In response to the Courier’s Viewpoint, Economic disparity in the U.S.

There is a way folks. When we launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, we will experience the biggest surge of positive actions ever in our history because of the countless benefits it brings to the common man, not the greedy gluttons. As far as any body being able to easily invest, it could not be easier. In, life is simple in many ways. 2 million dollars makes anybody a 50% investing partner in any one of the 17 green divisions in every state and 7 provinces. You will receive an yearly check for 1/4 million for the next 10 years and receive 7% on investing revenue. If you wish to invest in the original Brothers Choppers’ stocks, the pay back is at 5% interest, the absolute best way to invest is to invest in yourself.  Allow us to provide you with the equipment and technology to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. It takes only a couple of years to get your money back because of your energy cost savings and having the ability to grow your own food and herbs while being among the coolest people on earth, mainly because you have become self-sufficient and you and your family no longer put out green house gases. Top Cat II

The war against hemp is almost over

A person dies every minute of every day of Cancer. If fracking is allowed to continue for two more years, we will see Cancer double within 5 years and double within another 5 years. Believe me or believe the experts that say, fracking is completely safe for the air, soil, and well water.
When once again, hemp is legal to grow, we will see the powerful chemical and fossil fuel rulers begin a transformation of power from the cronies to the farmers. It does not have to be a slow but sure process. If the Top Cat Plan does not get into full swing. Very little will change for the best, for the future of mankind. We will continue to be ruled as we have in the past 140 years. We are facing the death of a Country. If the launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry, we will experience the greatest advance to a far more positive direction for the common people, not the greedy gluttons.
I am ready to take on the sharks. As soon as I have been scheduled to be on the Shark Tank Show, all will be informed. I will be astonished if they have me on. They are among-est the many that choose not, to get into a debate with me, on what this nation must do to stop, our downward spiral and record amount of money being pulled from the productive class to the obstructive class.
President Kennedy once said, “The United States, as the world knows will never start a war. We do not want a war, we do not now expect a war, This generation of Americans has already had enough, more than enough, of wars of hate and oppression.”  The war for oil, and against hemp is almost over.  But the War to survive is here.  This could, be our biggest and last.

We’re just greedy gluttons

Thank you Dave Malone for your letter on May 6. Our nation is the greatest, at having the most political prisoners in the world, maintaining ignorance, and keeping the have and the have-nots as far apart as possible. Our constitutional freedoms allow us to take our ideas and advance technology only if your are amongst the rich and powerful.  We have a puppet for a President.  He has never mentioned the hemp or hydrogen industries because he would rather drill baby drill for poison.
I do not have an air conditioner in my house, X-box, or micro-wave.  All three including riding every where in a car are not good for your health.  I walk and run my Blue-Healer and Pit Boxer to the store quite often. Annually, 6.6 tons of green house gases are emitted by every man, woman, and child in America. Your question: “ What else does this mean? Other than we’re just greedy gluttons devouring our planet with mindless recklessness.” I say, “It’s not that hard to change to a positive direction.”  With the Top Cat Plan, our nation can become the world’s leader in 3-trillion dollar industries, Hemp & Switch-Grass Fuel, Hemp, and Hydrogen.
Hey Dave, greenhouse gases and green houses are not related.
You said, that if these positive things aren’t happening as fast as I would like, go live elsewhere. I served 4 years in the Marines, 2 years in Viet Nam in the middle 60’s. I do not wish to go anywhere else to live. I have a plan to give all our fifty states an equal chance to use each state’s resources to manufacture 17 divisions of green products that will employ many while enhancing the economy of hundreds of millions by becoming a Brothers Choppers DGA.  Terry M. Cook