Don’t get addicted to this, it may kill you, it probably won’t be your fault

My two addictions began when I was 13, and it has been controlling me my whole life.  A major part of that addition, is the many beautiful ladies that has enabled me to get a fix quite often, by living in the inn crowd and going where the inn crowd goes, to get more hugs and kisses than any other man in this town.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I built and rode my Wizzer from town to town at the age of 13, Yes that was the gateway DRUG, that pulled me to go after more thrilling experiences. From a white Honda 300 Dream with saddle bags, to a brand new Orange Sportster XLCH with no battery from Ralph Cross’s HD on Main and Front Street, to my present stretched out dual plugged, my design Chopper, with a thousand passes bracket drag racing.  To a 600 horse, 9″ back tire, broom stick of a Pro-Fuel, nitro fuel injected, high gear DRUG, that gives me the ultimate blurred adrenaline rush, to which I can not thoroughly describe.                                                                                                                                                                             So I must warn you. If you do not want to be an addict like me, stay away from beautiful ladies, don’t EVER play pool or dance with them, and don’t ever go to an All Harley Drag Race event to be in an atmosphere where mutual Respect and Love dominate more than any other place on earth.  A special warning, do not ever, go into the pits in the morning when the nitro beast gets fired up on gasoline, and then you turn on the nitro methane to get a mind altering experience of the most beautiful sound, and finally don’t get any closer than fifty feet, because if you are so close to get a smell, and your eyes are burning like hell, you will be ADDICTED for life. The lesson here is, don’t ever start, just say,,, NO!!!      Top Cat II

Its time to get serious

Its time to get serious in our war to survive. There are no ifs or buts about it. The plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self sufficient industry in this country is essential for many reasons. Google up hemp composite water towers. Scroll down to get Terry cook’s 17 comments on the Renewable Energy web site or just chick on to We are in competition with no one in any of our 17 green divisions. There are many reasons I proclaim this fact. With the original Brothers Choppers, the biggest annual check to the highest paid is 5 times larger than its lowest paid. 80% of our net profits goes to all employees equally, 10% goes to food banks and animal shelters, and 10% goes to advertising in the way of motorcycle drag racing safety and survival. We will have 50,000 products produced in every state, but not limited to just our country by no means. Any questions? Top Cat II

It’s Time To Make This Happen

All drag racing sanctions, all HOG and ABATE chapters, and all Christian motorcycle associations, have the opportunity to join a great positive movement aiming at education, communication, and sending us to a place we’ve not been before. Capping metal guards is my # 1 mission for today.  When a member of the above mentioned clubs call to get a free brochure or order any product from Miss Patricia Riley and say, the code name “Pro Fuel Harley- your club name and #”,  your club gets a check from Pat’s people to the tune of 20% of the purchase price.  When all drag strip guard rails in your state have been made safe, your club will be getting the entire 30% off on all MDR products as long as I’m alive to see it.  I do not wish to die a broken man like Jack Herer.  He did not live to see all his people freed from prison or jail from braking political marijuana laws.  I do not wish to fall short on any of my goals, and I believe we have what to takes to make all these good things happen.  This agreement is the first of it’s kind.  To generate revenue by (purchasing power), by buying products our bodies need for good health while progressing in a positive direction.  Your Brother, Ex U.S. Marine, Terry Cook