The coal miners are so fortunate to have new good jobs coming!!!!! Bout time!!

Do we wish to have more mercury, sulfur, and lead in our air which ends up in our lungs, all water, soil, and in our food? Just so a dumb hillbilly, can go into the ground not knowing if this is his last day on earth, or to die a miserable slow death in the end!!! Wouldn’t you rather work installing solar collecting windows, green roofs, hemp composite water towers, replacing all lead pipes with hemp piping, encased vertical wind turbines, or work in production in any of our 17 divisions making hemp products in every county, state, province, and territory? We are launching the homemade hydrogen economy, using the power of the wind (like never before), sun, and your downspout rainwater. The Hemp and Self-Sufficient industries replace ALL jobs in fossil coal, big oil, fracking, building cheap Russian steel pipes for pumping poison, Monsanto, cement, and making paper from trees. Replaces polluting, to go green in every way professions, that bring 9 long lasting, good paying, good benefits, never to leave our country, or replaced with robots jobs. Yes, 9 jobs for every 1 job lost, to the crony planet destroying rulers to go to, saving us from early death. That is called population control, brought to us by the Koch brothers, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bushs, American Medical Association, and all War mongers. Constitutional MILITIA, which I am Ohio’s Recruiter. John Nicholson Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government’s 2012 video “Free YOUR Mind”. Know our enemy!!!! Also know, elections are a farce, not climate change like Trump believes. All bought must be replaced. The ruling cronies that have stripped us of all that is good, must be taking OUT, NOT Out for lunch!!!!!! terry cook/,, Veterans-Stand, Veterans Standing for Standing Rock, Divesting from EVIL to go GREEN, record crowds of Marchers, and last summer’s packed Stadiums for Bernie Sander’s rallies. Our 1 year old Green & Political Revolution is accelerating at record speed, thanks to the Great Accelerator Donald (ignorant dumb bought egomaniac) Trump!!!!! We are using you Mr President. When we are finished chewing you up, we will spit you out into a waterhole filled with Coal dust slime that you told Koch brothers to feel free to dump. Any questions from any republican, democrat, or green party member????????

2 thoughts on “The coal miners are so fortunate to have new good jobs coming!!!!! Bout time!!

  1. I have been encouraging this company to replace any petroleum materials in their products with hemp. They are opening a plant in Indiana, and will be doing that.

    If you are interested in encouraging people to live in a home that is integrated with nature, or want to do that yourself, please contact me.

  2. What Bernie and Hillary proposed was to retrain miners in green energy jobs. I forget the numbers offhand, but green energy job far outweigh coal jobs nationwide. If we retrain miners in manufacturing green energy solutions like making solar panels or wind turbines as well as installing them, we can get these folks into good paying jobs and lift the economy back up for the people. Instead, they chose to take the mental heroin Trump and his fascist surrogates promised that they will never ever be able to deliver. They are now facing the karma of those actions and finding out he lied. Just like the people in Texas who voted for trump because he promised to build a wall, who are now finding out that their property will either be appropriated to build the wall or that it will end up on the Mexican side of the wall…sorry if I have no sympathy…you are getting exactly what you voted for…

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