A response to anybody who believe we can not fix what we have allowed to happen

OH my God, I know you better than anybody here. You are right on until you attack what I have researched for 50 years Grove man. We have a 60% trashed planet!!! that’s a fact. Why is it that?? It took train loads of money and threatening to kill, to bring on the world’s most dastardly act. 1937 cannabis was outlawed to make way to what was killing us back then, and is killing us today. 80% of the pollution in all our rivers, lakes, oceans would not be there if hemp would have been used instead of fossil oil, the poisons that come with it, coal, and cutting down trees for paper. So we have allowed this to happen. It is up to us to righten the unrightable wrong. You have challenged the idea, that even if we phase out fossil oil, natural gas, and coal, it would not lower the temp by reducing the amount of CO2’s in our air and in our oceans. Mankind going green is not just a dream, nor an option, it is a necessity!!!! Nothing needs to be invented. I have had over 4 decades of people telling me I am full of hot air and they will never allow us to launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in every state. Now days I have a lot of people telling me, go for it, we are with you, we can do this!!!!! I am an ex-Marine, trained by the best, served with the best. 1968 was the year my personal War against tyranny over the mind of man. began. Over 45 years of seeing my brother and sisters doing 14 million years of prison for using a harmless and good plant for the gains of the trashers of this earth. The time has come to end this misjustice. the original and only plan, terry cook/thetopcatplan.com vetsforbernie.org

This is our heavenly mission, vote, become a patriot, and a DGA

I am applying to be the key speaker at the May 23rd March Against Monsanto, mainly because we are marching for several reasons, one is to die a natural way, not poisoned to death, stop the trashing of this planet, and here is the key to stopping the production of what is killing us. Dixon from making paper from trees, fluoride from aluminum, and all products made from fossil oil, are the three sources coming from this nation’s most dastardly act. When a group of, the most evil of evil doers ganged up, spent a train load of money to make cannabis against the law, that opened the flood gates from hell on earth. Misery and tyranny over the mind of man has reigned for too long. We are going to elect, on the Democratic Ticket, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for our next President for 8 years. We will have a new beginning, direction, and opportunities not ever giving the potential contributors to society. It is the responsibility for 200 million Patriots of freedom and liberty to get the signatures to put Bernie on the ballot, vote to put him in the Oval Office, and to become DGA’s (distributed generation association) members to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all states and 7 provinces. When you are no longer buying the products coming from the rulers, the trend will change, in very many positive ways, by taking Monsanto down by eliminating the source of the poison that is killing us is the most important.  Using hemp istead of fossil oil is for the good of all, including the common man that has been living in a modern day dark age for 140 years. Top Cat II

Sen Bernie Sanders is our way to prevent the destruction of our planet

There is a simple rule in life. “You always get what you give, in life, and in love.” If we love this country and your brothers & sisters, you must know it is time to give in the effort to win this War to Survive. Two ways, vote for Bernie and go green. By becoming a DGA (distributed generation association) member, and by giving in those manners. will bring forth a new nation, brought back to the givings of our founding father’s wisdom of what this country should and will be. T.C.

Terry Cook with, The Self Sufficient Revolution starts here, and goes where no man has ever went before. Why? That is a story in it’s self, not important, that will be history. Now and the future, is changing faster than ever, because of the War to Survive. Our backs are up against the wall people. We fight, or we die…

Fracking and the Keystone Pipeline and the people who voted for it, are our second Midway. Make all three, history topics, then the turning point of this War will be history. If, we lose these three missions, we DIE… At least I will, when I have to answer the question asked by my great grandchildren. “Grandma & Grandpa, why did you allow this to happen, didn’t you love us, you knew we were coming?” The answer is, because we were misinformed yea, that’s it. No, is was because we were stupid and gutless. Well, we are no longer ignorant, we know the difference between right and wrong, but the big question is, are we gutless? OK, I can understand being afraid to take on the cronies. That is exactly what we are doing folks, make no bones about it. We have no choice, we can not say, “we tried, but we just couldn’t do it, because we are so meek and powerless.”

We need 200 million strong and forthright citizens to make Bernie Sanders our next President to lead us into a far more positive direction with the only idea that has been 45 years in the making, thetopcatplan.com to launch the hemp industry making 50,000 products, the hydrogen, and self-sufficient economy in all fifty states. Now we have NO excuse to NOT, take our Freedom, Liberty, and Country back.

Master Kevin Cullen’s quote for the day ” Your best bet at success isn’t setting a goal, it is instead creating a star in your heart that powers your feet in the direction of the goal.”

  • Terry Cook I have another quote for today. “We must build a star that shows the light of where we must go and how we will get there. That Star has been snuffed out with people being killed that came up with ideas to end our living in a modern day dark age. Good news folks. The Star is coming back, brighter and stronger to give us the power to go a far more positive direction for the good of all God’s creatures.” Top Cat II

Issue 3 is a must for the recline of ice melting at the poles

This is in response to Bonnie Steffensen, Findlay, Ohio, in the Oct 7th edition of thecourier.com, page 4 viewpoint page.  All of your points are good and true. Here are a few that you did not have space for.  Why do we vote no for issue 3?  Why do we have a drug screen testing on anybody especially opiate addition?  Lack of education of the truth is the answer. Why do we vote yes for Issue 3?  Cease to pay 85 grand to keep a prisoner for a year,  enjoy tax refund checks, the farmers are once again free to grow a plant that easlily does more good, than all others combined, for soil health, flood control, quality of crops, while making several times more in profit for many reasons, such as a higher quality of product at a better price without trashing this planet when all farmers go GREEN.  When you have the ability to harness the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make your own green hydrogen, and make your own hemp seed diesel fuel or hemp stock gasoline, your own electricity, no longer need what rich and powereful have for sale, You have regained your freedon, liberty, and country back.                                                                 The ACLU, in Columbus, Ohio has fully endorsed Issue 3 to legalize marijuana, medical, and just to feel good physically, mentally,  sleep very well, and not fill compelled to be a drunk, pill head, or junkie.

One more fact, by launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, self-sufficient industry, and voting YES for Issue 3, give us the ability to have a recline in the ice melt at the poles, also the voting booths are open to vote to day at the Board of elections, rear of Bank building on East Lincoln St.     terry cook/ thetopcatplan.com

Oil stocks are taking a major down turn, do you want to know why?

Nov 27, 2013, I proclaimed in my letters to the editor in thecourier.com that investors will begin to pull out of fossil fuel within 1 year. I had one of my most valuable critics responding about my comment with, entitled, “He’s got Cook on the clock” article. How was it possible to be so right, about what so many believed could never happen?  Thetopcatplan.com explains in detail why we must go a far more positive direction. One we should have went along time ago.  Nearly 140 years ago, hemp lamp fuel began to be replaced with kerosene and the fuel cell technology was discovered and rejected by the world with fossil oil being the total answer for energy. That saying no, did not just magically happen. It was made to come about by our present day rulers. Their time in history is coming to a close for many reasons.
Education and communication are the 2 keys that must be in place for any individual or group to progress in a positive direction. Those very important elements were compromised greatly by altering all history books and in any other way possible.  We have grown out of that time in history. Most people now know, we can not continue trashing this earth in the name of prosperity for the ruling cronies.
Here is the factual truth to all of this folks. We don’t need 1 more drop of fossil oil, poison chemicals. pound of uranium, or bucket of dirty rotten coal. I have sent a message to our President yesterday, with this information with my recommendation for his office to declare a return to 1942’s “Hemp for Victory” that came about because of President Roosevelt.  It did not need the voters, Senate, or Congress to do this.  It was the only way to have a chance to win a world war.  Now, this is our only way to win our biggest and most important war. I am talking about the WAR to Survive what we have done and continue to do to in the effort of complete destruction of the earth we live on. I am after running those poison commodities out of business with the launching of the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy. Any questions? Top Cat II

A letter of sponsorship to Godaddy.com

Attn: Barb Rechterman, Chief Marketing Officer and all employees of GoDaddy.   Please review www.thetopcatplan.com   This website is only a couple years old. AOL states the worth of thetopcatplan is $1,300.00. I am approaching your company on several subjects. (1) Take thetopcatplan.com to the next level. (2) Sponsorship for two very good looking, skilled, and experienced ladies that wish to become the first two women in the world to run 200 mph in the quarter mile on a fuel injected, high gear Pro-Fuel Harley. I have the finest 3 nitro Harley crew chiefs and the most stylish and aerodynamic fuel bikes with my original design. (3) Build Danica Patrick and Barb Rechterman their completely custom, easy to handle, immediately recognized as one of those, having options all other builders have not ever dreamed of choppers. We only build for ladies. We are offering you a service that a man can not have. (4) Be the main sponsor of our reality show entitled, “The Adventures of Top Cat II and his sidekick Roscoe the cattle dog. The show will have more substance that all others combined. All ladies that have us built their scooter, have the option of what drag strips get made to be safe for motorcycles in their and or their company’s name, the option to go on Dancing with the Stars with me as their partner, and also after being schooled, make a 1/8 mile pass on one of our 9 inch wide tire fuel bikes resulting on you running where the brave dare not go.

