Letter to Think Progress

I have the only plan with the solution.  I am requesting to be on the show for many reasons.  I need at least 200 million endorsers of my idea and the same number of DGAs, (distributed generation association) members, to sent us in the most positive direction with no limits, to the many poor people going no where, soon will have the opportunity to become contributors of society with the ability to make a good clean living without any use of fossil fuels and poison chemicals.  I am seeking the full endorsement of every person involved with Think Progress.  Please review www.thetopcatplan.com completely.  I have a lot of friends and people that have read all ninety of my letters to the editor in the past 4 years, come up to me to shake my hand and tell me my letters are why they read the Courier, but I know I have blown their minds to the point, they just consider me to be a harmless pot smoker, stuck in the sixties, trying to change the world to hemp and hydrogen.  They are right in most of those assumptions. I have spent my life taking on missions all others deemed too dangerous or impossible because these things that must be accomplished have never been done before.  Nothing needs to be invented and we have all the ingredients. I wish for your people to read and respond.  The Shark Tank Show would not, for good reasons, such as they have sponsors that would not like me, and it would not be hard to make these sharks look foolish in front of the world to see, depending on how they approach me and what I intend to do.  Top Cat II

Sen Rob Portman and the Shark Tank Show

I e-mailed Ohio Senator Rob Portman last week. I discovered he is a lot like Rand Paul. They are all for fossil fuel. I am against the use of any fossil fuel completely. Most believe we have no choice. Using the power of the sun and wind with hemp and hydrogen are the total answers for replacing all energy needs for a future that stops trashing the world.
I have discovered, the Shark Tank Show is afraid to have me on their show. They are afraid I will make them look like fools, which I will, if they take the stand that we must stay committed to natural gas, coal, and oil for energy dependence. My proposals will put and keep 20 million people to work in green jobs. I can put a million citizens to work a year and additional 1 million every year for the next twenty. We will not need to outlaw the use of fossil fuels. Hemp fuel and hydrogen will serve to force the gasoline and diesel fuel makers to change, to use hemp to make the finest fuel and lubricate. That is why hemp was and is illegal in the United States but not in other countries. The United States are #1 in the most political prisoners imprisoned and amongst the top three in corruption. Terry Cook, www.thetopcatplan.com. Findlay, Ohio

The Time For Change Is Now

Response to Dec 5, William Stock. If you believe there is no difference in being high on booze, cocaine, or any other mind altering substance, than having THC in your body. You have a screw loose or maybe you’re just a product of a formal education that says, “Pot leads to death and is against God’s law.”
Response to Dec 5, Mark Haggard. I am on a mission of Love and Good. You are on a mission of stupidity. To use Hitler and me in the same sentence bears out the extreme of your ignorance. The educated know it alls have served to trash this earth in the name of prosperity for a few.                                                                                                            Lack of sleep and lack of illuminated stop signs have caused more agony, misery, and death in traffic accidents than pot has ever in any way, shape, or form in 10,000 years of use. It appears your solution is to burn all underground books and not allow anybody to enlighten the misinformed masses. If you believe oil and coal is the answer for energy, you fit in the grossly misinformed group of Americans.                                                                  I don’t know more than all the highly educated scientists, engineers, and trouble shooters in this country.  I do know enough to create a positve impact.  I have already accomplished more than an army of economists. I have a plan that will serve to turn our country to a positive direction in the industry of being self-sufficient. A plan that is the fairest for all 50 states, that allows us to attack the many problems we have and a plan that will not allow any group of people to shake down the system.                                                                      I plan on appearing on the show “Shark Tank” next spring. Please watch me take on the sharks and anybody else in a debate on what we must do and how we will accomplish the task on hand. Please review www.thetopcatplan.com. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio