A little old lady called me a kook

Retailers are disappointed this Christmas season. That can not be a surprise. We are in our nation’s most severe downward spiral with no end in sight. If we ever hit  bottom, nobody knows where we go from there. I have the only plan to stop the spiral and send us in the most positive direction ever. www.thetopcatplan.com launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. Two trillion dollar industries along with many billion dollar enter prizes such as the fuel cell motorcycle, car, and trucks of all sizes accompanied with the most aerodynamic trailer, green roof tops that supply clean water, heat, cooling, electricity, and food for the buildings while sending no downspout water to the river during times of flooding, environmental fueling stations, supplying the common man with the equipment to make their own energy, hemp char-coalizing stations every 10 miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning power plant, our own designed manure processor system that does not strip the nutrients while taking the fuel out, and the best designed vertical wind turbines. We have a million roof tops waiting to be had.  Three million dollars would give the MARATHON building in Findlay, Ohio a today’s technology green roof.  Able to retain 12 inches of rain water when the system is 1/2 full.  10′ high hemp-crete poured walls with a hemp composite cistern lid accompanied with four hemp composite water towers with vertical wind turbines mounted on top.
An elderly lady called, to ask why, if hemp and marijuana do so many good things, why has not somebody got on the band wagon and capitalized? I told her the rulers have kept it that way resulting in living in a modern day dark age. She then referred to me has a kook, then said nobody wants to change, I am just one drummer with one hand beating on one drum and getting no where, and I should find something else to write about. I told her I have taken on the most important tasks that must be concurred. To do or write about anything else would be extremely anti-climatic. Terry Kook, Findlay, Ohio


My plan to put 20 million people to work consists of 17 green divisions:


(1)  Fuel Cell and Closed Cell divisions

(2)  Environmental fueling stations

(3)  One person flying machines

(4)  Garden tractor and all attachments

(5)  Organizing and supplying the DGA, Distributed Generation Association members

(6)  Aerodynamic trailers in 12 sizes incorporating today’s technology to enhance the performance of the environmental truck, car, or motorcycle, in speed and distance.

(7)  3 designs of solar electric automobiles

(8)  ½ million dollar custom chopper made for famous ladies

(9)  Pet division including the finest food

(10)  Grow your own food and herbs indoors and out doors

(11)  Hydrogen Generator used in a totally green way

(12)  Hemp Fuel division

(13)  Hemp Products

(14)  Building Reservoirs to generate electricity, produce hydrogen, and possess the power to control flooding

(15)  Solar and Wind collectors with our design of vertical wind turbine able to withstand    150 mph wind, guaranteed for 10 years, able to supply 100% of our electrical energy    needs.

(16)  Solar Sail Boats

(17)  Environmental Roof-Tops equipped with hemp composite water towers


The Top Cat Plan will work for many reasons.  The timing is perfect.  Most Americans now believe we can not do in the next 100 years what we did in the last.  This earth will not be fit to live on.  We are utilizing two trillion dollar industries to launch us into the most positive direction our country has ever seen.  Hemp and Hydrogen are going to save the earth we live on.  Go to pages 20-21 of the book entitled “After America, Get Ready For Armageddon” by Mark Steyn states, “R is for Redistribution.  Day by day, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the productive class to the obstructive class is delivering a self-governing republic into rule by the regulators, bureaucrats, and social engineers.”

It is time to change directions, from being co-dependent to self-sufficient.  A DGA  puts out no green house gases,  has their own drinking water, makes their own electrical energy for heat and transportation, grows food, recycles, and grows worms to make the finest compost and natural fertilizer while minimizing the outgoing garbage by feeding the worms the vegetable and fruit scraps.

The efficiency and success of any company is only as good as it’s finest trouble shooters, advisers, engineers, and workers.  To acquire and maintain excellent efficiency, high moral is the magic ingredient.  The biggest moral buster is for the workers to see the leaders, owners, and stockholders being compensated quite well, and they are paid peanuts.  Also important is to have a lot of happy customers that like your products and love the fact that these items are made and transported in a green manner by their friends in their own state thus enhancing the local economy.                   Top Cat II

After Going To a Garden Party At My 45th Class Reunion

Dear Roger,

Of all the pals I have ever obtained in my life’s journey, I consider you to be amongst the coolest, having a competitive spirit with the ability to thrive when dealing with hard challenges.  A couple of months ago, I was  kind a disheartened to see most of our friends down in spirit.  Most have no goals in life, living on happy pills with a pillow being their best friend. I am sending all our classmates letters of where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.  There is a basic rule that applies to all living beings and groups of.  Bob Dylan said it long ago,  “If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Our country is going down deeper and harder than ever before.  Our government has thrown   trillions of tax payers dollars into the current situation and enjoyed very little in return.  My plan will work right now.  I am trying to approach Congress for a one hundred and two billion dollar loan, to be paid back in 4 years.  Each of our fifty states will have a Brothers Choppers with 17 divisions, making green products with green technology, products that put out no pollution while being used, in the manufacturing process, and in the process of transporting.  Instead of using metal and plastic, we will use hemp in various composite forms where possible.  Every state will have control of their own destiny more so than ever.  As each state pays back their two billion, then all people performing the work will enjoy increased compensation.  Nobody in Brothers Choppers will make more than $250,000.00 a year until that state has repaid the loans.  Each state’s 17 divisions will be looking for 50% investing lady partners.  Of the 10 million people we create work for, less than 1% or 100,000 will be full time Brothers Choppers employees.  At least 50% of our work force, designers, engineers, scientists, trouble shooters, accounting personal, directors of marketing, and advisers will be women.  In each state, 500 million dollars will be spent for the installing and maintaining environmental fueling stations on all interstate highways.  In 1913 it took 75 seconds to change a battery in an electric car and it was discovered that hemp makes the finest cloth, paper, composite car body parts, lubricant, medicine, and a fuel that puts out no added CO-2s.

This plan will bring a new positive direction for our people and the world.  It will bring the haves and the have-nots closer.  I would be honored to show you, your family, and friends my design of trailer bodies, street and drag racing motorcycle fuel tanks, fenders, chin, and nose fairings.

I wish to include in my list of cool people, your mom, dad, sister Patty, brother Gary, and Fred Stubbins, which I will never forget.  Give me a call or stop down for a day. 419-423-4262 or 672-9130. We have a chance to do a lot of good.  I invite you & your people to be a part in breaking records.  I’m not interested in building a chopper for a man.  Thanks, Top Cat.