The Hydrogen Economy is here

In response to Bill Freemyer and others. I lied, when I stated, about the last letter concerning hemp and hydrogen.  I did so, to bring another letter responder with great substance. It worked very well. The truth is, I’ll write letters concerning love, health, and bringing forth a plan to fix our problems twice a month until the cronies have run me down like a dog. The Coffee Amici meeting with the editor Saturday was a very enlightening event. I had three college educated men with different backgrounds served to say words of encouragement and to say what I intend on doing is dead in the water. Scott pointed to a glass of water, and said, “There is enough energy in that little amount of HHO to power a building.” Truer words were never spoken. Having these three cool cats knocking me down on several statements which I believed to be true, sent me back to my research mode. My favorite of all responders, sat there like a church mouse for at least 45 minutes, nodding yes whenever Scott said something and nodding no when I said something. He finally stated who he was and said the following, “The song remains the same, the book and the movie that was promised have not materialized. Hemp is not legal, you have not provided any energy to National Lime and Stone, what you have is no more than a pipe dream, the hydrogen economy is not here, and that there is rule that you are attempting to go against.” The first basic law of thermodynamics, cites you can’t get something from nothing. That statement would be true if we have to draw more power from a vehicles alternator to power the Hydrogen cell. The alternator puts outs more power than is ever needed. Guest What? The Hydrogen economy is now here, it only took 43 years to arrive.  I truly believe we will invent and invest our way out of our three crises, which are, climate changes from burning fossil fuels, no direction, and no plan to prevent the dollar collapse.  Terry Cook

We’re just greedy gluttons

Thank you Dave Malone for your letter on May 6. Our nation is the greatest, at having the most political prisoners in the world, maintaining ignorance, and keeping the have and the have-nots as far apart as possible. Our constitutional freedoms allow us to take our ideas and advance technology only if your are amongst the rich and powerful.  We have a puppet for a President.  He has never mentioned the hemp or hydrogen industries because he would rather drill baby drill for poison.
I do not have an air conditioner in my house, X-box, or micro-wave.  All three including riding every where in a car are not good for your health.  I walk and run my Blue-Healer and Pit Boxer to the store quite often. Annually, 6.6 tons of green house gases are emitted by every man, woman, and child in America. Your question: “ What else does this mean? Other than we’re just greedy gluttons devouring our planet with mindless recklessness.” I say, “It’s not that hard to change to a positive direction.”  With the Top Cat Plan, our nation can become the world’s leader in 3-trillion dollar industries, Hemp & Switch-Grass Fuel, Hemp, and Hydrogen.
Hey Dave, greenhouse gases and green houses are not related.
You said, that if these positive things aren’t happening as fast as I would like, go live elsewhere. I served 4 years in the Marines, 2 years in Viet Nam in the middle 60’s. I do not wish to go anywhere else to live. I have a plan to give all our fifty states an equal chance to use each state’s resources to manufacture 17 divisions of green products that will employ many while enhancing the economy of hundreds of millions by becoming a Brothers Choppers DGA.  Terry M. Cook

Fossel Fuel vs Hydrogen

It’s no wonder, most of the world hates us.  The average American uses 8,000 lbs of oil, 4,700 lbs of natural gas, 5150 lbs of coal, and one tenth of a pound of uranium a year.  The U.S. makes up 5% of the world’s population.  We consume 25 percent of the world’s energy, put out 30% of the earth’s carbon dioxide emissions.  6.6 tons green house gases are emitted per person yearly.  82% emissions comes by burning fossil fuel to generate electricity, autos, trucks, trains, buses, and planes.  Other contributing factors are, methane gas from landfills, modern agriculture practices, natural gas pipelines, and industrial chemicals.

The last century has rendered us addicted to oil and stupid practices. That now threatens to destroy us and our planet. The rulers had their hey day. Their ruling days are over.  The Hydrogen and Hemp economy is in the very near future. The average person does not know that yet.  I wonder why.

Hydrogen is a straight line projecting ever upward. It is available to all.  We have a chance to be on the forefront of the business of developing, manufacturing, using, and marketing the fuel cells and the accompanying equipment that goes with distributed generation.  By using the power of the sun and wind we generate electricity to make clean hydrogen from water.  Store the oxygen and hydrogen to be used in fuel cells, to fuel any internal combustion engine, generate you own electricity, and send your excess to the power grid.  By doing so you have become a DGA, Distributed Generation Association member.  A DGA puts out no added CO2s, using their hydrogen for heat and transportation fuel, uses no fossil fuel or natural gas, puts out no green house gases, and uses no public electricity. Is that cool or what?  Terry Cook

Hydrogen Generator

This is my final letter to the editor concerning where we are going with the aerodynamic trailer, hydrogen generator using downspout water, hemp, and hydrogen divisions of Brothers Choppers.  I wish to thank all my responders,  I owe you a lot.  Your comments added substance to my story which will come in a book and movie form.  The statements brought forth by my opponents served as the showing of the mind set that are shared by most residents of this area of the country and not shared by most in other regions.  A lifestyle of convenience, co-dependence, close-mindedness, living for me, me, me, and not giving a hill of beans for the future generations basically sums up the local status of the majority of the state of Ohio. That is how you acquire the distinction of being this nations #1 most un-green state.

In the last 100 years in this country, our history books were filled with altered facts to suit the rulers.  For an example, the myths concerning the third most plentiful substance on earth (hydrogen) and to marijuana (our most important plant).  Thanks to the books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion, the facts are out about how our America has been controlled by the cronies with a lot of money in their pockets.

Three years ago, we would not of had a chance in the world to accomplish what we are going to do in the near future.  Giving all 52 states a equal opportunity to enhance their economy beyond our greatest expectations.

Please visit our web site at and be counted as a Brother or Sister teaming up in the effort to take our country back.  We have a small window of opportunity to jump on what should have been done along time ago.  Attack global warming by bringing  in the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.  We are on a mission of Love and Good, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  Many people say this can’t be done because it’s never been done before.  Terry Cook