Our first mission for all United Patriots

Our first mission for all United Patriots is to get Bernie in the White House on the Democrat Ticket for 8 years and then we will see our most costly, with the most tyranny over the mind of mankind and her or his family, War on Drugs, END. This is a little rap song I wrote under the picture of the President and Hillary. Smooth and seamless is lots better than rough and jagged. Both are in a Party, that has been bought but we’re not bragging. One has Koch and Monsanto money, stuffed in her shoe box and one does not, and this is the land of the free, that was bought. We have fracking for something that is better than coal, when indeed we need not any more, has paid a toil. Continue to trash what we eat, drink, and live in, shows how far we have come and who is winning? The game of life will take a turn, for the common man for sure. Only with the Patriots doing their duty, will come progress with a booty, worth far more than green money of something that does not come easy. Courage and fortitude, is what we must have, to bring back freedom or go to the grave. We’re not ready, to give up on things that were taken, that what was given by our founding fathers, there will be no mistaking. We are coming to get what was ours, back. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far. We will make this heavenly cause our mission to reach the unreachable STAR

Sen Bernie Sanders is our way to prevent the destruction of our planet

There is a simple rule in life. “You always get what you give, in life, and in love.” If we love this country and your brothers & sisters, you must know it is time to give in the effort to win this War to Survive. Two ways, vote for Bernie and go green. By becoming a DGA (distributed generation association) member, and by giving in those manners. will bring forth a new nation, brought back to the givings of our founding father’s wisdom of what this country should and will be. T.C.

Terry Cook with, The Self Sufficient Revolution starts here, and goes where no man has ever went before. Why? That is a story in it’s self, not important, that will be history. Now and the future, is changing faster than ever, because of the War to Survive. Our backs are up against the wall people. We fight, or we die…

Fracking and the Keystone Pipeline and the people who voted for it, are our second Midway. Make all three, history topics, then the turning point of this War will be history. If, we lose these three missions, we DIE… At least I will, when I have to answer the question asked by my great grandchildren. “Grandma & Grandpa, why did you allow this to happen, didn’t you love us, you knew we were coming?” The answer is, because we were misinformed yea, that’s it. No, is was because we were stupid and gutless. Well, we are no longer ignorant, we know the difference between right and wrong, but the big question is, are we gutless? OK, I can understand being afraid to take on the cronies. That is exactly what we are doing folks, make no bones about it. We have no choice, we can not say, “we tried, but we just couldn’t do it, because we are so meek and powerless.”

We need 200 million strong and forthright citizens to make Bernie Sanders our next President to lead us into a far more positive direction with the only idea that has been 45 years in the making, thetopcatplan.com to launch the hemp industry making 50,000 products, the hydrogen, and self-sufficient economy in all fifty states. Now we have NO excuse to NOT, take our Freedom, Liberty, and Country back.

Master Kevin Cullen’s quote for the day ” Your best bet at success isn’t setting a goal, it is instead creating a star in your heart that powers your feet in the direction of the goal.”

  • Terry Cook I have another quote for today. “We must build a star that shows the light of where we must go and how we will get there. That Star has been snuffed out with people being killed that came up with ideas to end our living in a modern day dark age. Good news folks. The Star is coming back, brighter and stronger to give us the power to go a far more positive direction for the good of all God’s creatures.” Top Cat II

Bernie for 8 years will bring 13 million long lasting jobs to fix and maintain our bridges and roadways

I am writing in response to Robert Samuelson’s article on in his view seeing the phasing out of fossil oil and coal, as NOT an option for several reasons.  He says, “we can not do this right now.”  We must use the dirty rotten natural gas, fossil oil, and coal because it provides four-fifths of the world’s primary energy, new technologies have not yet evolved, and the economic impact would not be good.  Written like a true Republican.                                            I say, “nothing needs to be invented, to go a different, far more positive direction, one we should have went a long time ago.”  With thetopcatplan.com coming to launch the hydrogen economy, self-sufficient, and hemp industry in fifty states will bring 9 green jobs for every one un green job lost.  When Bernie Sanders is our next President, that will bring 13 million jobs in fixing our roads and bridges will help in, enhancing the ability for us to put 20 million more to work in good green jobs with a $25 minimum wage for a 32 hour work week with equal pay. Our design vertical wind turbine has the ability to produce 30 times more electric energy than any propeller type wind mill, not have to shut down after the winds exceed 40 mph.  We can utilize 150 mph winds.  In our DGA (distributed generation association) system of using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water needs no more than a couple worn out 12 volt car batteries for battery storage, our way uses hydrogen as our storage system a long with hemp composite water towers.  Any questions?

The American Motorcycle Racing Association will be the first to endorse Bernie Sanders

 I will be competing as a Harley Drag Racer at our little Woodstock of a Drag race event at Bowling Green, Ky Beech Bend Drag Strip, Sept 25-26, 2015. At the Saturday and Sunday’s racer’s meeting, I am proposing that the American Motorcycle Racing Association become the first drag racing sanction to fully endorse Bernie Sanders as our next President. I will be bracket racing my 1966, dual plugged, custom chopper of my own design for the 25th time at that track. When I come to the line, I am announced as Top Cat, drag racing the Original Brothers Choppers’ United Patriot for Bernie Sanders, Chopper. I am not racing for myself, I am drag racing for our hero, the man who walks with the truth, Bernie Sanders. Neither Bernie nor I will lose our races. Even though I have well over a thousand passes on that bike since 1968, I consider this to be the drag race of my life. When you take on the cronies, you might become among the missing. Patrots in the history of this country have become missing every decade for one reason or another. terry cook/ thetopcatplan.com We need every club, gang, association to fully endorse, the Purple, Green fueled Locomotive that is gaining in speed, pulling strength, able to climb any mountain, powered by truth and justice.
By doing so, you have just shown everybody the amount of intelligence you possess.

Some old lady might want some, so please vote Yes, for Issue 3

Privatized prisons are just one example of us living in a modern day dark age with the greatest amount of tyranny over the mind of man. Voting Yes for Issue 3, to legalize marijuana, which is an Anti-Psychotic, is the biggest step to ending the ignorant insanity. Hemp will be grown again for limitless good reasons. In case you don’t know, we are phasing out fossil fuel, fracking, coal, and cutting down trees for paper and building products.                                                                                                                                         I no longer attend the monthly Saturday Coffee Amci gathering of the writers to the editor in thecourier.com.   In past meetngs, I was told by these close minded, know it alls that don’t have a clue, “that nobody here believes one word I have to say about the wonders of cannabis, and if I would shut up, I might learn something.” There is nothing, I could ever say to them, to convince them, 14 million is already too many years of imprisonment served, 60% for marijuana only offenses, and cannabis is the cure for most diseases, including all mental and physical disorders brought on by the poisons coming from making products from fossil oil. Bringing cannabis into your body enables your body to heal it’s self. This message is for all that still believe pot is bad, “If you do not wish to feel better from the effects of God’s most important plant, DO NOT EVER use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Use your legal pills that kill an American every 19 seconds,  FDA approved, and the Doctors say they may kill you, get you hooked, or make you wish you were dead, but those are just a few of the side affects but at least, they are LEGAL..!!!


Imagine if all those individuals shared the same goals

Please go to thesoapboxer.com.  “They will be our Chattel” is what Woodrow Wilson and Ed House said to each other in their plan to rule the common people.

Yes we have fallen victims to an involuntary system of control, having been swindled into “Sheepification” by way of absurdly over-the-top laws and legal legislation s.

 Woodrow Wilson said to Ed House, “The community is comprised of individuals, imagine if all those individuals shared the same goal?”         We have lived long enough to see the day, that most individuals do share the same goal. That would be to SURVIVE. In order to do that several things must occur. Stop our downward spiral, end living in a modern day dark age, get our freedom & liberty back, end our drug war, launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry. Go to Yahoo, type in, aerodynamic hemp composite water buffaloes. That will get thetopcatplan.com While you are on that page, Scroll down to get Terry cook’s 17 comments on the renewableenergyworld web site. I am the most prepared to debate with any one or group on the subject of where we must go and how we will accomplish the biggest task in the history of this country. That would be to bring this nation back to what our founding fathers intended it to be. Any questions? Top Cat II

Pot benefits are numerous

Please goggle up Scientific Research and real facts about the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.  The video is a long one, filled with mind blowing facts.  They have several medical doctors testing for what the 60 different cannabinoids and THC do for benefiting the different organs, functions, getting the body in balance, and the different diseases that are cured including all cancers.  Dr Jeffery Hergenrather, head research professor from Harvard Medical was given a federal grant to find if marijuana causes mental problems of any kind.  He admits, he was brain washed like most people to think herb is bad and a vise.  What he and many medical scientists have found was astonishing.  Grass does countless things for better health.  The antianproliferative effect, stops reproduction of cancer cells. The antiangiogenic effect prevents growing.  Antimetastatic is the preventing cancer from spreading to other organs and finally, Apoptotic is the convincing of the cancer cells to commit suicide and leaves the good cells alone.  THC allows your body to  relax, eat, sleep, forget, and protect.  Enhancing  brain activity and memory are important, but the ability to forget is also very important.  That is the key for the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

In response to William Dauenhauer, Mar 15.  Taxes is only one of the many good reasons Marijuana will be legal in every state within a year.  The benefits are countless to the righteous, that wish to be wealthy in love & health, having freedom & liberty restored, and end living in a modern day dark age.  You made a very good point.  The number of businesses hating hemp & marijuana are in the hundreds.  Number of people and green businesses that will flourish, out number them at least a thousand times. I ask every parent that has read up on how cannabis is the key to mental and physical health, please do not worry if your child is smoking a little herb. It may be the only way the kid is getting zinc. the most important mineral, that must be present for any cell to reproduce.  It enhances smell, taste, the ability to focus and retain what is being read.  Go to the health food store, pick up some fluoride free tooth paste and some zinc.

