Who is Nikola Tesla?

If I were to ask every person in Findlay, who was Nikola Tesla?   Very few would know the man that had more of a positive impact on humanity than all others.  His countless inventions and theories such as (AC) electric systems, his own electric car, turbine, coil, oscillator, and the American Grid.  Thanks to him, anybody that generates electricity from the power of the sun and wind will be compensated for the excess they do not use.  Nikola did not seek fame and fortune.  He got off by blowing people’s minds much like I enjoyed in Thursday’s meeting with GFI.  I was given the floor with a 5 to 10 minute time limit.  I stated I was there to enlighten, gain their confidence, and endorsement for my plan to turn our country to a positive direction for the future betterment of all mankind. I have 17 divisions of green products to be manufactured in a green manner. Establishing the largest group of Distributed Generation Association members and supplying the equipment to maintain their status as the coolest people on earth, manufacture a hydrogen generator and the most aerodynamic, stylish, lightweight trailer in 6 sizes with today’s technical advancements.

Jeremiah Gracia asked me if I had something to show.  I then placed a scale model of my trailer body on the table.

Shortly after eight minutes people started walking out.

My plan will create work for at least 10 million people while enhancing the economy of 100’s of millions.  I placed a question for everybody to think about and for each to give me a business card.  The question is something I would like to ask everyone.  Why are we building a new school without installing a 150,000 gal downspout parking lot reservoir under the parking lot to help with flooding and to use to grow food, algae, and use the power of the sun and wind to make hydrogen and oxygen to heat water and air and to supply the school buses with a fuel that puts out no poison.

Not one person give me a card.  I laughed and I knew I would be going  to other towns with my plan.

In the near future, a person will have the choice to buy green in every item and service including shipping.  Terry Cook

Distributed Generation Association

How many hundreds of millions of families depend on natural gas to heat their home and water?  It is the cheapest and easiest, but it is no way the cleanest.  Natural gas puts out more greenhouse gases and carbon-monoxide than gasoline or diesel fuel.  You are burning a fossil fuel that is a limited supply commodity.  Supplies will peck in the next decade.  The future needs for energy will constantly rise and so will the price of electricity and fuel.  Natural gas rates will double in the next two years, then double every year after that.  Making natural gas available to fuel a motor vehicle is bad for the world and it’s people, but good for the supplier, because they will be able to deplete the supply sooner and thus raise the price quicker.  Why did the U.S. government give our local energy group a pile of money to make this negative activity come about?  It is called stupidity in the highest degree.

If you become a DGA (Distributed Generation Association) member this year, your gas station, electric, and natural gas bills will be nothing.  The excess electrical energy you do not need will go to the grid that will render you a check from the power company.  If you have to finance your solar collectors, wind mills, and hydrogen generator.  In one to four years your dept will be paid.  Being a DGA, makes a brighter future for you and the world.

We live on this earth for such a short time.  It is our responsibility to do

what is humanly possible to make a positive impact, now.  I have 4 goals that must be accomplished before I die.  My 2 most important, for the prevention of agony and lose of life are, cap all metal guard rails on all drag strips while making all strips completely safe for motorcycles.  The most crucial, for the well being of all God’s creatures, is to do everything possible to reverse global warming.  I am declaring WAR on those two missions that must be carried out.  Every person and company I deal with, will be my friend or my enemy, it’s their choice. Terry Cook