Green energy is the way

Launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry is a must to enhance companies such as Tesla. The over all good of the electric car depends on the green energy used, not energy coming from coal, fossil fuel or nuclear. Please review Go to the category ENERGY to get the 17 green divisions of products produced, transported, and used in a green manner. We have the most aerodynamic design of a trailer body in every size needed. Our design vertical wind turbines will out preform the current windmills 30 to 45 times. Our horizontal wind turbine mounted on the front bumper of all vehicles will dis spell the phrase, “you can’t get something from nothing.” Green power is the key along with education and communication having the power to bring in more positive advancement in the next five years than most ever believed possible. Any questions? Top Cat II

Clean Natural Gas


I am responding to two recently written articles, one on the front page of Tuesday’s Oct 5 Mr. Heminger of Marathon Oil proclaiming their projections.  They say, “80% of the global energy will come from fossil fuels by the year 2030 and that clean natural gas will be around for 50-100 years.”  I say,  “Less than 10% of the world’s energy will be delivered by  oil by the year 2030, and we will be using no coal to generate electricity by the year 2014, unless the Top Cat PLAN DOES NOT come about.  If we can’t get at least 200 million citizens together to make this happen, that, will prove to be the biggest set back in the war against global warming the world has ever seen.  If the plan is not made to happen, then I say Mr. Heminger’s projections will be closer than mine.  There is no such thing as clean natural gas and to run it in an internal combustion engine for any reason is stupid and it is a fact that natural gas supplies will peak within 20 years.  The biggest reason your not paying $4.25 a gal for gas or diesel yet is the fact the hydrogen economy is coming and there is no power on earth going to stop it.  The other article is in today’s Oct 6 edition of the Patrick Danzy’s  letter to the editor.  I concur with all of Mr Danzy’s statements.

I am in the process of submitting a business plan to Rocket Ventures, Toledo, Ohio.  To acquire a Federal loan to mass produce a totally green hydrogen generator.  Our design uses no propane, natural gas, or coal to produce the hydrogen.  We use the power of the sun and wind to throw an electrical charge into down spout water to split the oxygen and hydrogen molecules.  Use the hydrogen to fuel any internal combustion engine or recombine the hydrogen and oxygen to get back the exact amount of electricity it took to split it, so use the electricity you need and send the rest to the grid to be compensated for.

If I were to ask all U.S. citizens,  “Who invented Alternating Current?”  Less than 1% would know who the answer.  I consider him and Al Gore to be the greatest Americans ever to have a positive impact for the future of the world.  He invented an electric car that would go 10 mph faster than any internal combustion driven car in it’s time. His own electric coil and death ray.  He was born in 1856, did not seek fame and fortune, but received his greatest thrill most of his life.  That thrill was to blow as many minds as possible by doing missions that almost all deemed impossible.  His name was Nikola Tesla, also the inventor of the public American electric grid. Died with pocket chance in his two room apartment in Brooklyn, NY. In 1943.  Terry Cook  Findlay

Nikola Tesla

If I were to ask every person in Findlay, who was Nikola Tesla?   Very few would know the man that had more of a positive impact on humanity than all others.  His countless inventions and theories such as (AC) electric systems, his own electric car, turbine, coil, oscillator, and the American Grid.  Thanks to him, anybody that generates electricity from the power of the sun and wind will be compensated for the excess they do not use.  Nikola did not seek fame and fortune.  He got off by blowing people’s minds much like I enjoyed in Thursday’s meeting with Greater Findlay Inc.  I was given the floor with a 5 to 10 minute time limit.  I stated I was there to enlighten, gain their confidence, and endorsement for my plan to turn our country to a positive direction for the future betterment of all mankind. I have 17 divisions of green products to be manufactured in a green manner. Establishing the largest group of Distributed Generation Association members and supplying the equipment to maintain their status as the coolest people on earth, manufacture a hydrogen generator and the most aerodynamic, stylish, lightweight trailer in 6 sizes with today’s technical advancements.

Jeremiah Gracia asked me if I had something to show.  I then placed a scale model of my trailer body on the table.

Shortly after eight minutes people started walking out.

My plan will create work for at least 10 million people in 10 years, 15 million in 15 years, and 20 million in 20 years, while enhancing the economy of 100’s of millions.  I placed a question for everybody to think about and for each to give me a business card.  The question is something I would like to ask everyone.  Why are we building a new school without installing a 150,000 gal downspout parking lot reservoir under the parking lot to help with flooding and to use to grow food, algae, and use the power of the sun and wind to make hydrogen and oxygen to heat water and air and to supply the school buses with a fuel that puts out no poison.

Not one person give me a card.  I laughed and I knew I would be going  to other towns with my plan.

In the near future, a person will have the choice to buy green in every item and service including shipping.  Terry Cook