It is really cool to have an air plane that is totally powered by the sun

Back in the fifty’s, when Arnold Palmer would be on T.V., going from hole to hole on a L & M cigarette commercial, with a song going, “They said it couldn’t be done, they said nobody could do it.” That has been my theme song since then, to now. Flying with solar being the exclusive power source fits right in that song. Now days we have other magical feats coming about, that will serve to make the next five years more productive in inventions than in the last 100. is launching the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy in fifty states. This will put 20 million to work in $25 an hour minimum wage green jobs in 17 divisions of products and services to be able to phase out fossil fuel, poison chemicals, and living in a modern day dark age. Those too are things that people say can not be done. Once you accomplish a mission deemed too dangerous, complicated, and has never been done before and you do it. The thrill of accomplishment becomes very additive. In the next 2 years we will have hundreds of patented ideas and design for a better world. 3 examples. Our aerodynamic stylish design of a trailer body able to absorb solar energy plus enhancing less drag to the point, pulling our trailer will get you faster and farther down the road if the driving vehicle is an environmental electric car using hydrogen. 2nd example, is using no more energy to have on demand, hot water, than the use of a lap top computer, 3rd is our design vertical wind turbine able to handle 150 mph winds while spinning no faster than under 45 mph winds putting out 30 times more electric energy than any propeller design wind mill. Top Cat II

Its time for major changes, for the good of all creatures

Hemp char-coal is the answer my friends. I get so many people belly aching over the thought that some day soon, fossil coal will be outlawed to burn. There is no such thing as clean coal or clean natural gas. We have trashed this earth enough already. I will go face to face with the biggest bunch of cronies or the highest paid climatic scientist that believes 600 ppm CO2s in our air is OK in a debate for the world to see on what we must do, how we will do it, and why has it taken so long. We need to get back to 350 ppm CO2s in the air. I have the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states including Wyoming. Thetopcatplan will bring 20 million good green jobs. For ever job lost in fossil fuel, we will have 9 to take their place. Any questions from any body possessing common sense? Top Cat II

kill fracking before it kills us

When I get the funding for the I will have hemp char-coalizing stations every ten miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning electrical power plants, along with hemp locomotive fuel with hydrogen to make for the most powerful and truly clean green fuel at $3.00 a gal for the next ten years. 25Jan. 2014 Saturday Courier bottom of the front page had Josh Funk of the Associated Press was so stupid to refer to natural gas has being a clean fuel. The exhaust of natural gas fueling an internal combustion engine puts out 20 times more green house gases. It is a dirty rotten trash fuel that threatens the drinking water of all states allowing fracking. But because they say, “It’s safe”, we must go on as the world’s biggest dummies to allow this earth destroying practice to happen because of a few temporary jobs. Hemp and hydrogen will serve to replace all fossil fuel use within 5 years, only if the launches the hemp industry and the hydrogen economy. If the plan never materializes, our future is doomed to a downward spiral that will remain going down. I believe it will come about because most people now know that the rulers played us as fools for too long. Hemp will be legal to grow in all fifty states and within 10 months, investors will be pulling out of fossil fuel to go green. When that occurs, the original and only Brother Choppers will become the best and surest investment because of many reasons. The fact that nobody makes more than $250,000.00 a year off of us except the farmers selling us their hemp for 50,000 products to be made, at least 20 million good green jobs, and hemp & hydrogen are our only hope for the future of mankind.                                                                                                      Pete Carroll is the first NFL coach that has gone public with his opinion that football payers should be able to smoke or eat marijuana and hash.  I predict all coaches will follow suit within 1 year.                                                  Hemp is now, legal to grow in Ohio. Where’s the seeds, AG dept? Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Yes, we must frack the whole country to feed the filthy rich

I am assuming David Ignatius, Art. On View Point page of The Courier, Jan. 23, 2014,  has stock in the fossil fuel industry. The way he glorifies the remarkable new shale oil and gas discovers.  While we are at it, why don’t we frack this whole country in the name of prosperity for the 1% that owns more than 50%.  Yes, trash this country and all other countries because we have no choice but to use fossil fuel till its gone. Hey, if we send our future generations down the polluted river with plastic and fossil oil, sorry about their luck.  At least the 1% did it their way.  Making hemp illegal has to be the stupidest thing we ever allowed to happen, with using corn to make fuel coming in a close second.  It takes a gal of oil to make a gal of ethanol.  When you use natural gas as a motor vehicle fuel, that vehicle puts out 20 times more green house gases.                                                                        As soon as the gets its funding, the first two things I will do, is build a hemp composite water tower on the High School property to catch all rain water and sending none to the river. Then I will convert all school property vehicles including buses to run on self-made by the power of the wind and sun hydrogen.  Any questions?  Terry Cook

We are not going to be fools forever

The ethanol disaster is not commonly know in this country. 15 million more acres of corn planted in 2012 with the fertilizer it takes has created large dead zones in the rivers, lakes, and oceans. An acre of corn produces 400 gals of a fuel that must be mixed with fossil oil to burn. Plus they are using natural gas to manufacture this trash fuel, which they planned on converting to coal after the price of natural gas goes up because of the many law suits for trashed well water and increased cases of cancer from fracking.

If they would have planted hemp that renders 1,450 gals of green fuel instead of corn, thousands of fishermen would still have a job and we would be eating healthier fish.
After hemp is legal again, we will be able to phase out fossil fuel use to the tune of a 20% reduction for the next five years. Fossil fuel use and pulling box shaped Flintstone era trailers are going to be past history subjects.
I can’t believe I seen in the Courier where a grain company is converting to natural gas to fuel their trucks. That will prove to be a foolish move. Good for the truck garages that have to rebuild the engines far more frequently. Good for the people selling you the un-green fuel. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Who ever called the shots on that change to disaster wasn’t using their head or simply was taking in by what was told to them by the three trillion dollar energy empire that has managed to acquire over 500 billion tax payers dollars to go find it and keep the cost down. Yes, we can take great comfort in knowing we are not the only country to be taken in and ruled resulting in a trashed earth.

In the near future, smart people will be using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make hydrogen for heat, generate electricity, and fuel all internal combustion engines or enhance hemp fuel.  The plan to supply the technology and equipment to all is in the category ENERGY at






We are going green because it is time

Most climate experts have concluded, it is no longer a matter of if, but when. We will have two hundred miles of shore taken by the ocean because of the time it took us to take measures that will send us where we should have gone when Abe Lincoln was a young man. The fuel cell technology was invented and offered to the world, but we said no, because we have oil. That was the beginning of our modern day dark age. Most believe it is completely impossible to change to a better direction. A lot of people don’t get it. It is not a matter of what we would like to see happen, but a fact that we must make a drastic change in many lifestyles or go down as the most pitiful bunch of humans in history. Stop buying livestock products that are not raised in a green manner while coming to market shock full of GMOs. Do not purchase any food without a tag saying pesticide and GMO free. It is time to outlaw the Keystone XL Pipeline, Natural Gas fracking, plastic, along with all items made from fossil fuel. When land is cleared of trees for what ever reason. Plant hemp, for many good reasons. Hemp makes far better products. Out produces paper products 4.1 times without producing poison. Is more sufficient in absorbing CO2s while making the soil better.
The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry are going to be trillion dollar empires that will not be controlled by the rulers. That is the main reason it took so long to get to where we must go. Please review Go to the category Energy. It has the seventeen divisions that will serve to launch us to a greener future than most ever dreamed of. We will supply the equipment and technology to become self sufficient thus enhancing the economy of hundreds of millions and creating green jobs in all fifty states. Nothing needs to be invented to make this new beginning.  Terry Cook Findlay, Ohio

Leave the oil and coal in the ground

Time is not on our side. Very few people know, that fossil fuel is not our future. Using 6% of our 9 million acres of farm land is the answer to supplying ever train, plane, bus, truck, car, motorcycle, and every electrical power plant with a green fuel made from hemp with enhanced efficiency coming from the hydrogen technology, while stopping our downward spiral, and fending off the total collapse of the dollar. Here are some of the changes to come in the near future: (1) Leave the coal, oil, and natural gas in the ground. We don’t need it anymore for anything. (2) Outlaw future deforestation for the commercial use for all paper products and building materials. (3) Outlaw natural gas exploration completely. (4) Stop growing tobacco and cotton.
Hemp and hydrogen is going to save our planet from complete ruin, but what a lot of citizens don’t know, that if we were to enact those 4 changes this year it would take at least 25 years before reversing global warming has a chance to come. Every year, for at least the next 25 years, our weather patterns will worsen as time goes on. The #1 most valuable substance on earth is drinking water. Injections of high pressure poisons into the earth for natural gas, is a perfect way, to poop in our soup.
All Marathon employees can stay at the same desk, doing the same job. Your company has a chance to go from 250th in the world of fossil oil, to # 1 in hemp oil and fuel production. Nothing needs to be invented. We just need to open our minds, after all, we are a compassionate society, aren’t we? Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

Near To The Turning Point

We are currently in a crucial turning point, so close to being at the point of no return, which must be immediately addressed. The reason we are in this situation is because of four of the most cruel and despotic tyrants, that waged a war on the farmers and all future generations. William Randolph Hearst, Pierre DuPont, Harry Anslinger, and the Andrew Mellon Bank of PA. They bought the federal law against the most important plants on earth, Hemp and Marijuana. They are responsible for 80% of the toxic pollution currently in our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans and the removal of 80% of our forests. If hemp would not have been made illegal, that pollution would have never been produced, our depleted forestry would never have been, and we would not be facing climate change and the ruin of our earth. In the name of profit for a few, has brought destruction of the world unless we act now. Use the coal that is setting above ground and leave the rest in the ground. Use the oil that is being stored in the above ground containers and leave the rest. We must close these chapters.
President Obama is strongly backing natural gas as a clean energy source. The EPA have given drillers two more years to employ technology to reduce emissions of smog-and soot forming pollutants. Guest what people!? NATURAL GAS IS NOT CLEAN ENERGY!!! Is the EPA stupid as well, or are they being paid off? What other reason could there be? I think we need a congressional investigation. I will go head to head with anybody in a national debate any time, any where, on what is clean energy, and what’s not.
For about $500.00, anybody, can go online to purchase a hydrogen generator to use in the garage, in a truck, or car to increase fuel mileage 20 to 50% or more while making the exhaust gases 90% cleaner. Terry Cook Findlay, Ohio