Response to James L. Withrow’s letter to the editor in the May 3rd Courier

Thank you so much for a letter with great substance. I really liked many parts of your informative statements, declaring several wars have been concurred by spending billions. Since the totally winning of these wars has come to pass, I would like to bring attention to the four remaining wars that must be dealt with now, before things get a lot worse. End world hunger, stop trashing this earth, put an end to our longest, most senseless, and costly war on drugs, the stopping of our deepest downward spiral, and finally the most important of all wars ever fought, The War To Survive.
Having Mr. Withrow lay down the foundation to end all wars. That would be the spending billions to win. Allow me to tell everybody what will work and what has not. Giving the financial institutions of our country several train loads of money and the oil industry at least ½ a trillion in tax payers’ money to find the oil and kept the price down. These are prime examples of what has not worked. The plan that will bring us hemp composite water towers, the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry, and an economic and environmental growth with no limits, is thetopcatplan.
I defy, James L. Withrow, any one, or group to challenge me in any thing I have stated in 92 letters to the editor or to my solution on what we must do now, before it is past the fixing point. Now, back to my first paragraph. James writes global warming as being a history topic because of the cold winter we had. The billions spent on wind turbines and solar collectors hasn’t put a dent in the situation, but we will be increasing those technologies many thousands of times. We have went from 350 to 400 ppm of CO2s in our air in a short time. We will reach 450 within a decade or sooner, depending how soon we launch what must be done. Any questions? Top Cat II

Cool heads don’t have accidents.

In response to Jim Gould, Oct. 19. The reason you and 2/3rds of the citizens have been so in the dark about the facts of cannabis, is because your life time schooling on the subject came from the Rockefellers’ Institute of Refer Madness funded with train loads of money from he, his buddies, and tax payers. Today, at least ½ of those 2/3s are in favor of legalization. Back in the Nixon and Ford days. The first day they took office they were informed there was a 65 million dollar tax-payer funded fund to reward any research or educational institution, for finding something bad to say about marijuana. The rules to obtain that money were simple. If your findings conclude anything good. That is worth nothing. But if you can find anything negative, that’s worth a lot. It doesn’t have to be true, but make it a statement that is almost impossible to prove other wise. Such as, “it leads to harder drugs, it causes memory loss, and contributes to lung damage. Today, all those statements have been proven to be completely false.
The other 1/3 of the population eat, smoke, or both, cannabis in the form of herb or hash.
Don’t be concerned about pot induced accidents. That is non-existent. Many accidents come from, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, or from being mad about something. Hash or grass brings you the best sleep, gives you the munchies, and Mary Jane happens to be the Queen of the Attitude Adjustors.  It promotes neurogenesis, while causing neuronal progenitor cells to proliferate, which in turn blocks dementia from occuring.

In the 40 some years hash and hash candy were injoyed by all ages.  There was NEVER a report of problems stimming from its use.