A letter to thegosbelofhemp.com for full endorsement for the only plan to save our world

Ohio is this nation’s most un-green state and the frackers will not be happy till we have the size of Lake Erie of poison chemicals under us. Our waiting, hoping, and praying for good things to come about are over. We know that has and will get us no where. I am writing this letter to gain the endorsement of all your people for the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. Google up hemp composite water towers. That will get the topcatplan.com.
It’s time to end living in a modern day dark age. It began in Abe Lincoln’s days, A scientists invented the fuel cell technology. A bunch of crony paid engineers viewed how it works and said that’s great, but we have no need for that, we have oil. The next big threat for the rulers, was hemp. They spent a train load of money to make hemp illegal, but it paid off big time. The greedy gluttons know that their days are numbered, so they will hold up the availability of seeds as long as possible and delay progress in the name of testing to see if their is any good use for hemp. The people in high places, believe it is a waste of time. They think, that if we had the ability to pull ourselves out of the biggest downward spiral and end trashing this earth, the rich would have done it along time ago. Hey, the rich like it like it is. The wealthy and well to do are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and Edwin Black, author of Internal Combustion did not know each other. The late and great progressive Jack Herer believed with all his heart, hemp can save our world from destruction and Black is convinced hydrogen is the answer for fixing what we have done to the world. The answer is both, hemp and hydrogen. Without thetopcatplan, we will continue down a path of stupidity. Please read what we have. It is our only chance to make things right for the future. If I do not hear from your people, I will conclude the ones who call the shots at thegosbelofhemp have stock in fossil fuel and poison chemicals. The Scientific American Magazine is currently owned by the cronies. When you control education and communication, you rule. Terry Cook

Lets get the facts straight

Any substance that alters the body in ways nature didn’t intend, is a drug. It was dicovered 20 years ago, the 60 cannaboids and THC are received and utilized in our and all animal’s cannabinoid receptor system which was put there by nature from the begining of time.         I hope this letter makes it to the Washington Post letter to the editor section, even after proving many of the statements of Ruth Marcus to be incorrect as she quotes from American Medical Association, a group that has never taken a bribe or made false statements to enhance the Medical profession.  First of all, marijuana is not a narcotic or a drug. A narcotic is a substance that can kill you if you take too much. The first person in 10,000 years of smoking pot, that dies from it, will go down as the most famous person on earth. Second fact, marijuana is not a drug. My dictionary defines a drug as, any chemical or biological compound substance other than food, intended for the use in treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of disease in man or other animals that is used to stupefy or poison. Marijuana is not only the most nutritional of all foods it does not stupefy or poison. I know many examples of college grads that smoked herb, morning, noon, and night every day for decades, that maintained a 3.96 or better grade point average for four years or more. It is also the best way to avoid Dementia. As far as being the cause of accidents, it is last, proven in many studies. Legal pills has recently dethroned alcohol at the number 1 cause. At least 100 times more people have died from prescription drugs than all other illegal substances such as cocaine in all forms, heroin, speed, and morphine combined. Anyone that believes like Ruth Marcus, has not read, The Emperor That Wears No Cloths, by the late and great Jack Herer. If you can find any statement in that book to be false, they will cut you a check for $100,000.00. The same is true for the book entitled, Internal Combustion, by Edwin Black. Terry Cook

The trick to stopping our downward spiral

Response to Robert Samuelson, in today’s view point column. The wealth effect will be enhanced when the common people take our country back. Laws are going to change like never before. The trick to stopping our downward spiral is motivating people to want to buy products that are made by American owned, profit sharing companies that utilize green technology in every way in their own state. Products that will enhance them several ways, in the short and long term. The hydrogen economy and the hemp industries will not just magically come about. It will be made to happen. These days of living in a modern day dark age, nobody has the guts to ask me how. www.thetopcatplan,com explains where we must go and how we will get there. If you read, “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black and the “Emperor Wears No Clothes” by the late Brother of Good, Jack Herer. They will tell why it took so long by true history facts that were altered to make us stupid for our own sakes, also to make them billionaires and trash our earth in the process. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

It is time to change directions

Fossil fuel supplies peaked in 2005 and the demand is constantly rising.  Several months ago, I suggested to the Marathon Oil Company, based in Findlay, Ohio to go a far more positive direction.   From being 250th in fossil fuel to # 1 in hemp oil and fuel.  I stated, that no Marathon employee need to change offices or job description, but I must warn all employees not to say a single word about what I have said while at work.  You will most likely loose your job, this year, but not in the near future.                                                                   I wish every one to know, the hemp industries and the sun & wind hydrogen economy are coming very soon.  The average U.S. citizen is completely unaware of the simple truth about where we must go, how we will get there, and why is it taking so long.  If you wish to also know the truth, please read “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black and “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer.  In those books, Edwin and Jack state a fact, that most do not believe.   The average American spends 80% of their pay check for energy.  Electricity, energy to heat your home, water, and food.  Transportation for you, and the production and transportation of all products you need and use.  By having a Brothers Choppers with 17 divisions of green products in each state, producing over 50,000 products made from hemp, will not only save our country and earth from disaster economically and environmentally, but it will save billions of gallons of fuel, the transportation of products need not cross state lines especially across the country.  There are several ways to enhance the economy of a country and it’s people.  Make more money or spend less.  So when you can save a big part of your paycheck, because you produce your own energy, buying green products ( made, transported, and used) and are contributors to society in the process, these are good things.  Review www.thetopcatplan.com to know what is happening and  know there is hope for the future.  Let us end the 140 year rule of greed, tyranny, and bigotry.  Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

