Bernie will be our next President for 8 years

The question is, how would you solve poverty in the US? This is an easy question for me, since I have been working on it for 45 years. It is called We will launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficent industry in all states. This brings 17 divisions of green products and services with a minimum wage of $25 an hour for a 30 hour work week. Nothing needs to be invented to go green in every way. Right now 80% of your paycheck goes to energy of some kind. All that energy is coming from the crony rulers. When you have the equipment and technology to use the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water to make your own green hydrogen for heat, and fuel for all your engines. That enables all common people to keep the money they used to give to the filthy rich, in your pocket or use it for a hemp composite item that is guaranteed for life, made in your own state, causing no pollution, increasing local economy, giving us the ability to phase out what is killing us, take our freedom, liberty, and country back from the rule of the machine that used to dictate what President is selected. Electing Bernie Sanders is the key to enhancing our education and communication. We are not going to have a revolution. We are IN a Revolution right now by so many people coming together to put our hero in the Oval Office. Any questions????????

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The proven importance and our government’s refusal to recognize

  • Terry Cook Thank you Dr. David Allen. I have had so many older people tell me that they refuse to read a word of any of my letters to the editor at because everything I say goes against what they were taught. So when cool cats like you come forth with the video, 420 InSight-Dr. Allen the Endocannabinoid System it does worlds of good in this fight in our most important war. The War to Survive what we have allowed the cronies to do in the name of greed and fraud. And in the ending of the Drug War. I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man. Is engraved in Thomas Jefferson’s Memorial Stone. When I got a General Court Martial for $5 worth of pot in the Nam in 1968 and was sentenced to 9 months at hard labor after serving almost two years as the Marine Corp’s top trouble shooter on all heavy equipment. That is when my war on tyranny over the mind of man, began. Top Cat II 

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The days of hoping, wishing, and praying are good, but is is time to do it

In response to Lewis Walter Feb 10. A couple of years ago, a man and son walked up to my porch, and said they would like to give me literature on the 4 ways to get to heaven. I thanked them and asked if I may tell them the answer to this question. What is going to save this world from complete destruction? The answer is, The Top Cat Plan.  I say this because it is the only idea to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in fifty states and 7 provinces. The one plan to be able to reduce fossil fuel use at least 20% a year for the next 5, while putting a stop, to fracking before it bankrupts the health care system, world hunger, and living in a modern day dark age. uses the power of the truth to make it possible for everybody to have the opportunity to become a contributor to society even if it goes against the crony’s rule. When 1% own 50% and 95% of corporate profit goes to 1%. That is a dark age, that we must pull ourselves out of, because all the wishing, hoping, and praying is good, but it does not make it happen.  All great happenings began in somebody’s brain cells. Went from a dream, to a plan, and it was made to happen by education, communication, team work fueled by the ambition to once again, live with freedom and liberty.
I have swore upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the minds of man (Thomas Jefferson).   Having a forty year drug war is a perfect example of tyranny in the highest degree.

In response to Charles Gerringer, Feb 11.  I am asking every one that has a roof to be a responsible citizen.  I do rave, but I do not rant.  To rant, is to speak or shout in an angry or uncontrolled way.  I am very controlled, in that, every fact I mention in 84 letters in indeed, fact, but I am very angry with the common people, including farmers, allowing to be ruled 140 years.

Eternal Hostility Against Tyranny over the Mind of Man

Of all the history teachers I have spoken to in recent years, at least a dozen have had the pleasure of viewing the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.  None were able to remember what was engraved in the marble stone, which is.  “I have sworn upon the Altar of God, Eternal Hostility Against every form of Tyranny over the mind of man.”  I guess the reason they can not remember such a profound statement is that they simply don’t recall or they don’t consider that statement to be important.  Mitt Romney laughs when he is asked about global warming and our nation’s longest and most costly war, (The Drug War).  14 million years of imprisonment have been laid down in the last 40 years, 60% for marijuana related, whose crime was the partaking and marketing some harmless herb.  A 100 thousand Americans die each year from using prescribed legal pharmaceutical drugs, compared to a thousand from all combined illegal drugs.  Not one person has died in 10,000 years of smoking or eating marijuana.  I believe that any one who profits from laying off hard working men and women, bankrupting factories, and sending those jobs out of this country should be forced to go live in the countries where those jobs were sent and not ever be allowed to return.  I also believe the men, if that is what you wish to call them, that ran to Canada to avoid serving in the armed services in the sixties should never been allowed to return.  Is it true that all men in this country have a 6 year military obligation?  Or is that a myth?  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio