We’re knee deep in political ignorance and chicanery

In response to Loren Pace’s Thursday Aug 26 letter.  Your view of the current crisis our nation is facing is basically the mind set of most Americans.  You say, “We’re knee deep in political ignorance and chicanery”.  I say we are chin deep in all of that. The U.S. is  dying faster and harder than it has ever done before.  The cronies have ruled for the last 100 years.  They have called the shots to the point of us being sucked dry as a nation.  The rich and poor are farther apart than any previous time in history. That’s the problem, now here’s the cure.  But before I tell you that, I ask, please do not be disheartened, because the times, they are a changing.

We  are on the forefront of two major changes that will serve to gain our confidence back.  The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry.

Yes, our school system gets a big fat F in history.  Please read the book “Internal Combustion” by Edwin Black.  It will enlighten all of you to the point of pulling yourself out of your current lazy, close minded easy way of carrying on with your life.  It teaches you what was not taught in any school. It also tells you where we are going and why is it taking so long to get there. Yes Loren, you nailed that one, with your knee deep statement. But your last statement was quite profound, “God help us, no other influence is due to come to our rescue at this point.”  I have a plan to turn our country to a positive direction and it will happen.  I would be glad to discuss it with anyone who is interested. My plan is the fairest to all states.  It is not only the best plan, but it is the ONLY plan.  We’ll put 10 million people to work in good jobs, going green building to make a better world for the future generations.  Terry Cook

Loren Pace

Mr. Pace has not read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” or “Internal Combustion”.  If he had, he would not be making such stupid statements.

Last month, my old Sunday School Teacher told me, “They’re not going to allow you to do what you are intending to do.”

At least 8,000 U.S. citizens are making at least 124 million dollars a year.  Then you have people making a lot more than that. James H. Miller and Loren Pace says, “What I propose to do, can’t be done.”  “ If it could, it would have already been done by the rich and powerful.”  Guess What!!! The cronies and the rich like it like it is.  Keep all Americans co-dependent instead of self-sufficient.  My future is in organizing and maintaining 200 million DGA’s.   A Distributed Generation Association member has their own drinking water, energy, food and puts out no greenhouse gases.  These people are concerned about the future well being of the generations to come. In the hydrogen economy, it is not the goal to make a few super rich but to have every person able to live life to it’s fullest in a productive manner while being a contributor to society.

Since my last letter on Aug 9, I have received very mixed reviews.  While standing in line at the Wal-Mart, a man approached me to say, “you don’t know me, but I know you, my family and I wish to thank you for your letters, your ideas, visions, and plan for a new direction giving us hope for the future.”  The next day while working, a man I have respected and admired for quite awhile said to me, “Cookie, Loren Pace sure cut you a new one.”  I said, “I know, that’s what I hoped he would do”.  Then my friend stated, “All your letters mean nothing, are a complete waste of paper, nothing is going to change in our lifetime, we are going to use the oil and coal till its gone, we have too much invested to change, and we’ll be putting people out of work.”

I say, “For every one job lost, I’ll have 9 good jobs.”   Terry Cook