Some old lady might want some, so please vote Yes, for Issue 3

Privatized prisons are just one example of us living in a modern day dark age with the greatest amount of tyranny over the mind of man. Voting Yes for Issue 3, to legalize marijuana, which is an Anti-Psychotic, is the biggest step to ending the ignorant insanity. Hemp will be grown again for limitless good reasons. In case you don’t know, we are phasing out fossil fuel, fracking, coal, and cutting down trees for paper and building products.                                                                                                                                         I no longer attend the monthly Saturday Coffee Amci gathering of the writers to the editor in   In past meetngs, I was told by these close minded, know it alls that don’t have a clue, “that nobody here believes one word I have to say about the wonders of cannabis, and if I would shut up, I might learn something.” There is nothing, I could ever say to them, to convince them, 14 million is already too many years of imprisonment served, 60% for marijuana only offenses, and cannabis is the cure for most diseases, including all mental and physical disorders brought on by the poisons coming from making products from fossil oil. Bringing cannabis into your body enables your body to heal it’s self. This message is for all that still believe pot is bad, “If you do not wish to feel better from the effects of God’s most important plant, DO NOT EVER use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Use your legal pills that kill an American every 19 seconds,  FDA approved, and the Doctors say they may kill you, get you hooked, or make you wish you were dead, but those are just a few of the side affects but at least, they are LEGAL..!!!