The Choice is coming and the cronies can’t stop it

Ohio should have cannabis legalization and the first stage of GMO labeling on all food next year. We are being outspent 100 to 1 on making that happen. The top baby formula producers refuse to quit using GMOs.  In one year, hemp will be completely legal in all states.  In the next two years all Americans will have the choice of using fossil fuel products or just say no to trashing the world, and go with hemp products.
I am asking all health teachers to pass on this information. Shelled hemp seeds or hemp hearts and hemp oil are the world‘s # 1, health food. They enhance the function of all organs and help maintain the immune system better than any other grown food. One tablespoon of hemp hearts offers more protein than a 12 oz steak, but it is a better protein that your body utilizes much easier with better results.
The next subjects of importance are mother’s milk and zinc gluconate.  Breast feeding gives your child a jump start in all body functions including the immune system.  If you are not drinking mother’s milk, you may consume hemp oil and seeds for a lot of the same benefits. All cells in the human body need zinc to reproduce, without zinc, that function is completely shut down.  Most students are deficient in zinc. The results, are poor ability to concentrate, focus, and read.  Adult men lacking in zinc are many times more likely to have prostate problems.  Chromium Picolinate is very important in supporting healthy blood sugar. Stay away from corn fructose.  Throw away old food, including mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise to prevent pancreatic cancer. Stay away from Round-Up. It causes more than 20 diseases.
We will have choices to make in the very near future. Every product and service will offer the option to go green in every way including purchasing in your own state. This will be made to happen. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Why was we deprived for so long?

Has anybody read the book entitled “The Story of Robert Rodale”?  It came out in the early 70’s.  It is a must read for any one that believes, Love and Health are the most important assets any person can acquire and maintain in life. Robert was the founder of Prevention Magazine. I subscribed several decades to that magazine. I quit reading Prevention, when I came up with the conclusion, that publication is as controlled as any other by the cronies. If anybody has seen them mention one word on the fact that hemp is the most important plant on earth, please let me know what month and year they had any information on the subject. Three years ago, it was against the federal law to possess any product that contains hemp in this country. Thanks to a group of cool people that had the means to hire on a great staff of attorneys to take our government to a very high court to reverse those laws that prevented us the luxury of eating hemp hearts (shell-less seeds, drinking hemp oil, or to use the best skin lotion (Malibu Hemp Lotion). We were deprived the use of the best products for health and feeling good for more than 70 years. Don’t take my word for it, please review Those seeds are the most nutritional food on earth. They improve the function of all our organs, including brain, heart, and digestive tract. Your bowel movements will be improved in quality, quantity, and frequency. You will feel better with more energy and your ability to focus will improve. Also please review Without this plan being launched to attack our many problems. Life will go on as it has. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and very few care that our nation is number 1 in being the most corrupt with the most political prisoners of any nation. If hemp would have never been outlawed, 80% of the polution that lays at the bottom of our rivers, lakes, and oceans would have never been.  Hemp and hydrogen is the answer.  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio