The progressive economy is coming

Many of my res-ponders on thetopcatplan site, ask me if I know of any other web site like this one.  If there is, please let me know.   Sorry Charlene, There is no such site any where with my themes. Capping all metal drag strip guard rails, building 1/2 million dollar custom choppers for ladies only, and 16 other green divisions in all fifty states that produce, transport, and use these hemp composite products that carry a life time guarantee made in your state. Minimum wage is $25 and max. is 5 times that. Maintaining a 5-1 ratio in pay, built green, 50,000 hemp products everybody can use, stimulating your local economy, while pulling our country out of it’s biggest downward spiral is by far the most original and unique plan anywhere in the world. We are in competition with nobody. Any one can take any letter I have written or any of my design hemp products and try to compete with us, I am cool with that. The fact is, we will become a progressive economy, with the goal of giving every body the opportunity to become contributors to society, by becoming a DGA (distributed generation association) member.  Any questions? T.C.

Marathon can be #1 in hemp oil

What a beautiful sight, to see an eighty million dollar improvement project in the works to take up a city block. My first question I have, is why do we see a drawing of a Flintstone era complex? Not a green roof anywhere, or plans to have a rain water containment system is not surprising. That would be taking a responsible and positive step to do their part in reducing flooding, which no other business in this town has ever done, so why should they be the first? Answer to my first, modern buildings being build these days include a green roof and it only makes sense for all to be able to use all downspout water for every purpose. A green roof also uses the power of the sun and wind to make electricity and hydrogen to heat the buildings and sidewalks and to fuel motor vehicles. The answer to my second question, why should they be the first. They should be first, because most believe Marathon is made up of very intelligent minds that have no excuse to do other wise unless, they are more concerned about people seeing a fossil fuel company going green in any way might send the message to start my predicted pulling stocks out of fossil oil products and go green with hemp, 50,000 hemp products, fuel, and hydrogen.
I told Marathon years ago, they have the chance to go from 250th in fossil to #1 in hemp fuel, oil, and anything else with no limits. So, shine me on and go down with barge, if you think that is the choice of intelligent minds.
Also the estimate on the price of 80 million is not even half of what it will be.

The Choice is coming and the cronies can’t stop it

Ohio should have cannabis legalization and the first stage of GMO labeling on all food next year. We are being outspent 100 to 1 on making that happen. The top baby formula producers refuse to quit using GMOs.  In one year, hemp will be completely legal in all states.  In the next two years all Americans will have the choice of using fossil fuel products or just say no to trashing the world, and go with hemp products.
I am asking all health teachers to pass on this information. Shelled hemp seeds or hemp hearts and hemp oil are the world‘s # 1, health food. They enhance the function of all organs and help maintain the immune system better than any other grown food. One tablespoon of hemp hearts offers more protein than a 12 oz steak, but it is a better protein that your body utilizes much easier with better results.
The next subjects of importance are mother’s milk and zinc gluconate.  Breast feeding gives your child a jump start in all body functions including the immune system.  If you are not drinking mother’s milk, you may consume hemp oil and seeds for a lot of the same benefits. All cells in the human body need zinc to reproduce, without zinc, that function is completely shut down.  Most students are deficient in zinc. The results, are poor ability to concentrate, focus, and read.  Adult men lacking in zinc are many times more likely to have prostate problems.  Chromium Picolinate is very important in supporting healthy blood sugar. Stay away from corn fructose.  Throw away old food, including mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise to prevent pancreatic cancer. Stay away from Round-Up. It causes more than 20 diseases.
We will have choices to make in the very near future. Every product and service will offer the option to go green in every way including purchasing in your own state. This will be made to happen. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio


I’m finding it hard to be proud of our country and state.  In the last three years our country has experienced the biggest shakedown possible by the cronies.  We are currently in the deepest downward spiral our country has ever seen. The haves and the have-nots have not ever been so far apart.   Ohio has reached the position of being this nation’s #1 most un-green state.  That means we are the lamest and laziest bunch of dummies living in the past and don’t have a clue of what to do.  I have written over 25 letters to the editor stating what we must do, but I still see in letters written by common folk and Marci Kaptur, we must find more oil and use more coal.   That’s what makes us #1 in being backward and stupid.  It is time to get hip. We don’t need one more bucket of coal or one more drop of  Mr. James H. Miller’s marvelous diesel or gasoline.  Hemp and hydrogen will save our planet.  Marijuana is the answer to the drug problem, stamping out world hunger, reversing global warming, putting 10 million people to work in 10 years, making 50,000 hemp products made in a green way.

Corn renders 400 liquid gals of fuel per acre.  Switch-grass and hemp brings forth 1,450 gals per acre.  Hemp cellulose out produces wood for paper by at least 4 times.  10 tons of bio-mass in 1 acre in a 3 or 4 month time frame.  In the process of growing hemp, CO2s are absorbed thus when being burned to make electricity, heat, or to fuel a motor vehicle, results in no added CO2s in the air.  Every product produced by oil can be made in a green manner by using hemp instead.

In the history of the world, all positive happenings began in somebody’s brain cells.  It came from a dream, to a plan, and it was made to happen, it did not just magically come about.  I have already accomplished what an army of people have not been able to do.  I have a plan that will address all of the problems I have previously stated.  Not one of my responders has ever asked what my plan is.  Maybe when I’ve made all my letters available to the internet I will be asked that question.  Terry Cook,  Findlay, Ohio