Response to James L. Withrow’s letter to the editor in the May 3rd Courier

Thank you so much for a letter with great substance. I really liked many parts of your informative statements, declaring several wars have been concurred by spending billions. Since the totally winning of these wars has come to pass, I would like to bring attention to the four remaining wars that must be dealt with now, before things get a lot worse. End world hunger, stop trashing this earth, put an end to our longest, most senseless, and costly war on drugs, the stopping of our deepest downward spiral, and finally the most important of all wars ever fought, The War To Survive.
Having Mr. Withrow lay down the foundation to end all wars. That would be the spending billions to win. Allow me to tell everybody what will work and what has not. Giving the financial institutions of our country several train loads of money and the oil industry at least ½ a trillion in tax payers’ money to find the oil and kept the price down. These are prime examples of what has not worked. The plan that will bring us hemp composite water towers, the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, and an economic and environmental growth with no limits, is thetopcatplan.
I defy, James L. Withrow, any one, or group to challenge me in any thing I have stated in 92 letters to the editor or to my solution on what we must do now, before it is past the fixing point. Now, back to my first paragraph. James writes global warming as being a history topic because of the cold winter we had. The billions spent on wind turbines and solar collectors hasn’t put a dent in the situation, but we will be increasing those technologies many thousands of times. We have went from 350 to 400 ppm of CO2s in our air in a short time. We will reach 450 within a decade or sooner, depending how soon we launch what must be done. Any questions? Top Cat II

We don’t care about the words, climate change or global warming

Hey, lets just forget the phrase global warming or climate change ever existed. It does not matter. Thanks to the cronies, we have a 70% trashed earth, air, water, and soil. So in the name, of jobs and the need for dirty rotten natural gas energy, we must frack the whole world or just 90% of this country. WRONG!!! We must kill fracking before it kills us, but first it will poison the well water, and then we will ask ourselves, why did we allow this to happen? The answer to that and why we have lived in a modern day dark age for 140 years is the same. Currently we are in a record breaking downward spiral, while the 1% own 50% and 95% of corporate profit goes to 1%, the farmers and the common people are so easy and so screwed. Still, in Ohio, a farmer is not allowed to grow hemp to help bring the soil back to good health, able to absorb rain water several times better, reduce the need for poison chemicals, make their own hydrogen or hemp fuel by using the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water, and make at least $3,000.00 AN ACRE to make 50,000 products in a green manner, put at least 20 million people to work, and enhance the economy of several hundred million citizens. is the only idea to address all our problems while taking the ruler’s power down. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services in fifty states. One of those is supply the equipment and technology to anybody who wish to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. They are contributors of society in the highest degree, self-sufficient, and put out no green house gases. Any questions? Top Cat II

Know the truth and do something about it

In response to Stacey Powers, Tuesday, July 30. Before it becomes a rule that you can’t use the name God. I am going to use the Lord’s name for the second time in eighty some letters I have submitted. Whether you believe in God or not. We are stewards of this earth. We did not mean to, but we have allowed greed and irresponsibility to rule us the last 140 years. We have the opportunity to reverse global warming by saying goodbye to fossil fuel. No body needs to feel threatened because of change, especially if it is for the good of mankind’s future. I can put every coal miner to work in better jobs. Nothing needs to be invented to make our fuel out of hemp and use hydrogen in countless ways. Religious people are very cool, living with hope and good in their hearts, but I have had several tell me what I say is the truth, but there is not anything any body can do to change it and we trust the Lord to save the world. I trust He might magically say to his people some day, “Hey, I am not going to do everything, you messed it up.”
Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

It’s time to cut the one grass leaf in half

I simply can not go by without a response to Joe Tibbe’s May 15, 2013 profound statements.  Joe says, “685 ppm of CO2s is like a football field with one leaf of grass.”  I say, ” we must cut that grass leaf in half to survive on this planet.”  We must get back to 350 ppm of CO2s in order to reverse global warming. To say 685 ppm could not possibly harm us is like saying GMO,s can’t possibly cause us harm. The people that work for Monsanto, don’t eat GMOs, they know better. Smart people don’t eat cattle that have been corn feed their whole life even thou they have been told, that can’t possibly do harm to our bodies. Joe Tebbe’s philosophy on CO2s could launch a new career in speaking. He would not have a problem packing the Winebrenner’s Auditorium with a speech on, it is foolish to worry about global warming. I would like to debate with Mr. Tebbe or any body else on that subject in front of the whole world.  It would not be difficult to make anybody with that view point look very foolish.
Many environmental scientists believe we are toast. Their belief is that the cronies’ rule for the last 100 years has made it impossible to fix what they have done. I am amongst the very few that believe we have a chance to reverse global warming. That is because I am the only person on earth with a plan to do so. Without a plan we are indeed toast. The answer to pulling off what I have stated we must do, is launching the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. If you think those industries will never come about. Hide and watch. Right now, we have no options, but in the near future we will. We will be able to say no  to fossil fuels of all kinds, while wondering why did it take so long. Terry Cook, Findlay,Ohio


