Save the Planet

I wish to address 2 of my several responders.  Loren L Pace says in so many words after reading my Mar 31st letter,  “ I don’t know whether to laugh at Terry Cook or to feel sorry for him.”

We have a chance to save the planet with the use of hemp and hydrogen.  Not one word or sentence I have written was intended to be laughed at, and please do not feel sympathy for me, mainly because I consider myself the luckiest and richest man on earth even thou I intend on never making more than $250,000.00 a year.

James H. Miller has written 2 letters concerning my statements.  I acquired a larger than lifetime goal in 1965 that rendered vast amounts of knowledge from my many creative acquaintances along with documented facts I mention coming from books and magazines.  Mr. Miller believes there is no such thing as an all electric locomotive or a jet plane fueled by hydrogen.  He wonders where I will get the electricity to make hydrogen.  The answer is blowing in the wind and from the power of the sun.  A lot of your statements are true but some are not.  You profoundly state that gasoline and diesel are marvelous fuels.  Marvelous to the oil industry, yes, to the world, no.  You also proclaim, a gallon of ethanol has the same energy content regardless of where it comes from, whether it be from corn, cane, or hemp.  That statement is untrue. 100% cane or hemp fuel will run any engine quite well. Corn fuel requires to be mixed with gasoline or oil.

We have the chance to open up a new world of opportunity for everyone not just a few.  The hemp and hydrogen economies will serve us in several ways.  Reverse global warming, stop our nation’s downward spiral while bringing the wealthy and the poor closer.   Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio