The thrill of great accomplishment is additive

Back in the fifty’s, when Arnold Palmer would be on T.V., going from hole to hole on a L & M commercial, with a song going, “They said it couldn’t be done, they said nobody could do it.” That has been my theme song since then, to now. Flying with solar being the exclusive power source fits right in that song. Now days we have other magical feats coming about, that will serve to make the next five years more productive in inventions than in the last 100. is launching the hemp industry, self-sufficient, and hydrogen economy in fifty states. This will put 20 million to work in $25 an hour minimum wage green jobs in 17 divisions of products and services to be able to phase out fossil fuel, poison chemicals, and living in a modern day dark age. Those too are things that people say can not be done. Once you accomplish a mission deemed too dangerous, complicated, and has never been done before and you do it. The thrill of accomplishment becomes very additive. In the next 2 years we will have hundreds of patented ideas and design for a better world. 3 examples. Our aerodynamic stylish design of a trailer body able to absorb solar energy plus enhancing less drag to the point, pulling our trailer will get you faster and farther down the road if the driving vehicle is an environmental electric car using hydrogen. 2nd example, is using no more energy to have on demand, hot water, than the use of a lap top computer, 3rd is our design vertical wind turbine able to handle 150 mph winds while spinning no faster than under 45 mph winds putting out 30 times more electric energy than any propeller design wind mill. Top Cat II.

All Senators, Governors, and Congressmen are dragging their feet on what must be done

I live in Findlay, Ohio.  I have came to the conclusion that Ohio and surrounding states’ Senators are having their pockets stuffed with the rulers’ money to keep hemp and marijuana illegal as long as possible.  Those days of a senseless, with more tyranny over of mind of mankind War on Drugs, are coming to a close, soon.  We are going to use hemp and marijuana for thousands of GOOD causes.  Soon stockholders in the prison systems, fossil fuel, poison chemicals, paper coming from trees products, plastic,Styrofoam, tobacco, cotton, alcohol, and fluoride are going to be pulling out and going green because it is a very smart and good thing to do plus, it is time. I have introduced my idea (thetopcatplan) to hundreds of Congressmen, Governors, and Senators. None have the balls to respond or debate with me on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long?  Education, communication, and the power of the truth are coming soon.  The launching of the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries will be the avenue we will go to give every one the opportunity to become contributors of society while enhancing their own economy.

To dream the impossible dream

Hemp char-coal is the answer to replacing fossil coal. Hemp fuel and hydrogen are going to totally replace fossil fuel within 5 years.  Thetopcatplan is the only to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in fifty states. 20 million good green jobs while enhancing the economy of several hundred million in this country.  Go to the category ENERGY to get 17 divisions of green products and services.  Its time to end living in a modern day dark age and get our liberty and justice back while giving every one the opportunity to become contributors to society by becoming a DGA (distributed generation association) member.  We will supply the equipment and technology in the self-sufficient movement.  Nikola Tesla and Jack Herer were the greatest progressives in the last 100 years.  Both died broke and broken because each were not able to live long enough to see their impossible dream come true.  I am reaching for the unreachable star.  To take down the unbeatable foe and run were the brave dare not go.  Top Cat II

Fluoride is the biggest scientific fraud ever

8,000 Americans make more than 125 million a year. Would it not be better, if you could take the total of those 8 thousand and spread in out for 4 million and 250 citizens making $250,000.00 a year? That is just one of the possibilities of living in the hydrogen economy which is coming some day, some how. Nothing needs to be invented. My plan serves to make it possible to reduce poison chemicals, fossil fuel, and fluoride at least 20% a year for the next 5.
In America, you see pharmaceutical medicine, that kill 100 times more than all illegal drugs combined, advertising on TV which is NOT practiced in any other country, pushing the use of fluoride on all ages, knowing is has killed more people from cancer and other abnormalities in the last 30 years than all lost souls in all wars.  They take industrial poison by-products out of storage to put in cigarettes, toothpaste, mouth wash, drinking water, foods by way of GMOs, soil, and air.
The facts are, we must over come fracking, the Keystone Pipeline, the use of poisons including fluoride, fossil fuel use, and un-green livestock practices before it completely bankrupt the health care system.
Launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industries in every state is the answer. The timing to accomplish these great missions is perfect. We have education, communication, the power of the truth, and the will to survive.

The title is a direct quote from  Go to fluoride to get more factual statements such as, it is more poisonous that lead and a little less than arsenic.