Now we have a plan, there’s no excuse

When you live in a modern day dark age, filled with pharmaceuticals being used that kill every 19 seconds, suicide, and abortion at record breaking highs, you ask yourself, are we a doomed society with no hope?  The answer is yes to most peoples’ belief, but the answer is really no for many reasons.  The power of the sun, wind, downspout water, education, communication, and the truth are the ingredients that must be there to progress in a positive direction.  Without those important commodities, we remain in our current dark-age.  Here is a fact that must no longer go conveniently ignored. Without thetopcatplan, there is no progress in the way of life we should have went a long time ago.  With thetopcatplan, we launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states with no limits to the growth and repair of a nation and world climbing to a far better destiny.  An ounce of prevention is a ton’s worth of the cure to preventing our health care system and super fund from going bankrupt.  We are applying for 102 billion dollars, two billion for each state and two billion for the 7 provinces combined, to save our country in our current war to survive.  500 million dollars for each state, will go for making hydrogen, hemp fuel, and green electrical power.  The remaining billion and a half can make 50,000 new green products.  The best part of this idea is, to be able to phase out fossil fuel and poison chemicals.  When any person smokes their first cigarette, they know they must give up that habit some day or it will take them to the grave.  Even the people believing there is no hope for change in our life time, know we must quit the habit of carrying on, like we have.  The problem is, with no plan, comes no change or hope. The solution to conquering tyranny over the mind of man is here and there is no excuse to give your children and the grandchildren, why they have a trashed world with no hope. Any questions people?  Top Cat II