To: Russ Wright and Loren Pace

Russ Wright’s letter (May 4) to Loren Pace was one with shared views by millions, including myself. I treasure the letters of encouragement, but I also look forward to opposing views.  Several years ago, my wife woke me up the Wednesday before Christmas to say,  “You better get up, you got your Christmas gift you been waiting for.  James H Miller says, “You don’t know what your talking about.”  I sprang out of bed and said, “ALL-RIGHT!”  I love to be told, you can’t do that, it’s never been done before, if it could, it would have already been accomplished by the rich and powerful.  In response to Doctor Pace;  Take heed to Russ’s letter, and please read the books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer and Internal Combustion, by Edwin Black and pick up a Scienctific American Magazine, National Geographic, or Prevention Magazine.  I know you have the time. That will enable you the ability to come back with a letter of substance.

I believe adventure is the spice of life.  It also makes for a good book, movie, and reality show.  47 years ago, my life time goal was set.  To someday become the builder of the Rolls-Royce of a custom motorcycle, made for only the rich and famous, has brought me to a place where nobody is, has been, or will ever be.  I have taken on goals that others deemed completely impossible to accomplish.  I truly believe, all that I have set out to do, will happen.  35 years ago, I knew we would run pressurized or hemp fuel in my choppers and in all our engines. Twenty years ago I was granted permission to install a metal cap on all metal rails on all drag strips.   For as long as a man, has the strength to dream, he can redeem his soul, and fly.  Deep in my heart, there is a trembling question, still I am sure, that the answer, answer is going to come, some how.  Go on youtube to get Elvis Presley’s song, “If I Can Dream”.  That is my movie’s theme song.  Terry Cook


There’s a basic rule that applies to all people, individually, as a small, or large group.  Bob Dylan said it in a song along time ago.  “ If you’re not busy being born or growing, then you’ll be busy dying.”  Currently, we as a nation are dying harder and faster than any time in our history and the haves and the have-nots are currently farther apart than any other time.  Nobody knows what’s going to stop our downward spiral and once it does stop, we don’t know what direction to go to progress in a positive direction.  Most Americans know we can not do the next 100 years what we did the last 100, for this earth will be a piece of crap.  We don’t need one more drop of oil or one more bucket of coal to fulfill our energy needs.  The answer is blowing in the wind, the sun, your downspout water, and in 6% of our farm land.  Our future industry,  is supplying the masses with the equipment to be far more self-sufficient.

The authors of these two books, Internal Combustion and The Hydrogen Economy state, “They believe hydrogen CAN save our world.”  Jack Herer from the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes believed hemp COULD save the earth and it’s creatures.  I say, “Hydrogen and Hemp are GOING TO save our planet,” sending us in the most positive direction exceeding most people’s greatest expectations.

A cool religious man and his teenage son came to my house on George St. about a month ago, to give me some literature pertaining to enlightening me in the four ways to get to heaven.  I thanked him and I said I have something to share with him and his son.  I stated, “hemp and hydrogen are going to save this earth.  His reply was that, “God is going to save our planet.”  My reply to that was, “With the Lord’s help, OK but it’s not God’s job to do that, we messed it up, it’s our responsibility to fix it.”  I have a plan to accomplish that, put 10 million citizens to work, enhance the economy of several hundred million, stamp out world hunger, reverse global warming, and make all drag strips, bike friendly.   Terry Cook

Internal Combustion

In response to James H Miller’s Dec 22 letter responding to my Dec 21 letter.  Please read the most fact documented book entitled, Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, The Hydrogen Economy, and Scientific American magazine.  If you believe diesel fuel and gasoline are marvelous fuels you need to get your head out of the sand.  Hydrogen has 1.8 to 2.8 times more power to the punch.  If you have 5 gallons of gasoline and it’s container, you would have at least 35 pounds of weight and a federally approved container of hydrogen that has enough fuel to send that car the same distance, the weight of that hydrogen and container would amount to the same weight as a feather pillow.

If you wish to use a truly marvelous fuel that puts out no cancer causing pollution that needs not to be cooled or pressurized, hemp and switch-grass fuel is the answer.  Both put out oxygen in the growing process and are very dirt friendly.

Wind and solar power technology are constantly improving in inefficiency and cost.  It appears Toledo and Findlay possess similar amounts of stupidity in regards to what fuel is green.  The City of Toledo proclaiming they have bought buses that are running on green fuel.  Guess what?  There is nothing clean about natural gas being used as a motor vehicle fuel.  Any car, bus, or truck using natural gas will experience a 5 to 10 percent reduction of horsepower and will create more carbon monoxide and green house gases than gasoline or dirty rotten diesel fuel.

