The American Motorcycle Racing Association will be the first to endorse Bernie Sanders

 I will be competing as a Harley Drag Racer at our little Woodstock of a Drag race event at Bowling Green, Ky Beech Bend Drag Strip, Sept 25-26, 2015. At the Saturday and Sunday’s racer’s meeting, I am proposing that the American Motorcycle Racing Association become the first drag racing sanction to fully endorse Bernie Sanders as our next President. I will be bracket racing my 1966, dual plugged, custom chopper of my own design for the 25th time at that track. When I come to the line, I am announced as Top Cat, drag racing the Original Brothers Choppers’ United Patriot for Bernie Sanders, Chopper. I am not racing for myself, I am drag racing for our hero, the man who walks with the truth, Bernie Sanders. Neither Bernie nor I will lose our races. Even though I have well over a thousand passes on that bike since 1968, I consider this to be the drag race of my life. When you take on the cronies, you might become among the missing. Patrots in the history of this country have become missing every decade for one reason or another. terry cook/ We need every club, gang, association to fully endorse, the Purple, Green fueled Locomotive that is gaining in speed, pulling strength, able to climb any mountain, powered by truth and justice.
By doing so, you have just shown everybody the amount of intelligence you possess.

Imagine if all those individuals shared the same goals

Please go to  “They will be our Chattel” is what Woodrow Wilson and Ed House said to each other in their plan to rule the common people.

Yes we have fallen victims to an involuntary system of control, having been swindled into “Sheepification” by way of absurdly over-the-top laws and legal legislation s.

 Woodrow Wilson said to Ed House, “The community is comprised of individuals, imagine if all those individuals shared the same goal?”         We have lived long enough to see the day, that most individuals do share the same goal. That would be to SURVIVE. In order to do that several things must occur. Stop our downward spiral, end living in a modern day dark age, get our freedom & liberty back, end our drug war, launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. Go to Yahoo, type in, aerodynamic hemp composite water buffaloes. That will get While you are on that page, Scroll down to get Terry cook’s 17 comments on the renewableenergyworld web site. I am the most prepared to debate with any one or group on the subject of where we must go and how we will accomplish the biggest task in the history of this country. That would be to bring this nation back to what our founding fathers intended it to be. Any questions? Top Cat II

It’s time to end the drug war

In a recent study brought forth a fact stating that in the states where medical marijuana is legal, has enjoyed a 9% reductions in traffic fatalities. Cannabis use enhances, not impairs, and it needs to be removed from being referred to as a #1 controlled substance.  The three biggest lies are, marijuana has no medical purpose, leads to abuse, and it is a gateway drug.  We are a nation of s toners. Everyone is under the influence of something they are addicted to. Whether it be chewing tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, hill-billy feel good pills, alcohol, sleeping pills, dark chocolate, cough syrup, soda pop, morphine, or heroin.                                                                                                                                                                    Skip Bayless on ESPN II First Take is a very cool cat.  He says, he has never or will ever smoke pot because he likes his straight, unimpaired, and unaltered conscientiousness.  He is addicted to Diet Dew.  Until he drinks his first for the day, he is not as sharp and witty. After he has partaken his favorite (loaded with caffeine and artificial sweetener) Diet Dew, he becomes comfortable and more confident to be able to function to the top of his game at going after his co-host, Stephen A. Smith. Smoking or eating, grass, or hash makes you comfortable, more focused on what you are doing, and more coordinated in the physical tasks you are performing with concentration being enhanced
My points are, the war on drugs must end. You can not call Diet Dew or refined sugar a drug because it is a food. The same reason you can not call marijuana a drug, but it happens to be the most nutritional food on earth and enhances the function of every system in your body. Sugar and the Dew does not. All three get you high from the release of endorphin s into the brain cells. The THC does it from refer, but it is the reward coming from the Candida, a yeast like parasitic fungus that lives in your stomach, from under your toe nails to the brain. With herb, you loose weight, but with refined sugar, the main reason the United States is # 1 in obesity.

Eternal Hostility Against Tyranny over the Mind of Man

Of all the history teachers I have spoken to in recent years, at least a dozen have had the pleasure of viewing the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  None were able to remember what was engraved in the marble stone, which is.  “I have sworn upon the Altar of God, Eternal Hostility Against every form of Tyranny over the mind of man.”  I guess the reason they can not remember such a profound statement is that they simply don’t recall or they don’t consider that statement to be important.  Mitt Romney laughs when he is asked about global warming and our nation’s longest and most costly war, (The Drug War).  14 million years of imprisonment have been laid down in the last 40 years, 60% for marijuana related, whose crime was the partaking and marketing some harmless herb.  A 100 thousand Americans die each year from using prescribed legal pharmaceutical drugs, compared to a thousand from all combined illegal drugs.  Not one person has died in 10,000 years of smoking or eating marijuana.  I believe that any one who profits from laying off hard working men and women, bankrupting factories, and sending those jobs out of this country should be forced to go live in the countries where those jobs were sent and not ever be allowed to return.  I also believe the men, if that is what you wish to call them, that ran to Canada to avoid serving in the armed services in the sixties should never been allowed to return.  Is it true that all men in this country have a 6 year military obligation?  Or is that a myth?  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio