Vote YES on Issue 3

Yes for issue 3 brings so many good things and no bad.  I am demanding all voters that are still suffering from being brain washed their whole life by the history books and the controlled media, to please Goggle, “The Scientific And Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.”   All animals have a cannabinoid receptor system installed from the beginning of time by nature, God, or both.  This web site also explains in a three hour video by this nation’s leading medical researchers the facts stating marijuana is not a drug, but food.  When you consume by eating, drinking, or smoking cannabis. That brings 60 cannabiniods into your body to give you the ability to fight off what is trying to kill you.            Any substance that alters the body in ways nature didn’t intend, is a drug.   White sugar is the gateway of all drugs.  More habit forming than cocaine in all it’s forms.                            Yes, there will be more marijuana dispensaries than McDonalds and liquor stores.  That is a good thing.  Monsanto McDonalds and Liquor stores are selling a product that serves to kill you. More people know this, that is why they are decreasing.  Pot stores are good for everybody except for legal pill people, the Doctors charging you to buy a product that kills an American every 19 seconds, and the prison for profit cronies.   Booze is a killer. So thank heavens a person once again, has the freedom and liberty to grow, buy, and use what nature has given us to live long and prosper.  Only if we vote YES for issue 3.             By legalizing in states has brought out many true facts.  Less legal pill over doses by at least 25%.  Less over doses period.  Tax revenue enabling refund checks to it’s citizens.   It has been 4 months since my Cattle Dog has had his last seizure, taking 1 gram a day of CBD Cannabis Oil. 2 oz blue bottle sold at the  


Apple A Day on Blanchard St. Findlay, Ohio.  Legal in fifty states, FDA approved for all ages, and it enhances the health of everybody, need not a Doctor visit to tell you it is OK.            The ACLU of Ohio has endorsed Issue 3 for many reasons.  Hey, we are getting our freedom, liberty, and country back.  Ending our longest, most senseless, with the most tyranny over the mind of man, DRUG WAR.  14 million years of imprisonment, 60% for pot only, enough is enough, that’s all folks

It is about getting our freedom and liberty back

I began my research for a fuel that does not create pollution in 1970. It did not take long to find those three fuels, green hydrogen, hemp seed diesel, and hemp fuel. On my journey for that information, I also discovered why we currently have our deepest down ward spiral, and we continue to live in a modern day dark age starting 140 years ago. My first invention was in 1970. I invented the illuminating motorcycle gas tank of my original design that glows at night. So I began putting all my designs and inventions up on the shelves to be brought down at the right time. It is a perfect time to launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states, 10 provinces, 4 territories. When you are no longer buying what the cronies are selling, and building a strong nation that has regained freedom. liberty, justice, and coutry back by the powers of the truth, regained lost hope, and going completely green. terry cook/ to get a 2 page summary of where we are going, how we are getting there, the wonders of cannabis, and the crucial importance of Bernie Sanders becoming our next President for 8 years. Then click on the HOME page. Nothing needs to be invented to go a far more positive direction for the good of all creatures. Terry Cook, ex-Marine, 65-69 2 tours of Vietnam, progressive inventor, United Patriot for Bernie Sanders

Fracking and the keystone pipeline is our modern day MIdway in the war to survive

There appears to be no stopping fracking in this country. I have and will fight against tyranny over the mind of man till I am laid to my rest, so it hurts me very much to make such a defeat-us attitude statement. Thetopcatplan is the answer to convince the majority of Americans that it is time to go a far more positive direction. Google up hemp composite water towers, dastardly used in a letter to the editor, or the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. That will get our plan to stop our downward spiral, end hunger, and living in a modern day dark age. Clean drinking water is the most valuable substance on earth. That is why we must phase out fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Any questions? Top Cat II

Good things do not just magically come about, they are made to happen

The ONLY way to stop our downward spiral, phase out coal & fossil fuel use, get our freedom & liberty back, and end living in a modern day dark age, is thetopcatplan which is the ONLY idea to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states and 7 provinces.  Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services. The Keystone pipeline and fracking must end soon.  Its time to end the nightmare and give our people hope.  Nothing needs to be invented.  200 million DGAs (distributed generation association) members in this country and a billion world wide would throw a spark into the world economy while enjoying limitless possibilities. In the near future, the smart class will be pulling out of poison chemicals and fossil fuel to go green.  We will make it simple, without the greedy guts hoarding in on the process of giving every one the opportunity to become contributors of society, living with love, health, and hope for a bright future. Top Cat II