letter

In response to Jim Snyder’s August 3 letter. My wife woke me up earlier than I like on a Saturday saying, “you have to read this letter from some guy from Minn.”  After reading his exuberant annalistic view of my messages, I was compelled to immediately reply to his observations and suggestions. Jane said, “Oh no, wait for all the other replies that are bound to come forth.” I said, “You must be crazy to think any body would render their name to be associated with my mission to take on the rulers.” Jim’s letter has served to stir up several different cans of worms. One is that I am approaching a writer’s syndicate based in Washington D.C. to allow my views to appear in most newspapers in this country. The main difference between myself and all other writers, is that I have the plan to attack our problems, stop our downward spiral, and head in the most positive direction ever. A way of life we should have headed 140 years ago, that would have prevented 80% of the pollution settled at the bottom of all water ways including the Ocean.
Mr. Snyder, I do not know who shot President Kennedy. But I do know why. That’s another story for another day. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

The trick to stopping our downward spiral

Response to Robert Samuelson, in today’s view point column. The wealth effect will be enhanced when the common people take our country back. Laws are going to change like never before. The trick to stopping our downward spiral is motivating people to want to buy products that are made by American owned, profit sharing companies that utilize green technology in every way in their own state. Products that will enhance them several ways, in the short and long term. The hydrogen economy and the hemp industries will not just magically come about. It will be made to happen. These days of living in a modern day dark age, nobody has the guts to ask me how. www.thetopcatplan,com explains where we must go and how we will get there. If you read, “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black and the “Emperor Wears No Clothes” by the late Brother of Good, Jack Herer. They will tell why it took so long by true history facts that were altered to make us stupid for our own sakes, also to make them billionaires and trash our earth in the process. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio