We are not going to be fools forever

The ethanol disaster is not commonly know in this country. 15 million more acres of corn planted in 2012 with the fertilizer it takes has created large dead zones in the rivers, lakes, and oceans. An acre of corn produces 400 gals of a fuel that must be mixed with fossil oil to burn. Plus they are using natural gas to manufacture this trash fuel, which they planned on converting to coal after the price of natural gas goes up because of the many law suits for trashed well water and increased cases of cancer from fracking.

If they would have planted hemp that renders 1,450 gals of green fuel instead of corn, thousands of fishermen would still have a job and we would be eating healthier fish.
After hemp is legal again, we will be able to phase out fossil fuel use to the tune of a 20% reduction for the next five years. Fossil fuel use and pulling box shaped Flintstone era trailers are going to be past history subjects.
I can’t believe I seen in the Courier where a grain company is converting to natural gas to fuel their trucks. That will prove to be a foolish move. Good for the truck garages that have to rebuild the engines far more frequently. Good for the people selling you the un-green fuel. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Who ever called the shots on that change to disaster wasn’t using their head or simply was taking in by what was told to them by the three trillion dollar energy empire that has managed to acquire over 500 billion tax payers dollars to go find it and keep the cost down. Yes, we can take great comfort in knowing we are not the only country to be taken in and ruled resulting in a trashed earth.

In the near future, smart people will be using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water to make hydrogen for heat, generate electricity, and fuel all internal combustion engines or enhance hemp fuel.  The plan to supply the technology and equipment to all is in the category ENERGY at www.thetopcatplan.com