A respondent with respect for my hard work

Thanks Derrick for such a cool comment.  I really like running across other experts on the subject of where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long.  My labor of love is seeking out the truth from righteous progressives in their own right.  I am talking about Jack Herer, Edwin Black, Robert Rodale, Jeremy Rifken, and my fellow troubleshooters I have acquired in the fields of science that makes it possible for me to say, within 5 years the hemp industry, hydrogen, and self-sufficient economy will be in full swing, surpassing most people’s expectations of getting our freedom, liberty, and country back from the cronies that have maintained tyranny over the mind of man, for far too long brother.  As experts, we are a happy group, knowing the future looks good, if we make it happen.  The time is so right, to do so many positive things, to address so much.  Using our greatest assets (hydrogen & cannabis) to the fullest extent of today’s technology is the foundation of the U.S. to become #1 in something Good.  We will serve as examples for the world to know, where we should have went a long time ago. Top Cat II

What is a progressive society?

To:   A GOOD QUESTION TO ASK would be.  Isn’t it time we bring on the progressive society? Their answer will be, “what’s that?” Please allow me to explain. When thetopcatplan.com gets going strong to accomplish the very important mission of launching the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy in all fifty states we will begin to see the greatness of the hydrogen economy. We will put millions to work in good green jobs with a min. wage of $25 an hour in 17 divisions of hemp composite products and services. One of those services is, to manufacture and install the greatest technology equipment for the DGAs (distributed generation association) members, for the fight in our War to Survive. One of the beautiful benefits in doing these positive things, is to see our cut throat crony ruled dark age come to an end, leaving us with restored freedom, liberty, and opportunity for all living in the progressive society. The pure beauty of that is our priorities and goals have evolved, into building for the future well being. That means phasing out all fossil fuel and poison chemicals within 5 years. Top Cat II

Now is the time to make positive things happen

Here are the facts folks. The world struggle for money is actually a struggle for energy, as it is through energy that we may produce food, shelter, transportation, and entertainment. It is this struggle which often erupts into open war. If we remove the cause, these conflicts may never occur.
When the federal laws against hemp are reversed. New, non-polluting industries will spring up every where. The world economy will boom like never before, so if we do not enact the “Top Cat” plan in all fifty states, the rest of the world will leave us in their dust. Then the race of man would at last be betting on environmental survival instead of indulging in the lemming-like (suicidal) consumption of fossil fuel, which threatens all life on the planet. So what’s the catch? It is obvious: The energy companies! They own most of the petro-chemical , pharmaceutical, liquor, and tobacco companies, and are intertwined with insurance companies and banks. Please review www.thetopcatplan.com. It is not only the best and fairest to all fifty states, but it is the only plan. Without enacting this idea, we have very few, if any options to take on our many problems that threaten our future generation’s ability to change to a positive direction.
Over a year ago, I enjoyed many positive responses over my shared thoughts in the Courier. One suggested renaming Hancock County Cook County. People have called me a “Progressive”. We could have dug at least half the needed reservoirs to combat flooding with the many millions we spent on study. Ohio is the most un-green state and will probably stay that way unless we can some how convince the many businesses to start using today’s technology to use the power of the sun and wind along with the rain water we have in reservoirs for our energy to produce and transport thousands of products. Terry Cook, Findlay, O