Socialist is a poison word in the brain cells of most Americans

 There is a poison word called socialist, but there are 3 words that over ride that one misunderstood, misconscrewed, misinformed, brainwashing lie. Truth, Hope, and Green. The Man walks with the TRUTH, He brings hope to the hearts of those who have lost it, and we are going GREEN folks, in every way. The opportunites we have now are tremendous. 4 years ago, it would have been impossible to do what we are doing today. I am asking all, who believe it is time to phase out what is killing us, to pounce on opportunties when they come your way. Electing Bernie is an absolute neccessity, to end 5 million children going to bed hungry, trashing our planet to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. How long can this productive class stand to be ruled by the obstructive class???? In 1970 I went searching for a fuel that causes no pollution. A long the way of discovering hemp fuel and green hydrogen, I also found why we have the deepest downward spiral, why an American dies from a legal pill every 19 seconds, why we have a DRUG WAR, and why we have lived in a modern day dark age for 140 years?????????? So, knowing what was not taught in High School and kept a secret from the common man, I started to gather up green inventions, putting them up on the shelve to bring down when the time is right. Here are the most crucial actions that must be taken. Put Bernie in the Oval Office, launch the hemp industry, hydrogen, and seld-sufficient economy in fifty states, 10 provinces, and 4 territories. terry cook/ Ex-Marine, progressive inventor, United Patrot, Any questions??????

University of Findlay’s lecture by Professor Matt Solick

The most important message in Professor Matt Solick’s book is that God created cannabis for the good of mankind to use in thousands of ways including food and medicine. The Lord also installed receptors in the brain to use cannabis for feeling good and loving your life and the blessings bestowed upon us. Thursday night’s lecture on why we must legalize marijuana was filled with the many benefits this plant brings to the people on earth. The biggest question, is why is the most important plant on earth illegal? I began my research in 1968 after receiving a General Court Marital for possessing 5 dollars worth of pot in Vietnam three days before a scheduled meritorious promotion to Sgt. I was sentenced to nine months of hard labor in the hardest brig in the Marine Corps. Busted from Corporal to private. At the same time I was looking for a green fuel to run all my engines. I found the answers to both questions in hemp fuel.
Cannabis was and is the enemy of the rulers, that have and continue to trash the earth in the name of jobs and prosperity to a few. We do not need one more drop of oil or one more bucket of coal for anything. We have hemp and hydrogen. I have a plan that not only is the best and fairest to all fifty states, but it is the only plan to pull us out of the biggest downward spiral in the history of our country. is the only way to properly launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry every where in the United States. We will bring the haves and the have-nots closer, while addressing global warming brought on by fossil fuel use, leaking natural gas pipelines, and un-green livestock farming practices.
We must kill Fracking and tar sands production into fossil fuel. Any questions? Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio