Prisons for profit, has got to go, along with THE DRUG WAR

       Can anybody here. re sight Thomas Jefferson’s engraved quote on his Memorial Stone. “I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.” That is what the DRUG WAR is all about folks. 14 million years of imprisonment, 60% for marijuana only is a perfect example of tyranny over the mind of mankind and his family in the highest degree. Our Drug War is a disgrace against for us for many reasons, but for a nation a fraction of the size of China, and still have more political prisoners, what does that say for a supposedly free nation and China being the #1 most authoritative country in the world. Maybe we can say, we, the planets’s Most Bought Nation has surpassed China in something, not to be proud of. The filthy rich have called the shots too long, time for a different, more positive direction to go. Launching the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry is indeed our new way of going to bring back our middle class and the ultra rich to pay their share of taxes, or leave!!! All of us know, that the Regan’s trickle down theory just did not float, other words, it sank never to be rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Political and GREEN Revolution is here, right now, and remain so till we have fixed our downward spiral and us living in a modern day dark age for 140 years, controlled by the dirty dozen. I think everybody knows who they are. If I were to type out who they are, Facebook would wipe my message out, like they have done before. Peace is the answer, not War to make the cronies train loads of money and to see our brothers and sister die for no dam good reason.                                                                                                                               

Our first mission for all United Patriots

Our first mission for all United Patriots is to get Bernie in the White House on the Democrat Ticket for 8 years and then we will see our most costly, with the most tyranny over the mind of mankind and her or his family, War on Drugs, END. This is a little rap song I wrote under the picture of the President and Hillary. Smooth and seamless is lots better than rough and jagged. Both are in a Party, that has been bought but we’re not bragging. One has Koch and Monsanto money, stuffed in her shoe box and one does not, and this is the land of the free, that was bought. We have fracking for something that is better than coal, when indeed we need not any more, has paid a toil. Continue to trash what we eat, drink, and live in, shows how far we have come and who is winning? The game of life will take a turn, for the common man for sure. Only with the Patriots doing their duty, will come progress with a booty, worth far more than green money of something that does not come easy. Courage and fortitude, is what we must have, to bring back freedom or go to the grave. We’re not ready, to give up on things that were taken, that what was given by our founding fathers, there will be no mistaking. We are coming to get what was ours, back. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far. We will make this heavenly cause our mission to reach the unreachable STAR

The first positive change, must be to reclassify

Many climate scientists have proclaimed, we have went past the point of no return, in maintaining no more than a 2 degree increase in our average earth’s temperature.

Here is the most important ingredient in this complex puzzle to make this a better world for the near and far future.  We must switch white sugar and cannabis.  Most people believe, sugar is a food and cannabis is an addictive drug which comes with abuse and has no medical, nutritional, or value of any kind. 6 months ago, Our President proclaimed marijuana to be a vice, like booze and cigarettes.   Are you ready for the truth?  You older people better be sitting down. White sugar is the biggest vice and drug.  Yes we have been brainwashed.  But that’s life.  That is what wealthy rulers have done for 140 some years.  Cannabis classified as a #1 controlled substance is a perfect example.  Sugar has no value, is far more additive than crack cocaine, withdraw not as bad but 10 times more additive, and it is a major cause or link to cancer, and the gateway Drug to alcoholism and obesity killing billions in those 140 years.  All cannabis is the best food on earth, nobody has died from it’s use, it does not bring on abuse, it has more medical and industrial worth than any substance on earth.  The fact, it got in the way of the cronies, is why so many lies became fact in the media making it possible to control the common people.

