Near To The Turning Point

We are currently in a crucial turning point, so close to being at the point of no return, which must be immediately addressed. The reason we are in this situation is because of four of the most cruel and despotic tyrants, that waged a war on the farmers and all future generations. William Randolph Hearst, Pierre DuPont, Harry Anslinger, and the Andrew Mellon Bank of PA. They bought the federal law against the most important plants on earth, Hemp and Marijuana. They are responsible for 80% of the toxic pollution currently in our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans and the removal of 80% of our forests. If hemp would not have been made illegal, that pollution would have never been produced, our depleted forestry would never have been, and we would not be facing climate change and the ruin of our earth. In the name of profit for a few, has brought destruction of the world unless we act now. Use the coal that is setting above ground and leave the rest in the ground. Use the oil that is being stored in the above ground containers and leave the rest. We must close these chapters.
President Obama is strongly backing natural gas as a clean energy source. The EPA have given drillers two more years to employ technology to reduce emissions of smog-and soot forming pollutants. Guest what people!? NATURAL GAS IS NOT CLEAN ENERGY!!! Is the EPA stupid as well, or are they being paid off? What other reason could there be? I think we need a congressional investigation. I will go head to head with anybody in a national debate any time, any where, on what is clean energy, and what’s not.
For about $500.00, anybody, can go online to purchase a hydrogen generator to use in the garage, in a truck, or car to increase fuel mileage 20 to 50% or more while making the exhaust gases 90% cleaner. Terry Cook Findlay, Ohio


The definition of a drug is, any chemical compound or biological substance, other than food, intended for use in the treatment of disease.  Marijuana is a food.  Hemp-seed is the most complete single food source for human nutrition. The fact it is a food, means it is not a drug.  Hemp-seed can be pressed for its highly nutritious vegetable oil, which contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids (linolinic and linoleum) in the plant kingdom. These essential oils are responsible for our immune responses and clear the arteries of cholesterol and plague, plus the positive effects on the brain ( addresses depression, fatigue, anxiety, stimulates brain activity, and assists in maintaining brain fuction).
The money that our government has spent for the war on drugs, could have gone for far more important purposes, such as schools, health care, and infrastructure maintenance.
It is time to stop the insanity, legalize marijuana, and tool up to produce a wealth of quality ecologically sound goods for an upwardly changing society.
For the last three years in a row, there were at least ¾ of a million people in this country arrested for mere possession.  We have managed to acquire and maintain the status of being #1 in having the most political prisoners being housed at taxpayers expense.  Most for the war on marijuana.  This will be the year our friends and I turn things in the right direction, thanks to the spirit of Jack Herer and his people.

In the 1700s cannabis was used for making paper that would outlast wood paper by 100 times and could be made a 100 times cheaper and not produce the deadly poison dioxin. William Randolph Hearst put a lot of money in his pocket cutting down trees to make paper mainly because hemp is against the federal law.  In 2016 we’ll have provisions to vote on whether to make two federal laws: (1) Imprisonment and fines for cutting down trees for paper or building materials.  (2) The total elimination of burning coal and fossil fuel to make energy.
The energy companies are the owners of most petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, liquor, and tobacco companies, and intertwined with insurance companies and banks.
About eight months ago, Mr. Patrick T. Flinn from Bluffton, Ohio wrote a letter to the editor responding to one of my letters.  I don’t know were he acquired his information.  He said, “That if we use bio-mass cannabis fuel it would use up too much of the farm land, we would not have enough for growing food.”  Untrue, 6% of the farmland, is enough to supply all energy needs including transportation and electrical generation. Take the farmland that won’t hardly grow anything because the soil is worn out.  Grow hemp year after year, and the soil becomes fertile and enriched again.  Our Government and Pheasants Forever, pay farmers to not grow crops for several good reasons.  Grow hemp on that land and you’ll have health and wealth to the tune of being able to give back to the subsidizing groups.
An employee can pay into workman compensation his or her life and have an accident with no fault of theirs, but if that person smoked herb or had eaten hemp-seed food in the last 30 days, that person will not receive a dime of compensation and probably loose their job.  A citizen can be denied benefits from Medicaid because of the presence of THC in the body. Top Cat