Green energy is the way

Launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry is a must to enhance companies such as Tesla. The over all good of the electric car depends on the green energy used, not energy coming from coal, fossil fuel or nuclear. Please review Go to the category ENERGY to get the 17 green divisions of products produced, transported, and used in a green manner. We have the most aerodynamic design of a trailer body in every size needed. Our design vertical wind turbines will out preform the current windmills 30 to 45 times. Our horizontal wind turbine mounted on the front bumper of all vehicles will dis spell the phrase, “you can’t get something from nothing.” Green power is the key along with education and communication having the power to bring in more positive advancement in the next five years than most ever believed possible. Any questions? Top Cat II

Come to find out people made false statements to make fracking an industry

I would like for Lindsay Abrams, staff writer at Salon, to know there is a way to put fracking and fossil fuel use out of business at a rate of 20% a year, for the next 5 years. Go to Yahoo, type in, the only plan to launch the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in fifty states. That will get Go to the category ENERGY for the 17 green divisions. All Americans, people currently working in the fossil fuel or poison chemical industry, and those going into coal mines to bring home a check must know that the next 5 years are going to bring more positive actions for the common man than all years before. That brings in jobs for the betterment of all in so many ways. If I were to give any coal miner the question, do you want to go in a hole in the ground, suck up coal dust, while knowing that might be your last day on earth? Or would you rather have a job that utilizes your mind and body for heavenly causes like, installing today’s technology windows and doors in all buildings, to build 50,000 new products made from hemp, the installation of totally green roofs, building hemp composite water towers, vertical wind turbines that do more than 30 times more in supplying energy than any propeller type and erect them where ever needed? After we have fracked this country to death, clean water will be worth more than money. So destroying this earth brings jobs, but more jobs are coming to fix what we have done and learn what we must do. I will debate with any one or group any where, any time on the subject of what we must do and how we will do it. Top Cat II

We will stop trashing this earth, don’t need to any more

For every job lost to the current way we have carried on, will be replaced with good green jobs, not trashing the earth jobs like fracking, the XL Keystone pipeline, or making pharmaceuticals to become the #1 cause of death over booze and tobacco. Our design of vertical wind turbines puts the propeller type to shame in durability, output, and efficiency. If a volcano blocked the sun for along time, we would still be able to make enough green electricity and fuel for heat and transportation. The green way of life is coming. We have no other option. Thetopcatplan is the way we will accomplish this mission. The days of hoping, wishing, waiting, and praying for the better way of life to come are over. 140 years of that has gotten us to where we are now. Living in a modern day dark age. 1% own 50% and getting worst. Many fear change, fear is in deed, lack of knowledge. So, we’ll have education, communication, and the power of the truth working for us and the team work of a bunch of Americans. I began fighting tyranny in 1965. I will never give up in that war. I am talking about the war that has rendered 14 million years of imprisonment in our longest and most costly War On Drugs. 80% of the trashing this earth was made possible when cannabis was outlawed in 1937 by the cronies. Any questions? Top Cat II

A question to the fuel cell train people

I plan on installing hemp char-coalizing stations every 10 miles on the rails that lead to coal burning power plants.  Those stations, sending electricity to the trains by air is one of our options.  All stations will be green electric power production power plants equipped with three 900′ vertical wind turbines tied together at the top, built around a 800′ high hemp composite water tower to serve many functions.  My question to you is, how much more efficient is the fuel cell train, to keeping the diesel engine and fuel it with hemp fuel provided by our stations, fuel the engine with hydrogen, or throw away the engine and have the stations supply the electric power?  Top Cat II

A little old lady called me a kook

Retailers are disappointed this Christmas season. That can not be a surprise. We are in our nation’s most severe downward spiral with no end in sight. If we ever hit  bottom, nobody knows where we go from there. I have the only plan to stop the spiral and send us in the most positive direction ever. launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. Two trillion dollar industries along with many billion dollar enter prizes such as the fuel cell motorcycle, car, and trucks of all sizes accompanied with the most aerodynamic trailer, green roof tops that supply clean water, heat, cooling, electricity, and food for the buildings while sending no downspout water to the river during times of flooding, environmental fueling stations, supplying the common man with the equipment to make their own energy, hemp char-coalizing stations every 10 miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning power plant, our own designed manure processor system that does not strip the nutrients while taking the fuel out, and the best designed vertical wind turbines. We have a million roof tops waiting to be had.  Three million dollars would give the MARATHON building in Findlay, Ohio a today’s technology green roof.  Able to retain 12 inches of rain water when the system is 1/2 full.  10′ high hemp-crete poured walls with a hemp composite cistern lid accompanied with four hemp composite water towers with vertical wind turbines mounted on top.
An elderly lady called, to ask why, if hemp and marijuana do so many good things, why has not somebody got on the band wagon and capitalized? I told her the rulers have kept it that way resulting in living in a modern day dark age. She then referred to me has a kook, then said nobody wants to change, I am just one drummer with one hand beating on one drum and getting no where, and I should find something else to write about. I told her I have taken on the most important tasks that must be concurred. To do or write about anything else would be extremely anti-climatic. Terry Kook, Findlay, Ohio