Who’s idea was it to exploit these innocent children?

 I doubt anybody else will come forward to address the kids at camp opinions, in Monday’s letters to the editor on, all of them worrying about marijuana becoming legal.  I wish to enlighten everybody (young & old) on some facts about Pot, which is good in every way, and that dastardly act of making pot illegal, was performed by train loads of money in 1937 to keep hemp from ruining the making of paper from trees, the steel, cement, fertilizer, big oil and the poisons that come with all these industries, because hemp is a far better replacement and sodium fluoride which is as poisonous as lead and aluminum.  Please do not use fluoride in your toothpaste or mouth wash, and never get a fluoride treatment for yourself or your children.   Now, back to all these good intended, extremely misinformed children who were exploited because of the using these children’s comments to persuade voters that pot is bad and should never by made legal.  If you wish to know the truth, please Google up, The Scientific Research and Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.  20 years ago, accidentally discovered by our nation’s top medical researchers that all animals were installed with a cannabinoid receptor system from the beginning of time by nature. When you ingest or smoke marijuana it brings 60 cannabinoids, plus THC into your body to work with the receptor system to give your body the ability to fight off all cancer cells, diseases, aids to the healing of broken bones, prevention of Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.   If you wish to know more true facts and not lies, please go to terry cook/ thetopcatplan.com to get to a 2 page summary of where we must go, how we will get there, the wonders of cannabis, and the crucial importance of electing Bernie Sanders (Socialist Democrat) from Vermont, to become our next President for 8 years to bring equal pay and justice for the common man. Pot enhances the function of all organs, including the lungs, brain, adrenal gland, digestive track, and your body’s ability to sleep well.  Love & Peace, Terry Cook ex USMC 

A letter to StoptheDrugWar.org (DRC)

I wish to tell all of your people. You must sleep well knowing you are doing a good job of getting the word out. I sleep very well for many reasons. My latest letter to the President, proclaiming to him, it is the best time in our history to bring back the return of “Hemp for Victory”. It is time to completely cancel out the classification of cannabis from a # 1 controlled substance, changed to be the best food and medicine for feeling and being good physically and mentally. Please have all of your followers review thetopcatplan.com if you wish to ever get one penny from me or my followers for donations to help in your heavenly cause. Does anybody disagree or have any questions? Top Cat II

Letter to Think Progress

I have the only plan with the solution.  I am requesting to be on the show for many reasons.  I need at least 200 million endorsers of my idea and the same number of DGAs, (distributed generation association) members, to sent us in the most positive direction with no limits, to the many poor people going no where, soon will have the opportunity to become contributors of society with the ability to make a good clean living without any use of fossil fuels and poison chemicals.  I am seeking the full endorsement of every person involved with Think Progress.  Please review www.thetopcatplan.com completely.  I have a lot of friends and people that have read all ninety of my letters to the editor in the past 4 years, come up to me to shake my hand and tell me my letters are why they read the Courier, but I know I have blown their minds to the point, they just consider me to be a harmless pot smoker, stuck in the sixties, trying to change the world to hemp and hydrogen.  They are right in most of those assumptions. I have spent my life taking on missions all others deemed too dangerous or impossible because these things that must be accomplished have never been done before.  Nothing needs to be invented and we have all the ingredients. I wish for your people to read and respond.  The Shark Tank Show would not, for good reasons, such as they have sponsors that would not like me, and it would not be hard to make these sharks look foolish in front of the world to see, depending on how they approach me and what I intend to do.  Top Cat II