Imagine if all those individuals shared the same goals

Please go to  “They will be our Chattel” is what Woodrow Wilson and Ed House said to each other in their plan to rule the common people.

Yes we have fallen victims to an involuntary system of control, having been swindled into “Sheepification” by way of absurdly over-the-top laws and legal legislation s.

 Woodrow Wilson said to Ed House, “The community is comprised of individuals, imagine if all those individuals shared the same goal?”         We have lived long enough to see the day, that most individuals do share the same goal. That would be to SURVIVE. In order to do that several things must occur. Stop our downward spiral, end living in a modern day dark age, get our freedom & liberty back, end our drug war, launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. Go to Yahoo, type in, aerodynamic hemp composite water buffaloes. That will get While you are on that page, Scroll down to get Terry cook’s 17 comments on the renewableenergyworld web site. I am the most prepared to debate with any one or group on the subject of where we must go and how we will accomplish the biggest task in the history of this country. That would be to bring this nation back to what our founding fathers intended it to be. Any questions? Top Cat II

It’s time for a national vote

In response to Patrick T. Flinn, Sept 13, 2013 letter to the editor in the Courier, Findlay, Ohio. The founding fathers did not intend for the Republic of the United States to end up a total disaster, but it did. They did not take into account that a Republic run country is controlled by the fifty rich, corrupt greedy bastards that have sucked our system dry and trashed the earth in the process. Education and communication are the two keys for a person or group to progress in a positive direction. The bad side of this fact is, we the common people have been controlled by altered history books and most other ways of communicating for the last 140 years. The good side of this, is that today’s communication technology has made it possible to get the truth out to all brain washed Americans that still believe we must use fossil fuel till it’s gone. Guess what? We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more shovel of coal for anything! That is the whole absolute truth. Does any person, group of engineers, scientists, highly educated know it alls wish to debate on this subject with me?
I think it is time to take our country back on the following issues of importance; (listed in matter of importance). Outlaw Fracking. Do not allow poison to be transported by pipe lines to benefit the wealthy. Total ban on fossil fuel use. Mandatory labeling of GMOs in livestock and human food, return to green agriculture with food & livestock farming,  and finally, legalize hemp and marijuana. All these issues should be voted on by all citizens of all ages in the near future. I have the only plan in the world that makes it possible to pull ourselves out of this situation. Please review Terry Cook


If I were to ask any history teacher, grade school, high school, or college student the question, what was the war of 1812 all about?  The answer is one word, HEMP.  That would not have been their reply.  That information was wiped out of all history books in this country.  That was not a easy thing to do, but it was accomplished.  The rulers did not want anyone to know how important hemp is to the world.

Ben Franklin and Tom Jefferson were good friends.  They set out on a very important task for our country.  Thomas Jefferson went to China and Benjamin traveled to Amsterdam to acquire the world’s finest hemp seeds.  Both were successful in conquering their missions.  If Mr. Jefferson would have been caught with those seeds in China, they would have put a bullet in his head in two seconds. His immortal words, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man,” are engraved into the marble of his memorial in Washington D.C.  A perfect example of tyranny over the mind of man is the drug screening of anybody that wishes to make a living. It’s about freedom and liberty, quest what?  It’s gone for the common people but here for the filthy rich.  According to OSHA, insurance actuarial findings, and the AFL-CIO, it is alcohol (!) that is involved in 90-95% of all of drug related factory accidents, but alcohol, uppers, and downers are not apart of the drug tests.  The tests go after the users of the devil weed.  Guest what?  Marijuana smokers are the best and most dependable workers, heavy equipment operators, conscientious truck drivers, pool players, swimmers,  marathon runners, brain surgeons, and Presidents of this United States.  14 million years of imprisonment in the last 60 years gives new meaning to the words oppressive, harsh, cruel, tyrannical, and stupidity!

Most silk garments coming from China are indeed partly or all hemp.

For every acre of hemp grown for paper will save 5 acres of trees for the same purpose.

The cronies have been very successful in keeping us stupid and co-dependent.  They set out, to wipe the world’s most important plant (hemp) off the face of earth.

It is a fact, cannabis hemp seed has the power to end world hunger.  It also helps keep all your organs working better, including heart, lungs, and brain.  If you eat or smoke marijuana or hash you will live longer and the last 10 years of your life will be more pleasant than that of a person that has never partaken.

Go to Wal-Mart‘s skin care section and pick up a bottle of the world’s finest moisturizing body lotion.  Malibu HEMP lotion is made of ground up virgin cannabis sativa hemp seeds, made in the USA. The elderly are commonly plagued by dried skin especially sore corns and calluses.  Hemp lotion is the answer.  Terry Cook


I am responding to Mr. Montgomery Jan. 3 and Mr. Saloum Jan 12.  Yes we will have sweeping reclamation.  Currently the world looks at America as being a joke. Our founding fathers never intended for our nation to evolve to what it has become.  In the effort of making more money for the companies and stock holders, we have sent our jobs out of the country.  Yes we will reclaim our nation, back to being the leader in a new positive direction.  I will confront all presidential candidates with the Top Cat Plan.  I will debate on national television with anybody that believes this plan will not work.  I hope Donald Trump is one.  He can state why he thinks it won’t work and I will state why I know it will.

The U.S. Marines are #1 in taking on missions that others deemed impossible.  They have education, communication, leadership, team work and motivation.  When you face death and your back is against the wall and the only way to survive is to fight for your life, it serves as the greatest of all motivators.  That is our nation’s current situation.  Most citizens will be motivated to buy our products made in their own state even if they are cheaper from China.

I am not borrowing the money from each state.  The four year loan will come from the fed.  The federal government has already spent over 10 trillion to find out what a green job is.  Loan us 98 times less than that and we will show you what a green job is while putting 10 million to work.

I will buy Solyndra and pull it out of bankruptcy by sending those making more that $100,000 a year down the road.  Terry Cook