We Must Not Fail in the Most Important Task Ever Bestowed Upon Us

Oxygen makes up 21% of the air at zero to a thousand feet above sea level. If that percent were to increase ½% it would increase the chance of wild fires by 70%.  If  it were to increase to 25% the entire earth would completely burn up.  The amount of methane gas gathered around the stratosphere (7 miles up) is the determining factor in the percent of oxygen in the air we breathe.  The more methane, the higher percent of oxygen and  higher air temperature  When our average earth temperature increases a ½ degree it will start the process of melting the ice capped pockets of methane gas currently trapped in the far northern and southern regions of the earth.  It’s a triple whammy folks.  There is 400 million metric tons of methane gas trapped.  If one or two million tons are released, we’re toast. Our future generations are depending on us to take actions to stop or reverse global warming.  If we do not accomplish this mission, we will have failed in the most important task ever bestowed upon us.  Two years ago, I was going to start writing letters to the editor to make aware of the facts I have written in my last 15 letters but I delayed it mainly because of the conversation I had with the previous head of the letter to the editor Joy Brown.  She said global warming is a farce made up by the environmentalist.  All talk show host at that time shared that outlook. What a difference a couple of years can make.  We were kept stupid by the ruling cronies.  The times they are a changing.  The hydrogen economy and the hemp industry is coming, both trillion dollar industries.  Terry Cook