Now is the time to make positive things happen

Here are the facts folks. The world struggle for money is actually a struggle for energy, as it is through energy that we may produce food, shelter, transportation, and entertainment. It is this struggle which often erupts into open war. If we remove the cause, these conflicts may never occur.
When the federal laws against hemp are reversed. New, non-polluting industries will spring up every where. The world economy will boom like never before, so if we do not enact the “Top Cat” plan in all fifty states, the rest of the world will leave us in their dust. Then the race of man would at last be betting on environmental survival instead of indulging in the lemming-like (suicidal) consumption of fossil fuel, which threatens all life on the planet. So what’s the catch? It is obvious: The energy companies! They own most of the petro-chemical , pharmaceutical, liquor, and tobacco companies, and are intertwined with insurance companies and banks. Please review It is not only the best and fairest to all fifty states, but it is the only plan. Without enacting this idea, we have very few, if any options to take on our many problems that threaten our future generation’s ability to change to a positive direction.
Over a year ago, I enjoyed many positive responses over my shared thoughts in the Courier. One suggested renaming Hancock County Cook County. People have called me a “Progressive”. We could have dug at least half the needed reservoirs to combat flooding with the many millions we spent on study. Ohio is the most un-green state and will probably stay that way unless we can some how convince the many businesses to start using today’s technology to use the power of the sun and wind along with the rain water we have in reservoirs for our energy to produce and transport thousands of products. Terry Cook, Findlay, O