When we reclassify sugar to be a #1 controlled substance and reclassify marijuana as the best food for health and feeling good mentally and physically.   That will bring on the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy that will save many lives and give everybody the ability to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member that uses no fossil fuel WHILE PUTTING OUT NO GREEN HOUSE GASES. When we have billions of DGAs in this world, we can prove those scientists wrong.  Top Cat II

Please review, Education, News, Resources.  Sugar is a waste product-poison-a toxic acid in all forms.  That was the findings at the University of CA, San Francisco, CBS 60 Minutes

We are living in a good time in history

The next 5 years are going to bring more in many positive ways for the good of all, by changing directions and priorities, in many technical ways but also the change in mind set of having the ability to become self-sufficient and a contributor to society brings many rewards. Becoming apart of the coolest group of conscientious citizens called the DGAs (distributed generation association) members should be the goal of at least 200 million people in this country and billions world wide to ensure a good future. These people pay nothing at the gas pump, reduced grocery bill, no electric bill, and they put out no green house gases. Their clean drinking water is kept in a hemp composite water tower pumped up by the power of the sun and wind. Go to Yahoo, type in, aerodynamic hemp composite water buffaloes. That will get the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, Top Cat ll

Hemp fuel for $2.50 within one year anyone?

I hope this message does not blow your minds, but it might. will have hemp fuel for sale for $2.50 a gal within one year from now. We will keep the best fuel in the world at that price for at least two years. Vote this November to legalize cannabis. Right now, 75% of Americans are ready and willing to make legal what should have never been made illegal because they know what’s happening. Nothing needs to be invented although we will see technology fly in the next 5 years to make it easier to get 200 million DGAs (distributed generation association) members on line as contributors to society in many ways. They will have organic food, herbs, clean drinking water stored in hemp composite water towers, and green electricity for sale, and they will not be putting out any green house gases.
Fracking is trashing this earth faster than anyone could have imagined. Most Americans will not be able to drink well water. We will have purified downspout water available in aerodynamic water buffaloes, in many sizes. The demand for products produced in our 17 divisions of green items produced will sore beyond anybody’s current imagination. Hear me now, believe me later, after reading and view my video coming next month. Top Cat II, ex-Marine, 65-69, 2 years in Vietnam

We are in WWIII

Fracking and the Keystone pipeline is our modern day Midway. To overcome both would mean the greatest victory in WWIII, the war to prevent, completely trashing this earth, along with bankrupting our health care system. I have the only plan to reduce fossil fuel and poison chemicals, including fluoride use at least 20% a year for the next five. thetopcatplan launches the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all states and provinces. Goggle up Hemp Composite Water Towers. You will get my web site, because we are the inventors of that service and many more, Go to the category, ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products and services, such as green fuel fueling stations, green roof tops, and supplying 200 million DGAs (distributed generation association) members with the equipment and technology to live as a contributor of society in many ways while putting out NO green house gases. Our plan will put 20 million to work in a new and far more positive direction. One we should have went along time ago. I consider myself to be the best qualified to debate on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long?
Now I will address the people that scoff me.  All res ponders coming after me have one thing in common.  They all fear change.  Fear is lack of knowledge.  To make fun of, or try to deride, ridicule, dismiss, or belittle the truth is a big mistake.  It only serves to make you look foolish in front of your friends and relatives.  We are in very serious times. Our capitalistic system is collapsing and nobody knows what to do. Sounds like a job for Top Cat, any questions?

We don’t care about the words, climate change or global warming

Hey, lets just forget the phrase global warming or climate change ever existed. It does not matter. Thanks to the cronies, we have a 70% trashed earth, air, water, and soil. So in the name, of jobs and the need for dirty rotten natural gas energy, we must frack the whole world or just 90% of this country. WRONG!!! We must kill fracking before it kills us, but first it will poison the well water, and then we will ask ourselves, why did we allow this to happen? The answer to that and why we have lived in a modern day dark age for 140 years is the same. Currently we are in a record breaking downward spiral, while the 1% own 50% and 95% of corporate profit goes to 1%, the farmers and the common people are so easy and so screwed. Still, in Ohio, a farmer is not allowed to grow hemp to help bring the soil back to good health, able to absorb rain water several times better, reduce the need for poison chemicals, make their own hydrogen or hemp fuel by using the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water, and make at least $3,000.00 AN ACRE to make 50,000 products in a green manner, put at least 20 million people to work, and enhance the economy of several hundred million citizens. is the only idea to address all our problems while taking the ruler’s power down. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services in fifty states. One of those is supply the equipment and technology to anybody who wish to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. They are contributors of society in the highest degree, self-sufficient, and put out no green house gases. Any questions? Top Cat II

