The importance of earth worms

If I had a packed Winebrenner Auditorium with the highest intelligent professionals of the City of Findlay, Ohio, and I asked for a show of hands of all the people who remember anything about 1942’s Hemp For Victory, or have read any of the following books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, The Story of Robert Rodale, The Hydrogen Economy by Jeremy Rifkin, and finally, how many people here grow their own worms? I would venture to say, if we had more than a total for all questions combined, a dozen hands raised, it would surprise me. All these books have very valuable information.  How our body works and the fuel it needs is just one, The late Jack Herer and Edwin Black tell stories of history that was kept from the average citizen for an example, can anybody tell me in one word what the War of 1812 was all about? Hemp is the answer. The hydrogen economy has already began yet very few know it. This situation of being ignorant to so many important facts to know on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long, gives new meaning to the phrase, “the keys for any one or group to progress in a positive direction are education and communication.” Growing worms is the foundation for green food people, so why are we allowing poison to destroy them? Could it be that we are just ignorant to how valuable worms, bees, bats, clean drinking water, soil, and air are for health? Yes is the answer, but not for long. Please Google the only plan to launch the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy. That will get you Go to the category Energy to get the 17 green divisions of 50,000 products made from hemp. This plan is the only idea that will serve to bring ourselves out of living in a modern day dark age for the last 140 years. Any questions, lovers for a better future? Top Cat II

We now have a 50% trashed earth and it is now time to act with a plan

More than 80% of the pollution that is at the bottom or floating in our creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there if cannabis would have never been made illegal. So why in this world is it still illegal to grow or possess in most of our states? The answer is so simple. We have lived in a modern day dark age for the last 140 years. When it is once again legal to grow hemp in all states, and we can come across the necessary amount of seeds, that will allow the beginning of the The only plan in the world to take on the rulers of the planet by running them out of business or force them to use hemp to make the lubricants, fuel, and 50,000 products in a totally green way or they will find themselves with products nobody wishes to buy. Our new saying in this country within 5 years. Go green to fight in our War to Survive.” The best way to do that is to launch the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy immediately, so that in 5 years we will have completely phased out poison chemicals and fossil fuel use.                                             By becoming a DGA (distributed generation association) member joining 200 million in this country and a couple billion world wide will be the foundation of the Progressive Society.
The fastest way to make these great and positive actions come about is to bring back 1942’s “Hemp For Victory”. We don’t need to vote on anything. The President signs this to save our country from a total economic collapse, end our current downward spiral, get our freedom, liberty, and country back from the rulers that have trashed this earth for prosperity for themselves while maintaining tyranny over the mind of man. I am talking about our most costly and senseless WAR on Drugs. The same minute the President signs the law enacting Hemp for Victory he should also sign the enactment to end the War on Drugs or reclassify cannabis from being a scheduled 1 controlled substance. The positive impact would be limitless in countless ways. Top Cat II

The ruler’s hey days are numbered

We have a system of rules that have become unproductively complex making it impossible for governing bodies to react to changes that must be made. I have just defined Congress.
In order to stop our downward spiral, (which most believe impossible to do), we must launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in all fifty states equally and fairly. The 8,000 Americans making more than $125 million a year will be totally against it. The common people will become richer and the wealthy will not be enjoying annual increases because of the fact we have 200 million DGAs coming soon to America, land of the free again also soon. Distributed Generation Association members are the coolest people on earth. They’re very few, now. The revolutionary movement to become self-sufficient is the answer to surviving the hard times coming.
The average citizen will have the opportunity to become a DGA. They do not have electric or natural gas bills and the water bill is very small.  They are no longer users of fossil fuel of any kind for any purpose. They put out no green house gases while being contributors of society in many ways. They have green products for sale. Green electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, pure water, organic food, and herbs. When you have love, health, and a bright future, you are rich in life, while not sitting on a pile of money.
The greedy rulers have had their hey day lasting over 100 years. Now it is time to bring back “Hemp For Victory”. In 1942 we were in a war to survive. Now we are in a bigger more complex war brought on by greed. The hemp industry will bring more good jobs than all fossil fuel employment has ever brought while not trashing the world. Any questions? and please review Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio


Along time ago the pharmaceutical drug companies were trying to capitalize on the hemp’s medicine industry before marijuana prohibition. The doctors were prescribing to the children, grown ups, and the elderly, massive dosages for countless aliments for four or five decades. They could never figure how much to use because nobody ever overdosed. Those daily doses of THC were as much as today’s everyday pot smoker consumes in a one or two months. They could not then and never have been able to inject it thru a hypodermic needle.
Starting in the1860s, the Gunjah Wallah Company made maple sugar hashish candy, which soon became one of the most popular treats in America. For 40 years, it was sold over the counter and advertised in newspapers, as well as being listed in the Sears-Roebuck catalog, as a totally harmless, delicious and fun candy.
The Police Gazette estimated there to be over 500 hashish parlors in New York City in the 1880s and they had at least that many in the 1920s. Virtually everyone in this country was familiar from childhood on with the “highs” of the cannabis extract-yet doctors did not consider it habit forming, anti-social, or violent at all, after 60 years of use.
Big oil, the pharmaceutical industry, (Hearst) the paper out of trees people, the alcohol pushers, the Dupont poison chemical empire, and the mafia hated herb. So the rest is history. The big bad asses pushed, probed, bullied, killed for, and paid to make a couple of federal laws. They invested a lot to make it happen and it paid back in dividends exceeding every bodies’ greatest expectations.  It’s time to close this chapter, address the damages done, and head in the most positive direction this country has ever experienced.
The first marijuana laws in this country stated, all farmers must grow it or face large fines. In fact, it was legal tender, all taxes could be paid in tonnage of hemp. This was in the 1770s, when it was known by everybody, that hemp was crucial for the survival of this country.  In 1942 our nation’s slogan was “Hemp For Victory”.  The importance of hemp over rode the marijuana prohibition laws because of the biggest war of our history. Guest what?  We are now in the most important war of this world.  The war against global warming.  If we do not address this major problem immediately, we’ll be really sorry, but not nearly as sorry as our grandchildren will be. They’ll be completely screwed, because of our ignorance and arrogance.  I’m to the point where I challenge any man, woman, or group of, to a national debate for the world to watch.  I have the power to make anybody look good or very foolish.    T.C.