 Education & communication are the basic key elements that makes it possible to progress in a positive direction. That is what your company is all about. Go to You-Tube Matt 45895 to get my two songs. They will be replaced with better quality videos soon.
 You can have the best idea in the world, but sometimes it is just a matter of timing. Success comes from team work with all team members compensated well in a business that uses everybody’s creative ideas. Send one or a group of your people to our place to show you the many designs and ideas and converse on how we can make this a better world. 
For 21 months I was the Marine Corp’s top troubleshooter for all heavy equipment and forklifts in Vietnam in my 2 year tour, from 66 to 68.  Top Cat II

The World Bank reports economic growth will come with green practices

Within 5 years, this country could be completely off of fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Google, the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. That will get you thetopcatplan.com Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of products and services that are green in every way in every state and province. Without thetopcatplan, we are toast, doomed, and lost cause, in stopping our current downward spiral. ending living in a modern day dark age, and destroying the earth we live on. 80% of the pollution laying at the bottom and floating around in our creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there if cannabis would have never been made illegal in 1937. That paid by the cronies, dastardly act paved the way for evil and greed to rule more efficiently, till now. I don’t have the means to take on fracking, fossil fuel, and poison chemicals in court or by making laws prohibiting their use. Nothing needs to be invented to go a far more positive direction, one we should have gone when fuel cell technology was discovered on the other side of the world, in President Lincoln’s days. What we do have is a plan to become a leader in this world in many good things that will make for a better place to exist. I am ready to debate on what we must do, how we will do it, and why has it taken so long with any one or group in front of the whole world. Nobody has the balls. In the last 100 letters to the editor in thecourier.com I had several people challenge me in what I have said, only for them to look foolish in front of their relatives and friends. I write on the opinion page, but very little is opinion, but facts, that a lot of people were not aware of because of the controlled media, altered history books, and large amounts of money. There is an old saying, “you can have the best idea in the world, but sometimes it is a matter of timing,” in this case, the chance of great opportunities for all. The wealthy are not going to be making more in the years to come because they will be competing against good people who have different priorities in life, getting filthy rich is not one. Making a better world for the future is just one. Top Cat II

Fracking and the keystone pipeline is our modern day MIdway in the war to survive

There appears to be no stopping fracking in this country. I have and will fight against tyranny over the mind of man till I am laid to my rest, so it hurts me very much to make such a defeat-us attitude statement. Thetopcatplan is the answer to convince the majority of Americans that it is time to go a far more positive direction. Google up hemp composite water towers, dastardly used in a letter to the editor, or the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. That will get our plan to stop our downward spiral, end hunger, and living in a modern day dark age. Clean drinking water is the most valuable substance on earth. That is why we must phase out fossil fuel and poison chemicals. Any questions? Top Cat II

Now we have a plan, there’s no excuse

When you live in a modern day dark age, filled with pharmaceuticals being used that kill every 19 seconds, suicide, and abortion at record breaking highs, you ask yourself, are we a doomed society with no hope?  The answer is yes to most peoples’ belief, but the answer is really no for many reasons.  The power of the sun, wind, downspout water, education, communication, and the truth are the ingredients that must be there to progress in a positive direction.  Without those important commodities, we remain in our current dark-age.  Here is a fact that must no longer go conveniently ignored. Without thetopcatplan, there is no progress in the way of life we should have went a long time ago.  With thetopcatplan, we launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states with no limits to the growth and repair of a nation and world climbing to a far better destiny.  An ounce of prevention is a ton’s worth of the cure to preventing our health care system and super fund from going bankrupt.  We are applying for 102 billion dollars, two billion for each state and two billion for the 7 provinces combined, to save our country in our current war to survive.  500 million dollars for each state, will go for making hydrogen, hemp fuel, and green electrical power.  The remaining billion and a half can make 50,000 new green products.  The best part of this idea is, to be able to phase out fossil fuel and poison chemicals.  When any person smokes their first cigarette, they know they must give up that habit some day or it will take them to the grave.  Even the people believing there is no hope for change in our life time, know we must quit the habit of carrying on, like we have.  The problem is, with no plan, comes no change or hope. The solution to conquering tyranny over the mind of man is here and there is no excuse to give your children and the grandchildren, why they have a trashed world with no hope. Any questions people?  Top Cat II

Letter to Think Progress

I have the only plan with the solution.  I am requesting to be on the show for many reasons.  I need at least 200 million endorsers of my idea and the same number of DGAs, (distributed generation association) members, to sent us in the most positive direction with no limits, to the many poor people going no where, soon will have the opportunity to become contributors of society with the ability to make a good clean living without any use of fossil fuels and poison chemicals.  I am seeking the full endorsement of every person involved with Think Progress.  Please review www.thetopcatplan.com completely.  I have a lot of friends and people that have read all ninety of my letters to the editor in the past 4 years, come up to me to shake my hand and tell me my letters are why they read the Courier, but I know I have blown their minds to the point, they just consider me to be a harmless pot smoker, stuck in the sixties, trying to change the world to hemp and hydrogen.  They are right in most of those assumptions. I have spent my life taking on missions all others deemed too dangerous or impossible because these things that must be accomplished have never been done before.  Nothing needs to be invented and we have all the ingredients. I wish for your people to read and respond.  The Shark Tank Show would not, for good reasons, such as they have sponsors that would not like me, and it would not be hard to make these sharks look foolish in front of the world to see, depending on how they approach me and what I intend to do.  Top Cat II