I would like to publicly debate with Mr. Miller and anybody else that believes the facts I have stated in my last 13 letters are to good to be true.

The last of James Miller’s statements are completely moot. Any motor vehicle or train using hydrogen puts out no pollution. Any one coming to a gun fight with me best have more than 2 or 3 bullets in your chamber.  Terry Cook


We’re knee deep in political ignorance and chicanery

In response to Loren Pace’s Thursday Aug 26 letter.  Your view of the current crisis our nation is facing is basically the mind set of most Americans.  You say, “We’re knee deep in political ignorance and chicanery”.  I say we are chin deep in all of that. The U.S. is  dying faster and harder than it has ever done before.  The cronies have ruled for the last 100 years.  They have called the shots to the point of us being sucked dry as a nation.  The rich and poor are farther apart than any previous time in history. That’s the problem, now here’s the cure.  But before I tell you that, I ask, please do not be disheartened, because the times, they are a changing.

We  are on the forefront of two major changes that will serve to gain our confidence back.  The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.

Yes, our school system gets a big fat F in history.  Please read the book “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black.  It will enlighten all of you to the point of pulling yourself out of your current lazy, close minded easy way of carrying on with your life.  It teaches you what was not taught in any school. It also tells you where we are going and why is it taking so long to get there. Yes Loren, you nailed that one, with your knee deep statement. But your last statement was quite profound, “God help us, no other influence is due to come to our rescue at this point.”  I have a plan to turn our country to a positive direction and it will happen.  I would be glad to discuss it with anyone who is interested. My plan is the fairest to all states.  It is not only the best plan, but it is the ONLY plan.  We’ll put 10 million people to work in good jobs, going green building to make a better world for the future generations.  Terry Cook

Hydrogen Generator

This is my final letter to the editor concerning where we are going with the aerodynamic trailer, hydrogen generator using downspout water, hemp, and hydrogen divisions of Brothers Choppers.  I wish to thank all my responders,  I owe you a lot.  Your comments added substance to my story which will come in a book and movie form.  The statements brought forth by my opponents served as the showing of the mind set that are shared by most residents of this area of the country and not shared by most in other regions.  A lifestyle of convenience, co-dependence, close-mindedness, living for me, me, me, and not giving a hill of beans for the future generations basically sums up the local status of the majority of the state of Ohio. That is how you acquire the distinction of being this nations #1 most un-green state.

In the last 100 years in this country, our history books were filled with altered facts to suit the rulers.  For an example, the myths concerning the third most plentiful substance on earth (hydrogen) and to marijuana (our most important plant).  Thanks to the books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion, the facts are out about how our America has been controlled by the cronies with a lot of money in their pockets.

Three years ago, we would not of had a chance in the world to accomplish what we are going to do in the near future.  Giving all 52 states a equal opportunity to enhance their economy beyond our greatest expectations.

Please visit our web site at www.thetopcatplan.com and be counted as a Brother or Sister teaming up in the effort to take our country back.  We have a small window of opportunity to jump on what should have been done along time ago.  Attack global warming by bringing  in the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.  We are on a mission of Love and Good, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  Many people say this can’t be done because it’s never been done before.  Terry Cook

Loren Pace

Mr. Pace has not read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” or “Internal Combustion”.  If he had, he would not be making such stupid statements.

Last month, my old Sunday School Teacher told me, “They’re not going to allow you to do what you are intending to do.”

At least 8,000 U.S. citizens are making at least 124 million dollars a year.  Then you have people making a lot more than that. James H. Miller and Loren Pace says, “What I propose to do, can’t be done.”  “ If it could, it would have already been done by the rich and powerful.”  Guess What!!! The cronies and the rich like it like it is.  Keep all Americans co-dependent instead of self-sufficient.  My future is in organizing and maintaining 200 million DGA’s.   A Distributed Generation Association member has their own drinking water, energy, food and puts out no greenhouse gases.  These people are concerned about the future well being of the generations to come. In the hydrogen economy, it is not the goal to make a few super rich but to have every person able to live life to it’s fullest in a productive manner while being a contributor to society.

Since my last letter on Aug 9, I have received very mixed reviews.  While standing in line at the Wal-Mart, a man approached me to say, “you don’t know me, but I know you, my family and I wish to thank you for your letters, your ideas, visions, and plan for a new direction giving us hope for the future.”  The next day while working, a man I have respected and admired for quite awhile said to me, “Cookie, Loren Pace sure cut you a new one.”  I said, “I know, that’s what I hoped he would do”.  Then my friend stated, “All your letters mean nothing, are a complete waste of paper, nothing is going to change in our lifetime, we are going to use the oil and coal till its gone, we have too much invested to change, and we’ll be putting people out of work.”

I say, “For every one job lost, I’ll have 9 good jobs.”   Terry Cook