It is really cool to have an air plane that is totally powered by the sun

Back in the fifty’s, when Arnold Palmer would be on T.V., going from hole to hole on a L & M cigarette commercial, with a song going, “They said it couldn’t be done, they said nobody could do it.” That has been my theme song since then, to now. Flying with solar being the exclusive power source fits right in that song. Now days we have other magical feats coming about, that will serve to make the next five years more productive in inventions than in the last 100. is launching the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy in fifty states. This will put 20 million to work in $25 an hour minimum wage green jobs in 17 divisions of products and services to be able to phase out fossil fuel, poison chemicals, and living in a modern day dark age. Those too are things that people say can not be done. Once you accomplish a mission deemed too dangerous, complicated, and has never been done before and you do it. The thrill of accomplishment becomes very additive. In the next 2 years we will have hundreds of patented ideas and design for a better world. 3 examples. Our aerodynamic stylish design of a trailer body able to absorb solar energy plus enhancing less drag to the point, pulling our trailer will get you faster and farther down the road if the driving vehicle is an environmental electric car using hydrogen. 2nd example, is using no more energy to have on demand, hot water, than the use of a lap top computer, 3rd is our design vertical wind turbine able to handle 150 mph winds while spinning no faster than under 45 mph winds putting out 30 times more electric energy than any propeller design wind mill. Top Cat II

Response to Ralph Mullinger. May 12 thecourier,com

In response to Ralph Mullinger. Personally, I don’t really care about global warming, climate change, or the National Climate Assessment. I have the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in all states. Mr. Mullinger states it is cheaper to stay with fossil fuel. I say, “not in the long run.” Making hemp illegal in 1937 took hemp fuel and products out of the picture. Hemp will again be legal within a year in every state. When that happens, hemp fuel and oil with be at least 1/3 cheaper in price that fossil gasoline or diesel fuel. 6% of the land is all it will take, along with the ability for anybody to use the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make hydrogen. Within 5 years of buying the equipment and technology to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member, all of the items used in being a DGA will be paid for.
We can’t go on trashing this earth in the name of prosperity for the rich. Never has so much money in the history of the world gone and continue to go from the productive class to the obstructive class.
All poor, middle, and upper middle class people have purpose in life. The filthy rich are not included. Our purpose is to suck up, drink, and eat as much toxic industrial waste products coming from the use of poison chemicals, making paper from trees, and fossil oil. Such as fluoride, dioxin, and agent orange to name a few. The rulers would rather feed it to the livestock and humans than to pay for storage. The most valuable substance on earth is clean drinking water, so why are we fracking this country to pieces in the name of dirty rotten natural gas?
Our current way of doing things are making the rich richer and the poor poorer. We are on the brink of a total financial collapse, thetopcatplan has the ability to bring the haves and have-nots closer, while making more than enough jobs to replace all fossil fuel jobs with green. Top Cat II

Fracking is one of the best ways to trash the air, water, and soil

In response to Mark Cares’ article at the bottom of the page in Mar 14, 2014, The Courier, Findlay, Ohio entitled, Fracking critics are preventing job opportunities.   He is an oil field worker that thinks he knows everything about the safety of our air, water, and soil.  In fact, all he knows is what he has been told.  I grew up in Cygnet, Ohio.  The air smelled like oil and the drinking from our well tasted like oil.                                                                         Go to the web site, Here is some of the FACTS. 72 trillion gallons of water and 360 billion gals of poison chemicals is needed to run our current wells.  There is over 1,000 documented cases of water contaminated next to areas of gas drilling as well as many cases of sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage due to contaminated water.  30-50% of fracturing fluid is left in open pits to evaporate releasing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere creating contaminated air, acid rain, and ground level ozone.  The cronies were tired of paying for storage of the poison bi-products accumulated such as lead, mercury, radium, methanol, hydro-chloride acid, and formaldehyde, so what better way to make those poison chemicals disappear?          Hemp will be legal to grow within a year in every state and province.

In response to David C. Breidenbach, letter counterpointing Mark Cares, March 15. Loosing coal is no reason to frack.  Hemp char-coal is the total replacement.  You say it CAN be abusive, become deadly, and can be done safely if carefully regulated.  It is the king of abusive and deadly.  All that, to bring some dead end jobs and a pile of money to the 1% that has a history of pulling vast amounts out of the land owners payments to buy basketball teams and stone mansions.  It CAN NOT be done safely, no how, no way.  David, you brought up some important facts and we appreciated them.

We don’t care about the words, climate change or global warming

Hey, lets just forget the phrase global warming or climate change ever existed. It does not matter. Thanks to the cronies, we have a 70% trashed earth, air, water, and soil. So in the name, of jobs and the need for dirty rotten natural gas energy, we must frack the whole world or just 90% of this country. WRONG!!! We must kill fracking before it kills us, but first it will poison the well water, and then we will ask ourselves, why did we allow this to happen? The answer to that and why we have lived in a modern day dark age for 140 years is the same. Currently we are in a record breaking downward spiral, while the 1% own 50% and 95% of corporate profit goes to 1%, the farmers and the common people are so easy and so screwed. Still, in Ohio, a farmer is not allowed to grow hemp to help bring the soil back to good health, able to absorb rain water several times better, reduce the need for poison chemicals, make their own hydrogen or hemp fuel by using the power of the wind, sun, and downspout water, and make at least $3,000.00 AN ACRE to make 50,000 products in a green manner, put at least 20 million people to work, and enhance the economy of several hundred million citizens. is the only idea to address all our problems while taking the ruler’s power down. Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products & services in fifty states. One of those is supply the equipment and technology to anybody who wish to become a DGA (distributed generation association) member. They are contributors of society in the highest degree, self-sufficient, and put out no green house gases. Any questions? Top Cat II