kill fracking before it kills us

When I get the funding for the I will have hemp char-coalizing stations every ten miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning electrical power plants, along with hemp locomotive fuel with hydrogen to make for the most powerful and truly clean green fuel at $3.00 a gal for the next ten years. 25Jan. 2014 Saturday Courier bottom of the front page had Josh Funk of the Associated Press was so stupid to refer to natural gas has being a clean fuel. The exhaust of natural gas fueling an internal combustion engine puts out 20 times more green house gases. It is a dirty rotten trash fuel that threatens the drinking water of all states allowing fracking. But because they say, “It’s safe”, we must go on as the world’s biggest dummies to allow this earth destroying practice to happen because of a few temporary jobs. Hemp and hydrogen will serve to replace all fossil fuel use within 5 years, only if the launches the hemp industry and the hydrogen economy. If the plan never materializes, our future is doomed to a downward spiral that will remain going down. I believe it will come about because most people now know that the rulers played us as fools for too long. Hemp will be legal to grow in all fifty states and within 10 months, investors will be pulling out of fossil fuel to go green. When that occurs, the original and only Brother Choppers will become the best and surest investment because of many reasons. The fact that nobody makes more than $250,000.00 a year off of us except the farmers selling us their hemp for 50,000 products to be made, at least 20 million good green jobs, and hemp & hydrogen are our only hope for the future of mankind.                                                                                                      Pete Carroll is the first NFL coach that has gone public with his opinion that football payers should be able to smoke or eat marijuana and hash.  I predict all coaches will follow suit within 1 year.                                                  Hemp is now, legal to grow in Ohio. Where’s the seeds, AG dept? Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Yes, we must frack the whole country to feed the filthy rich

I am assuming David Ignatius, Art. On View Point page of The Courier, Jan. 23, 2014,  has stock in the fossil fuel industry. The way he glorifies the remarkable new shale oil and gas discovers.  While we are at it, why don’t we frack this whole country in the name of prosperity for the 1% that owns more than 50%.  Yes, trash this country and all other countries because we have no choice but to use fossil fuel till its gone. Hey, if we send our future generations down the polluted river with plastic and fossil oil, sorry about their luck.  At least the 1% did it their way.  Making hemp illegal has to be the stupidest thing we ever allowed to happen, with using corn to make fuel coming in a close second.  It takes a gal of oil to make a gal of ethanol.  When you use natural gas as a motor vehicle fuel, that vehicle puts out 20 times more green house gases.                                                                        As soon as the gets its funding, the first two things I will do, is build a hemp composite water tower on the High School property to catch all rain water and sending none to the river. Then I will convert all school property vehicles including buses to run on self-made by the power of the wind and sun hydrogen.  Any questions?  Terry Cook

Rose VanWormer wrote a letter saying, “Terry needs to get busy”.

In response to Rose Van Wormer, Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013. I am very busy Rose. I’m not building a co-kart in my garage. I have already built my design chopper in 1970 with an illuminating gas tank which I invented. To this day, I am the only person on earth to have that. We offer options that all other builders have not ever dreamed of. Having my letters to the editor, going to the Coffee Amici gatherings with the editor, and my web site has brought several good people to me. We are designing the world’s most aerodynamic and first fuel-cell tractor and trailer rig, DOT approved. It will be all-wheel drive, able to go at least 1,000 miles between fueling, weigh far less than a diesel engine with a transmission and differential driving axles configuration, the brakes will never wear out, it puts out no green house gases, and the hemp composite body will be absorbing solar energy. Its body design will compete with the new concept Volvo very well, but our trailer design has no competition.
We have the capability of building twin 900 foot high vertical wind turbines able to supply Hancock County with all electrical needs. There is an old saying. “It takes money to make things happen.” All I need to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in all fifty states is a 102 billion dollar, 4 year loan from our government’s stimulus package to jump start it. After 4 years it will support its self.


In response to Mark Miller, Nov 27.  Hear me now, believe me later Church Mouse.  If I receive my funding for the Top Cat Plan a year before the rest of the States.  That gives Ohio the ability to come from being #1 most un-green State, to the Most Green of all States within five years.

I will be meeting with the Farm Agency with an enlightenment presentation.  All farmers are invited.  Our President can go to a record high, with a good Farm Bill.