The Readers Digest 1968 Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary’s definition of narcotic is a drug, as opium or morphine, that in medical doses relieves pain and induces sleep, and in toxic doses convulsions, coma, or death.  So why do organizations like Pat Robertson and the Christian advocacy group Focus on the Family, still consider marijuana a narcotic?  Because they are among the MISINFORMED and or they own stock in the following;  big Oil, big Coal, Nuke power, big Chemical, Tobacco, legal pill companies, beer & whiskey, or organized crime, which HATE hemp and marijuana. That is understandable, with hemp, there is very little need for these companies to be here.  I suggest anybody making a living in these industries, seriously consider finding another occupation.  That’s cool, because there will be many opportunities in the green industry coming about in the very near future.  Twenty million in the next 20 years.  Also anybody that has stock in those companies would be wise to pull your stock and invest in the well being of the future of this world.
I’m asking every man, woman, and child to cast your vote on the Brothers Choppers’ web site, to join in the effort to reverse global warming.   It’s not too late now, but it will be if we drag our feet.  We are including children that are old enough to read, write, and know the difference between right and wrong to vote on these issues too, Save Our World and all of God’s creators from a hell on earth, by the time our grandchildren become grandparents.  Three years ago, most people were in complete denial of global warming, now most are hip to it.  In 1969 only 12% of Americans were for legalizing marijuana, but today at least 50% believe it is time to loose the insanity.  I invite all people who believe in Jesus Christ, to read what I and the authors of three of the truest books I have ever read, that was written this century;  The Emperor Wears No Clothes, The Hydrogen Economy, and Internal Combustion by Edwin Black.  In one month, I would like to have a public debate with Pat Robertson, Carrie Gordon Earll (Senior director of government and public policy for Focus on the Family), and all of their people, to have this out.  I believe God is on my side.  I am on a mission of LOVE & GOOD.                                                                                   A lot of people have told me, what I intend on doing will not be allowed to happen.  I say, “It will come forth very soon with a little help from my friends.“  Any person that is not concerned about the future generation, is living for today and could care less about tomorrows’ mankind living in misery because they know they’ll not be around, so why should they be bothered with such unimportant matters?  Because, the Top Cat Plan will have a positive impact in the very near future.  It will take courage for people to join our gang and cause.  To do something that has never been done before is always scary.  We have no choice, we must do this or go down in history has the most spineless bunch of dummies the world has ever seen, and it will also point out the people that tried to prevent these good things from happening.  I was very proud to serve this country as a Marine as was my mentor Grandfather. To fight for freedom, liberty, and against tyranny in the world is very honorable. Your Brother, Terry Cook


Along time ago the pharmaceutical drug companies were trying to capitalize on the hemp’s medicine industry before marijuana prohibition. The doctors were prescribing to the children, grown ups, and the elderly, massive dosages for countless aliments for four or five decades. They could never figure how much to use because nobody ever overdosed. Those daily doses of THC were as much as today’s everyday pot smoker consumes in a one or two months. They could not then and never have been able to inject it thru a hypodermic needle.
Starting in the1860s, the Gunjah Wallah Company made maple sugar hashish candy, which soon became one of the most popular treats in America. For 40 years, it was sold over the counter and advertised in newspapers, as well as being listed in the Sears-Roebuck catalog, as a totally harmless, delicious and fun candy.
The Police Gazette estimated there to be over 500 hashish parlors in New York City in the 1880s and they had at least that many in the 1920s. Virtually everyone in this country was familiar from childhood on with the “highs” of the cannabis extract-yet doctors did not consider it habit forming, anti-social, or violent at all, after 60 years of use.
Big oil, the pharmaceutical industry, (Hearst) the paper out of trees people, the alcohol pushers, the Dupont poison chemical empire, and the mafia hated herb. So the rest is history. The big bad asses pushed, probed, bullied, killed for, and paid to make a couple of federal laws. They invested a lot to make it happen and it paid back in dividends exceeding every bodies’ greatest expectations.  It’s time to close this chapter, address the damages done, and head in the most positive direction this country has ever experienced.
The first marijuana laws in this country stated, all farmers must grow it or face large fines. In fact, it was legal tender, all taxes could be paid in tonnage of hemp. This was in the 1770s, when it was known by everybody, that hemp was crucial for the survival of this country.  In 1942 our nation’s slogan was “Hemp For Victory”.  The importance of hemp over rode the marijuana prohibition laws because of the biggest war of our history. Guest what?  We are now in the most important war of this world.  The war against global warming.  If we do not address this major problem immediately, we’ll be really sorry, but not nearly as sorry as our grandchildren will be. They’ll be completely screwed, because of our ignorance and arrogance.  I’m to the point where I challenge any man, woman, or group of, to a national debate for the world to watch.  I have the power to make anybody look good or very foolish.    T.C.

Cast your vote to get our freedom and liberty back

This web site was designed to enlighten and to show the world, we have at least 200 million conscientious and righteous citizens voting on our nations most important problems. I have used the letter to the editor format to use people’s opinions to bring to light different topics that would not have been addressed. I ask that everybody read all of the letters and vote yes or no to the following questions: Go to the page entitled The Top Cat Plan. Vote yes or no to the topics A, B, C, D, E, G, H, and if you wish, vote no to F.
The most asked question that I get from a lot of people is, why haven’t we started this new direction along time ago?  Fear is lack of knowledge.  The general public has been controlled.  How many citizens have been kept in the dark about the many benefits hemp has to offer? The answer is most.  President Kennedy was in the process of completely legalizing marijuana when he was shot down like a mad dog.
Go to the back cover page of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, bottom of the page where the number of people dying each year from different substances used. Go to our page entitled, Legalize Hemp Now and Stop The Tyranny.  These facts were removed from my letter to the editor to make room for a limited space in the column. Five times more people die from legal drugs than illegal drugs.  Nobody in the history of the world has ever died from smoking or eating marijuana.  The reason it is currently against the law is because it was discovered it makes the finest lubricate, fuel, paper, cloth, medicine, food, and a replacement for using oil and plastic.  We don’t need one more shovel of coal or one more drop of oil for anything. We have hemp and hydrogen. Terry Cook


My plan to put 20 million people to work consists of 17 green divisions:


(1)  Fuel Cell and Closed Cell divisions

(2)  Environmental fueling stations

(3)  One person flying machines

(4)  Garden tractor and all attachments

(5)  Organizing and supplying the DGA, Distributed Generation Association members

(6)  Aerodynamic trailers in 12 sizes incorporating today’s technology to enhance the performance of the environmental truck, car, or motorcycle, in speed and distance.

(7)  3 designs of solar electric automobiles

(8)  ½ million dollar custom chopper made for famous ladies

(9)  Pet division including the finest food

(10)  Grow your own food and herbs indoors and out doors

(11)  Hydrogen Generator used in a totally green way

(12)  Hemp Fuel division

(13)  Hemp Products

(14)  Building Reservoirs to generate electricity, produce hydrogen, and possess the power to control flooding

(15)  Solar and Wind collectors with our design of vertical wind turbine able to withstand    150 mph wind, guaranteed for 10 years, able to supply 100% of our electrical energy    needs.

(16)  Solar Sail Boats

(17)  Environmental Roof-Tops equipped with hemp composite water towers


The Top Cat Plan will work for many reasons.  The timing is perfect.  Most Americans now believe we can not do in the next 100 years what we did in the last.  This earth will not be fit to live on.  We are utilizing two trillion dollar industries to launch us into the most positive direction our country has ever seen.  Hemp and Hydrogen are going to save the earth we live on.  Go to pages 20-21 of the book entitled “After America, Get Ready For Armageddon” by Mark Steyn states, “R is for Redistribution.  Day by day, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the productive class to the obstructive class is delivering a self-governing republic into rule by the regulators, bureaucrats, and social engineers.”

It is time to change directions, from being co-dependent to self-sufficient.  A DGA  puts out no green house gases,  has their own drinking water, makes their own electrical energy for heat and transportation, grows food, recycles, and grows worms to make the finest compost and natural fertilizer while minimizing the outgoing garbage by feeding the worms the vegetable and fruit scraps.

The efficiency and success of any company is only as good as it’s finest trouble shooters, advisers, engineers, and workers.  To acquire and maintain excellent efficiency, high moral is the magic ingredient.  The biggest moral buster is for the workers to see the leaders, owners, and stockholders being compensated quite well, and they are paid peanuts.  Also important is to have a lot of happy customers that like your products and love the fact that these items are made and transported in a green manner by their friends in their own state thus enhancing the local economy.                   Top Cat II


I wish to bring to all a message of hope for a better world in the near future. I believe Ron Paul will be our next president and Congress will approve the funding of the Top Cat Plan.  In my next letter I will have the address of my new web site for everyone to acquire all my information.  The following questions are being asked for everybody to answer, (A) Vote yes or no to, do you approve of my plan?  (B) Vote yes or no to, should America be the second nation to convert our trains to be all electric and demand all school buses and public transit buses to be all electric or running on hydrogen. (C) Vote yes or no to abolish the federal law on the  marijuana prohibition?  (D)  Vote yes or no to abolish the federal law that states one can not drive any vehicle pulling a trailer and draw fuel from that trailer to propel it. Both these laws were bought by the oil companies. (E) Vote yes or no for our next president to be Ron Paul, (F) Vote NO for the provision that gives complete control to the Ohio Energy Initiative Commission LLC.  This commission does not believe in the word (transparency).  Total accountability for everything including salaries paid, names, addresses, occupation, and total accounting to be public knowledge is our way not their’s.  We must have as many no votes as possible.  Our people must not allow the O.E.I.C.LLC. to possess the power to call the shots on something so important to us and our world.  If you wish to vote yes on (F), do it on some other web site. (G) Vote yes or no to renounce the 1961 Single Convention Treaty on drugs and marijuana. (H) Vote yes or no to require all labels on all food products indicate whether GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are present in any product including all meats.                                                                                                                                      I must gain the confidence and endorsement of at least 200 million Americans, to go forward in the process of being awarded a 4 year loan of 102 billion dollars.  Two billion for each of our 50 states and two billion for our seven provinces.  Each state will have an equal chance to make 17 divisions of green products made and transported in a green way.  This plan will put 10 million Americans to work in 10 years, 20 million people will have jobs in 20 years by using the power of the common people.  All citizens will have the opportunity to buy stocks, bonds, and our products.  All women will have the opportunity to become a 50% partner in one or more of the 17 divisions in each state.                                                      So if you wish to see Ron Paul be our next President and marijuana be completely legal, here is your chance to make it happen, cast your vote on this web site.                                             Having my life time goal set in 1965, which was, to someday become the builder of the Roll-Royce of a custom motorcycle has brought me to a place where no one else has ever been, is or will ever be.  In the late 60’s I designed my own style of gas tanks and fenders, invented the illuminating gas tank, and began drag racing my Harleys.  20 years ago I was granted EXCLUSIVE PERMISSION to cap metal guard rails on all drag strips to prevent injury or death to motorcycle racers.  When we build a famous lady a custom chopper, she has the choice of what drag strip gets made safe for motorcycles in her name.

35 years ago I knew we would run a fuel that causes no pollution or added CO2s.  We will use Hemp fuel or Hydrogen to fuel all our internal combustion engine driven machinery.

My plan to put 10 million people to work and enhance the economy of several hundred million will serve to stop our nation’s downward spiral  and send it in a very different and positive direction.  This new direction will serve as a guide for the rest of the world to follow if they wish to enjoy seeing their fellow brothers and sisters doing well in a world that has a future that is looking good.

The world is depending on you to vote on these issues,  all family members (any age) cast you vote yes or no to (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (G), and (H).  Vote no if you wish to issue (F).

Terry Cook  Findlay, Ohio  WWW.


I am responding to Mr. Montgomery Jan. 3 and Mr. Saloum Jan 12.  Yes we will have sweeping reclamation.  Currently the world looks at America as being a joke. Our founding fathers never intended for our nation to evolve to what it has become.  In the effort of making more money for the companies and stock holders, we have sent our jobs out of the country.  Yes we will reclaim our nation, back to being the leader in a new positive direction.  I will confront all presidential candidates with the Top Cat Plan.  I will debate on national television with anybody that believes this plan will not work.  I hope Donald Trump is one.  He can state why he thinks it won’t work and I will state why I know it will.

The U.S. Marines are #1 in taking on missions that others deemed impossible.  They have education, communication, leadership, team work and motivation.  When you face death and your back is against the wall and the only way to survive is to fight for your life, it serves as the greatest of all motivators.  That is our nation’s current situation.  Most citizens will be motivated to buy our products made in their own state even if they are cheaper from China.

I am not borrowing the money from each state.  The four year loan will come from the fed.  The federal government has already spent over 10 trillion to find out what a green job is.  Loan us 98 times less than that and we will show you what a green job is while putting 10 million to work.

I will buy Solyndra and pull it out of bankruptcy by sending those making more that $100,000 a year down the road.  Terry Cook

We’re just greedy gluttons

Thank you Dave Malone for your letter on May 6. Our nation is the greatest, at having the most political prisoners in the world, maintaining ignorance, and keeping the have and the have-nots as far apart as possible. Our constitutional freedoms allow us to take our ideas and advance technology only if your are amongst the rich and powerful.  We have a puppet for a President.  He has never mentioned the hemp or hydrogen industries because he would rather drill baby drill for poison.
I do not have an air conditioner in my house, X-box, or micro-wave.  All three including riding every where in a car are not good for your health.  I walk and run my Blue-Healer and Pit Boxer to the store quite often. Annually, 6.6 tons of green house gases are emitted by every man, woman, and child in America. Your question: “ What else does this mean? Other than we’re just greedy gluttons devouring our planet with mindless recklessness.” I say, “It’s not that hard to change to a positive direction.”  With the Top Cat Plan, our nation can become the world’s leader in 3-trillion dollar industries, Hemp & Switch-Grass Fuel, Hemp, and Hydrogen.
Hey Dave, greenhouse gases and green houses are not related.
You said, that if these positive things aren’t happening as fast as I would like, go live elsewhere. I served 4 years in the Marines, 2 years in Viet Nam in the middle 60’s. I do not wish to go anywhere else to live. I have a plan to give all our fifty states an equal chance to use each state’s resources to manufacture 17 divisions of green products that will employ many while enhancing the economy of hundreds of millions by becoming a Brothers Choppers DGA.  Terry M. Cook

Clean Natural Gas


I am responding to two recently written articles, one on the front page of Tuesday’s Oct 5 Mr. Heminger of Marathon Oil proclaiming their projections.  They say, “80% of the global energy will come from fossil fuels by the year 2030 and that clean natural gas will be around for 50-100 years.”  I say,  “Less than 10% of the world’s energy will be delivered by  oil by the year 2030, and we will be using no coal to generate electricity by the year 2014, unless the Top Cat PLAN DOES NOT come about.  If we can’t get at least 200 million citizens together to make this happen, that, will prove to be the biggest set back in the war against global warming the world has ever seen.  If the plan is not made to happen, then I say Mr. Heminger’s projections will be closer than mine.  There is no such thing as clean natural gas and to run it in an internal combustion engine for any reason is stupid and it is a fact that natural gas supplies will peak within 20 years.  The biggest reason your not paying $4.25 a gal for gas or diesel yet is the fact the hydrogen economy is coming and there is no power on earth going to stop it.  The other article is in today’s Oct 6 edition of the Patrick Danzy’s  letter to the editor.  I concur with all of Mr Danzy’s statements.

I am in the process of submitting a business plan to Rocket Ventures, Toledo, Ohio.  To acquire a Federal loan to mass produce a totally green hydrogen generator.  Our design uses no propane, natural gas, or coal to produce the hydrogen.  We use the power of the sun and wind to throw an electrical charge into down spout water to split the oxygen and hydrogen molecules.  Use the hydrogen to fuel any internal combustion engine or recombine the hydrogen and oxygen to get back the exact amount of electricity it took to split it, so use the electricity you need and send the rest to the grid to be compensated for.

If I were to ask all U.S. citizens,  “Who invented Alternating Current?”  Less than 1% would know who the answer.  I consider him and Al Gore to be the greatest Americans ever to have a positive impact for the future of the world.  He invented an electric car that would go 10 mph faster than any internal combustion driven car in it’s time. His own electric coil and death ray.  He was born in 1856, did not seek fame and fortune, but received his greatest thrill most of his life.  That thrill was to blow as many minds as possible by doing missions that almost all deemed impossible.  His name was Nikola Tesla, also the inventor of the public American electric grid. Died with pocket chance in his two room apartment in Brooklyn, NY. In 1943.  Terry Cook  Findlay