Response to Nov, 25, 2014 Columbus dispatch article on A bad idea

I agree with the entire article.  Abortion will never be overturned in this country but more interesting in the second paragraph is when it is said the the republicans would better serve the public, and win more approval, by focusing on their traditional priorities, such as building a stronger economy and making government work more efficiently.  The absolute best way to put the greatest surge in building a solid foundation in today’s economy is to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all fifty states at a very cheap launching price of 102 billion dollars.  2 billion for each state and 2 billion for the 7 provinces combined.  It is going to cost at least 44 trillion dollars for our country to adopt a new green energy policy by the year 2030.  That most needed action will serve to bring forth a savings of 117 trillion dollars in energy cost savings because we will no longer be buying fossil fuel from the cronies.

Right now we have 8,000 Americans making more than 125 million dollars a year.  Within 5 years into the hydrogen economy we will see those 8,000 making 125 million yearly transform into 2 million, 200 hundred thousand people making at least 250 thousand a year because of several reasons.  The average wage earner will no longer be spending 80% of their paycheck for energy of some kind.  We will have at least 200 hundred million DGAs (distributed generation association) members making their own green energy in this country along.  That makes for a lot more people having spending money to buy green products instead of giving it to the wealthy rulers.

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In response to the Courier’s Viewpoint, Economic disparity in the U.S.

There is a way folks. When we launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, we will experience the biggest surge of positive actions ever in our history because of the countless benefits it brings to the common man, not the greedy gluttons. As far as any body being able to easily invest, it could not be easier. In, life is simple in many ways. 2 million dollars makes anybody a 50% investing partner in any one of the 17 green divisions in every state and 7 provinces. You will receive an yearly check for 1/4 million for the next 10 years and receive 7% on investing revenue. If you wish to invest in the original Brothers Choppers’ stocks, the pay back is at 5% interest, the absolute best way to invest is to invest in yourself.  Allow us to provide you with the equipment and technology to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. It takes only a couple of years to get your money back because of your energy cost savings and having the ability to grow your own food and herbs while being among the coolest people on earth, mainly because you have become self-sufficient and you and your family no longer put out green house gases. Top Cat II