It’s time to cut the one grass leaf in half

I simply can not go by without a response to Joe Tibbe’s May 15, 2013 profound statements.  Joe says, “685 ppm of CO2s is like a football field with one leaf of grass.”  I say, ” we must cut that grass leaf in half to survive on this planet.”  We must get back to 350 ppm of CO2s in order to reverse global warming. To say 685 ppm could not possibly harm us is like saying GMO,s can’t possibly cause us harm. The people that work for Monsanto, don’t eat GMOs, they know better. Smart people don’t eat cattle that have been corn feed their whole life even thou they have been told, that can’t possibly do harm to our bodies. Joe Tebbe’s philosophy on CO2s could launch a new career in speaking. He would not have a problem packing the Winebrenner’s Auditorium with a speech on, it is foolish to worry about global warming. I would like to debate with Mr. Tebbe or any body else on that subject in front of the whole world.  It would not be difficult to make anybody with that view point look very foolish.
Many environmental scientists believe we are toast. Their belief is that the cronies’ rule for the last 100 years has made it impossible to fix what they have done. I am amongst the very few that believe we have a chance to reverse global warming. That is because I am the only person on earth with a plan to do so. Without a plan we are indeed toast. The answer to pulling off what I have stated we must do, is launching the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. If you think those industries will never come about. Hide and watch. Right now, we have no options, but in the near future we will. We will be able to say no  to fossil fuels of all kinds, while wondering why did it take so long. Terry Cook, Findlay,Ohio

Sometimes, you can’t believe everything you hear or read, especially in the history books

About a year ago. I attended the Coffee Amici, Saturday’s Editor to the Courier gathering for the fourth time.  Each had a different focus, which I treasured very much.  I usually announce if I will be attending, which I did on the last one.  I got there early. I had an elderly lady named Martha, sit in front of me and announce that this was her first meeting. She said, “I came here to confront you, and tell you that I always read who writes the letter to the editor before reading the article. Martha told me, if she sees that I wrote the letter. She refuses to read one word, because what I have said in all of my previous letters goes against what she has been taught her whole life. For an example, she has seen on a tax dollar funded T.V. commercial, where they have eggs frying in a skillet and they say, “this is your brain on pot.” But you say, “Pot stimulates brain activity and keeps memory lost from occurring.” I also say, “That is a fact.  Another fact is, you will never see that commercial ever again. It was a lie”.  Martha also said. “Marijuana and hemp were made illegal because both are very evil. They are illegal for many good reasons.” I thanked her for coming forth with her beliefs, but what she believes to be true are indeed not. She was taught that pot is the most dangerous drug in the world and is good for nothing but causing trouble.                                 I usually bring several show and tell items.  After Martha had vented her discuss in my previous submitted letters, I then asked her to hold out her hand and I’ll squirt a shot of Malibu Hemp Lotion on it, and she cried out, oh  NOOOO!  I told her it is the finest skin lotion in the world.  I then asked her to let me sprinkle some Hemp Hearts on her muffin, again she cried out oh NOOOO!  I informed her, those hemp shell-less seeds are the most important food for good health on earth.  Martha then said, “I hope I did not hurt your feelings.” I said. “ I love to have people come after me, to challenge my true quotes, it really makes my day.”
History books have been altered. Two examples, what was the war of 1812 all about? Hemp is the answer. What fuel was intended to be used by the inventor of the Diesel engine? Vegetable oil is the answer. Those two facts were removed from all history books in this country. If you wish to know the truth, please review Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio