Mr Mark Hass said, “you better listen to what Terry says.”

In response to Mark Hass, Oct 7, 2013. I talked to Gary Wilson (farm bureau man) a few years ago. I asked him to go on my web site that will soon be out. He asked, why? I said, “because we are changing directions in this country, we are going to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.” He laughed much the same way Dr Pace used to and said, “hemp and hydrogen are at least 10 years down the road.” I said, “Gary, sometimes the success of the best ideas are a matter of timing. The downward spiral our country is in makes for the ultimate in timing.”
So, it makes perfect sense for all farmers to sign the medical marijuana and industrial hemp act petition that Patrick Calvelage has available. He is the son of Lynn and John Calvelage, owners of Coffee Amici. He works for Mike and Todd Garlock. Give him a call or go to
I have 17 divisions of green products. Manufactured, transported, and used in a green manner. Made up using two trillion dollar industries and several billion dollar enterprises. Go to Two million dollars makes you a 50% owner of one of the seventeen divisions in each state. You are compensated with a $250,000.00 check each year for the next ten years. That gives you a ½ million dollar profit in 10 years plus the interest on any investing revenue. No body, including owners of companies we subcontract to for parts, engineers, trouble shooters, marketing people, or stockholders makes more than $250,000.00 a year off of us. We would rather have a lot of smaller investors instead of a few greedy guts. To be original and classic, making green products in your state that every body can use and have many incentives to do so, makes people able to take their country back and live a life of freedom and liberty. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio