Bernie for 8 years will bring 13 million long lasting jobs to fix and maintain our bridges and roadways

I am writing in response to Robert Samuelson’s article on in his view seeing the phasing out of fossil oil and coal, as NOT an option for several reasons.  He says, “we can not do this right now.”  We must use the dirty rotten natural gas, fossil oil, and coal because it provides four-fifths of the world’s primary energy, new technologies have not yet evolved, and the economic impact would not be good.  Written like a true Republican.                                            I say, “nothing needs to be invented, to go a different, far more positive direction, one we should have went a long time ago.”  With coming to launch the hydrogen economy, self-sufficient, and hemp industry in fifty states will bring 9 green jobs for every one un green job lost.  When Bernie Sanders is our next President, that will bring 13 million jobs in fixing our roads and bridges will help in, enhancing the ability for us to put 20 million more to work in good green jobs with a $25 minimum wage for a 32 hour work week with equal pay. Our design vertical wind turbine has the ability to produce 30 times more electric energy than any propeller type wind mill, not have to shut down after the winds exceed 40 mph.  We can utilize 150 mph winds.  In our DGA (distributed generation association) system of using the power of the sun, wind, and downspout water needs no more than a couple worn out 12 volt car batteries for battery storage, our way uses hydrogen as our storage system a long with hemp composite water towers.  Any questions?

It is about getting our freedom and liberty back

I began my research for a fuel that does not create pollution in 1970. It did not take long to find those three fuels, green hydrogen, hemp seed diesel, and hemp fuel. On my journey for that information, I also discovered why we currently have our deepest down ward spiral, and we continue to live in a modern day dark age starting 140 years ago. My first invention was in 1970. I invented the illuminating motorcycle gas tank of my original design that glows at night. So I began putting all my designs and inventions up on the shelves to be brought down at the right time. It is a perfect time to launch the green hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states, 10 provinces, 4 territories. When you are no longer buying what the cronies are selling, and building a strong nation that has regained freedom. liberty, justice, and coutry back by the powers of the truth, regained lost hope, and going completely green. terry cook/ to get a 2 page summary of where we are going, how we are getting there, the wonders of cannabis, and the crucial importance of Bernie Sanders becoming our next President for 8 years. Then click on the HOME page. Nothing needs to be invented to go a far more positive direction for the good of all creatures. Terry Cook, ex-Marine, 65-69 2 tours of Vietnam, progressive inventor, United Patriot for Bernie Sanders

Some old lady might want some, so please vote Yes, for Issue 3

Privatized prisons are just one example of us living in a modern day dark age with the greatest amount of tyranny over the mind of man. Voting Yes for Issue 3, to legalize marijuana, which is an Anti-Psychotic, is the biggest step to ending the ignorant insanity. Hemp will be grown again for limitless good reasons. In case you don’t know, we are phasing out fossil fuel, fracking, coal, and cutting down trees for paper and building products.                                                                                                                                         I no longer attend the monthly Saturday Coffee Amci gathering of the writers to the editor in   In past meetngs, I was told by these close minded, know it alls that don’t have a clue, “that nobody here believes one word I have to say about the wonders of cannabis, and if I would shut up, I might learn something.” There is nothing, I could ever say to them, to convince them, 14 million is already too many years of imprisonment served, 60% for marijuana only offenses, and cannabis is the cure for most diseases, including all mental and physical disorders brought on by the poisons coming from making products from fossil oil. Bringing cannabis into your body enables your body to heal it’s self. This message is for all that still believe pot is bad, “If you do not wish to feel better from the effects of God’s most important plant, DO NOT EVER use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Use your legal pills that kill an American every 19 seconds,  FDA approved, and the Doctors say they may kill you, get you hooked, or make you wish you were dead, but those are just a few of the side affects but at least, they are LEGAL..!!!


The war against hemp is almost over

A person dies every minute of every day of Cancer. If fracking is allowed to continue for two more years, we will see Cancer double within 5 years and double within another 5 years. Believe me or believe the experts that say, fracking is completely safe for the air, soil, and well water.
When once again, hemp is legal to grow, we will see the powerful chemical and fossil fuel rulers begin a transformation of power from the cronies to the farmers. It does not have to be a slow but sure process. If the Top Cat Plan does not get into full swing. Very little will change for the best, for the future of mankind. We will continue to be ruled as we have in the past 140 years. We are facing the death of a Country. If the launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry, we will experience the greatest advance to a far more positive direction for the common people, not the greedy gluttons.
I am ready to take on the sharks. As soon as I have been scheduled to be on the Shark Tank Show, all will be informed. I will be astonished if they have me on. They are among-est the many that choose not, to get into a debate with me, on what this nation must do to stop, our downward spiral and record amount of money being pulled from the productive class to the obstructive class.
President Kennedy once said, “The United States, as the world knows will never start a war. We do not want a war, we do not now expect a war, This generation of Americans has already had enough, more than enough, of wars of hate and oppression.”  The war for oil, and against hemp is almost over.  But the War to survive is here.  This could, be our biggest and last.

Sen Rob Portman and the Shark Tank Show

I e-mailed Ohio Senator Rob Portman last week. I discovered he is a lot like Rand Paul. They are all for fossil fuel. I am against the use of any fossil fuel completely. Most believe we have no choice. Using the power of the sun and wind with hemp and hydrogen are the total answers for replacing all energy needs for a future that stops trashing the world.
I have discovered, the Shark Tank Show is afraid to have me on their show. They are afraid I will make them look like fools, which I will, if they take the stand that we must stay committed to natural gas, coal, and oil for energy dependence. My proposals will put and keep 20 million people to work in green jobs. I can put a million citizens to work a year and additional 1 million every year for the next twenty. We will not need to outlaw the use of fossil fuels. Hemp fuel and hydrogen will serve to force the gasoline and diesel fuel makers to change, to use hemp to make the finest fuel and lubricate. That is why hemp was and is illegal in the United States but not in other countries. The United States are #1 in the most political prisoners imprisoned and amongst the top three in corruption. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio