The importance of earth worms

If I had a packed Winebrenner Auditorium with the highest intelligent professionals of the City of Findlay, Ohio, and I asked for a show of hands of all the people who remember anything about 1942’s Hemp For Victory, or have read any of the following books, The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, The Story of Robert Rodale, The Hydrogen Economy by Jeremy Rifkin, and finally, how many people here grow their own worms? I would venture to say, if we had more than a total for all questions combined, a dozen hands raised, it would surprise me. All these books have very valuable information.  How our body works and the fuel it needs is just one, The late Jack Herer and Edwin Black tell stories of history that was kept from the average citizen for an example, can anybody tell me in one word what the War of 1812 was all about? Hemp is the answer. The hydrogen economy has already began yet very few know it. This situation of being ignorant to so many important facts to know on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long, gives new meaning to the phrase, “the keys for any one or group to progress in a positive direction are education and communication.” Growing worms is the foundation for green food people, so why are we allowing poison to destroy them? Could it be that we are just ignorant to how valuable worms, bees, bats, clean drinking water, soil, and air are for health? Yes is the answer, but not for long. Please Google the only plan to launch the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy. That will get you Go to the category Energy to get the 17 green divisions of 50,000 products made from hemp. This plan is the only idea that will serve to bring ourselves out of living in a modern day dark age for the last 140 years. Any questions, lovers for a better future? Top Cat II

Why would anybody offer a child a cigarette over pot

Response to the Ruth Marcus article, June 28, 2014. I wish to address the head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Nora Volkow. I hope this does not blow your mind, but I think it might. You are in a perfect place at a perfect time for doing the job you do so well for the people who have hired you. I believe you are a highly educated, kind hearted, with the intent to do what is best for the people of this country. Allow me to educate you on the lack of damage and hundreds of benefits that occur while ingesting cannabis. Please Go to Yahoo, type in, Scientific Research and real facts on the cannabinoids in cannabis. View the entire 3 hour video. Read, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by the late Jack Herer.
I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on what I am about to say. Fluoride lowers children’s IQ at least 10 to 100 times more that smoking joints every day for most of the pre eighteen years. Go to if you wish to know the truth. You can begin adult life with a high IQ but, do not exercise your brain every day, that will lower it more than anything. All negative studies are essentially spurious arising from socioeconomic differences rather than any sort of phanacological action. Cannabis use fights off brain failure in later years. That is a proven fact. Why would you, to the children you care so much about, offer a cigarette over harmless herb? I was the last to be with my mom, Coral Cook, on her death bed. Her last words were, “I wish I would have never smoked my first cigarette.” She died a horrible death.

Because the farmers must know

I have offered three times in the last year. A free enlightenment presentation on how uneducated most farmers are today. Is there a farmer, that has read, “The Story of Robert Rodale”, Jeremy Rifkin’s “The Hydrogen Economy, “Internal Combustion by Edwin Black, or “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by the late Jack Herer? How many farmers believe? Using corn for fuel is forever?  Does anyone believe hemp will be legal to grow, resulting in flooding and fertilizer run off at least, be cut in half?
All farmers should pay no more than $1.50 per gal for hemp fuel. Self grown and produced while making payments on the loan to supply the technology and the equipment from me. After equipment is paid for, the cost of hemp fuel will be half that.

If the original and only Brothers Choppers acquires a two billion dollar, four year loan to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in Ohio a year before bringing forth 17 divisions of green products and services in all fifty States and 7 Provinces. In a years time, all Ohio farmers can be self-sufficient. Having energy, clean water, livestock, and food grown and maintained in a green manner.
There is a saying in drag racing and in all businesses. A race team or a company is only as good has its’ best trouble shooter. I have the 3 finest Harley Nitro crew chiefs and a great trouble shooter in the fields of hydrogen, electricity, and in green farm practices.
Our first product to be marketed, is a very efficient vertical wind turbine in many sizes, usually built in a three unit configuration at a cost of $2,000.00 per KW plus installation. Any questions?