The Readers Digest 1968 Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary’s definition of narcotic is a drug, as opium or morphine, that in medical doses relieves pain and induces sleep, and in toxic doses convulsions, coma, or death.  So why do organizations like Pat Robertson and the Christian advocacy group Focus on the Family, still consider marijuana a narcotic?  Because they are among the MISINFORMED and or they own stock in the following;  big Oil, big Coal, Nuke power, big Chemical, Tobacco, legal pill companies, beer & whiskey, or organized crime, which HATE hemp and marijuana. That is understandable, with hemp, there is very little need for these companies to be here.  I suggest anybody making a living in these industries, seriously consider finding another occupation.  That’s cool, because there will be many opportunities in the green industry coming about in the very near future.  Twenty million in the next 20 years.  Also anybody that has stock in those companies would be wise to pull your stock and invest in the well being of the future of this world.
I’m asking every man, woman, and child to cast your vote on the Brothers Choppers’ web site, to join in the effort to reverse global warming.   It’s not too late now, but it will be if we drag our feet.  We are including children that are old enough to read, write, and know the difference between right and wrong to vote on these issues too, Save Our World and all of God’s creators from a hell on earth, by the time our grandchildren become grandparents.  Three years ago, most people were in complete denial of global warming, now most are hip to it.  In 1969 only 12% of Americans were for legalizing marijuana, but today at least 50% believe it is time to loose the insanity.  I invite all people who believe in Jesus Christ, to read what I and the authors of three of the truest books I have ever read, that was written this century;  The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion by Edwin Black.  In one month, I would like to have a public debate with Pat Robertson, Carrie Gordon Earll (Senior director of government and public policy for Focus on the Family), and all of their people, to have this out.  I believe God is on my side.  I am on a mission of LOVE & GOOD.                                                                                   A lot of people have told me, what I intend on doing will not be allowed to happen.  I say, “It will come forth very soon with a little help from my friends.“  Any person that is not concerned about the future generation, is living for today and could care less about tomorrows’ mankind living in misery because they know they’ll not be around, so why should they be bothered with such unimportant matters?  Because, the Top Cat Plan will have a positive impact in the very near future.  It will take courage for people to join our gang and cause.  To do something that has never been done before is always scary.  We have no choice, we must do this or go down in history has the most spineless bunch of dummies the world has ever seen, and it will also point out the people that tried to prevent these good things from happening.  I was very proud to serve this country as a Marine as was my mentor Grandfather. To fight for freedom, liberty, and against tyranny in the world is very honorable. Your Brother, Terry Cook


There’s a basic rule that applies to all people, individually, as a small, or large group.  Bob Dylan said it in a song along time ago.  “ If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Currently, we as a nation are dying harder and faster than any time in our history and the haves and the have-nots are currently farther apart than any other time.  Nobody knows what’s going to stop our downward spiral and once it does stop, we don’t know what direction to go to progress in a positive direction.  Most Americans know we can not do the next 100 years what we did the last 100, for this earth will be a piece of crap.  We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more bucket of coal to fulfill our energy needs.  The answer is blowing in the wind, the sun, your downspout water, and in 6% of our farm land.  Our future industry,  is supplying the masses with the equipment to be far more self-sufficient.

The authors of these two books, Internal Combustion and The Hydrogen Economy state, “They believe hydrogen CAN save our world.”  Jack Herer from the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes believed hemp COULD save the earth and it’s creatures.  I say, “Hydrogen and Hemp are GOING TO save our planet,” sending us in the most positive direction exceeding most people’s greatest expectations.

A cool religious man and his teenage son came to my house on George St. about a month ago, to give me some literature pertaining to enlightening me in the four ways to get to heaven.  I thanked him and I said I have something to share with him and his son.  I stated, “hemp and hydrogen are going to save this earth.  His reply was that, “God is going to save our planet.”  My reply to that was, “With the Lord’s help, OK but it’s not God’s job to do that, we messed it up, it’s our responsibility to fix it.”  I have a plan to accomplish that, put 10 million citizens to work, enhance the economy of several hundred million, stamp out world hunger, reverse global warming, and make all drag strips, bike friendly.   Terry Cook

We Must Not Fail in the Most Important Task Ever Bestowed Upon Us

Oxygen makes up 21% of the air at zero to a thousand feet above sea level. If that percent were to increase ½% it would increase the chance of wild fires by 70%.  If  it were to increase to 25% the entire earth would completely burn up.  The amount of methane gas gathered around the stratosphere (7 miles up) is the determining factor in the percent of oxygen in the air we breathe.  The more methane, the higher percent of oxygen and  higher air temperature  When our average earth temperature increases a ½ degree it will start the process of melting the ice capped pockets of methane gas currently trapped in the far northern and southern regions of the earth.  It’s a triple whammy folks.  There is 400 million metric tons of methane gas trapped.  If one or two million tons are released, we’re toast. Our future generations are depending on us to take actions to stop or reverse global warming.  If we do not accomplish this mission, we will have failed in the most important task ever bestowed upon us.  Two years ago, I was going to start writing letters to the editor to make aware of the facts I have written in my last 15 letters but I delayed it mainly because of the conversation I had with the previous head of the letter to the editor Joy Brown.  She said global warming is a farce made up by the environmentalist.  All talk show host at that time shared that outlook. What a difference a couple of years can make.  We were kept stupid by the ruling cronies.  The times they are a changing.  The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry is coming, both trillion dollar industries.  Terry Cook