Our population growth is coming to a halt. Does anybody wonder why?

Who wants to bring children into this world on purpose?  Living in a modern day dark age for so long has brought the mind set to be, we live with no hope for a good future.  We have allowed our earth, air, and water to be at least 50% trashed.  We have been brain washed to believe we must use fossil fuel and poison chemicals. That is a lie and a fraud. Fluoride is the biggest scientific fraud ever.   Goggle up hemp composite water towers,  or the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, will get you thetopcatplan and the hope it brings, and then people will say, our future is looking real good.  Without a plan, nothing will change, change is what a lot of people fear.  Fear is lack of knowledge.  That is what has kept the cronies rule going.  We will use the power of the sun, wind, downspout water, and power of the truth to get our freedom, liberty, and justice back.  Any questions?  Top Cat II