Lets get the facts straight

Any substance that alters the body in ways nature didn’t intend, is a drug. It was dicovered 20 years ago, the 60 cannaboids and THC are received and utilized in our and all animal’s cannabinoid receptor system which was put there by nature from the begining of time.         I hope this letter makes it to the Washington Post letter to the editor section, even after proving many of the statements of Ruth Marcus to be incorrect as she quotes from American Medical Association, a group that has never taken a bribe or made false statements to enhance the Medical profession.  First of all, marijuana is not a narcotic or a drug. A narcotic is a substance that can kill you if you take too much. The first person in 10,000 years of smoking pot, that dies from it, will go down as the most famous person on earth. Second fact, marijuana is not a drug. My dictionary defines a drug as, any chemical or biological compound substance other than food, intended for the use in treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of disease in man or other animals that is used to stupefy or poison. Marijuana is not only the most nutritional of all foods it does not stupefy or poison. I know many examples of college grads that smoked herb, morning, noon, and night every day for decades, that maintained a 3.96 or better grade point average for four years or more. It is also the best way to avoid Dementia. As far as being the cause of accidents, it is last, proven in many studies. Legal pills has recently dethroned alcohol at the number 1 cause. At least 100 times more people have died from prescription drugs than all other illegal substances such as cocaine in all forms, heroin, speed, and morphine combined. Anyone that believes like Ruth Marcus, has not read, The Emperor That Wears No Cloths, by the late and great Jack Herer. If you can find any statement in that book to be false, they will cut you a check for $100,000.00. The same is true for the book entitled, Internal Combustion, by Edwin Black. Terry Cook

Rose VanWormer wrote a letter saying, “Terry needs to get busy”.

In response to Rose Van Wormer, Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013. I am very busy Rose. I’m not building a co-kart in my garage. I have already built my design chopper in 1970 with an illuminating gas tank which I invented. To this day, I am the only person on earth to have that. We offer options that all other builders have not ever dreamed of. Having my letters to the editor, going to the Coffee Amici gatherings with the editor, and my web site has brought several good people to me. We are designing the world’s most aerodynamic and first fuel-cell tractor and trailer rig, DOT approved. It will be all-wheel drive, able to go at least 1,000 miles between fueling, weigh far less than a diesel engine with a transmission and differential driving axles configuration, the brakes will never wear out, it puts out no green house gases, and the hemp composite body will be absorbing solar energy. Its body design will compete with the new concept Volvo very well, but our trailer design has no competition.
We have the capability of building twin 900 foot high vertical wind turbines able to supply Hancock County with all electrical needs. There is an old saying. “It takes money to make things happen.” All I need to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry in all fifty states is a 102 billion dollar, 4 year loan from our government’s stimulus package to jump start it. After 4 years it will support its self.


In response to Mark Miller, Nov 27.  Hear me now, believe me later Church Mouse.  If I receive my funding for the Top Cat Plan a year before the rest of the States.  That gives Ohio the ability to come from being #1 most un-green State, to the Most Green of all States within five years.

I will be meeting with the Farm Agency with an enlightenment presentation.  All farmers are invited.  Our President can go to a record high, with a good Farm Bill.

A question to Caroline Little

In response to the other view Tue. Oct 22.  I posed a question to Caroline Little, chief executive of the National Newspaper Association.  Living in a nation that possesses the freedom of speech.  Why have we been living in a modern day dark age for 140 years?   In the old dark ages, life was simple, get caught with a book, get your head chopped off.  Well the rulers could not do that, so they did the next best thing.  They altered facts in history books and controlled all media.  Bringing in the household computer is what is making it possible to get the truth these days and will serve as the most important factor in saving our planet from complete destruction.   How many newspapers have announced the arrival of World War 3?  All humans on this earth are in a war to survive.  DuPont and Monsanto proclaimed many years ago,  “we bring you better living with chemicals.”  What they did not say was, that it would serve to trash this earth in 100 years.  If hemp would have never become illegal.  At least 80% of the poison and pollution that lays at the bottom of our creeks, rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there.  In 1942, Ford Motor Company came out with a pick up truck that was lubricated and fueled by hemp.  The tires and body panels were also hemp.  In 1913, it took 75 seconds to change a electric car’s battery.  Without the Top Cat Plan. We are toast.  Terry Cook, Findlay, O www.thetopcatplan.com  go to the category Energy to get the 17 divisions of green products produced, transported, and used in a green manner.