It’s time to end the drug war

In a recent study brought forth a fact stating that in the states where medical marijuana is legal, has enjoyed a 9% reductions in traffic fatalities. Cannabis use enhances, not impairs, and it needs to be removed from being referred to as a #1 controlled substance.  The three biggest lies are, marijuana has no medical purpose, leads to abuse, and it is a gateway drug.  We are a nation of s toners. Everyone is under the influence of something they are addicted to. Whether it be chewing tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, hill-billy feel good pills, alcohol, sleeping pills, dark chocolate, cough syrup, soda pop, morphine, or heroin.                                                                                                                                                                    Skip Bayless on ESPN II First Take is a very cool cat.  He says, he has never or will ever smoke pot because he likes his straight, unimpaired, and unaltered conscientiousness.  He is addicted to Diet Dew.  Until he drinks his first for the day, he is not as sharp and witty. After he has partaken his favorite (loaded with caffeine and artificial sweetener) Diet Dew, he becomes comfortable and more confident to be able to function to the top of his game at going after his co-host, Stephen A. Smith. Smoking or eating, grass, or hash makes you comfortable, more focused on what you are doing, and more coordinated in the physical tasks you are performing with concentration being enhanced
My points are, the war on drugs must end. You can not call Diet Dew or refined sugar a drug because it is a food. The same reason you can not call marijuana a drug, but it happens to be the most nutritional food on earth and enhances the function of every system in your body. Sugar and the Dew does not. All three get you high from the release of endorphin s into the brain cells. The THC does it from refer, but it is the reward coming from the Candida, a yeast like parasitic fungus that lives in your stomach, from under your toe nails to the brain. With herb, you loose weight, but with refined sugar, the main reason the United States is # 1 in obesity.