The times they are a changing

The most valuable substance on earth is not gold, silver, or oil. It is water. Hemp composite water towers and underground storage systems, is one of my seventeen divisions to be produced in every state. Every building will soon be replacing the windows with today’s technology, able to generate electricity. Most roofs will have one or more water towers, able to produce the energy for the building under them, and grow the food to feed it’s occupants. The age of self-sufficiency is coming soon. What will make that possible?  Education and communication are the key elements. Greed has brought us to this place of uncertainty. Most common people know that we must take our country back from the rule of the cronies. Laws and priorities must change. We must outlaw using trees for paper and building products. Replace cotton with hemp. Replace all fossil fuel use with hemp. These positive things will not just magically come about. Without a plan and team work, we have no chance. With my plan, which happens to be the only idea that launches the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry, we have hope to bring ourselves out of the most downward turn ever in the history of the world. The reality of the situation is that, the times, they are a changing. Eighty percent of an average person’s payroll check goes to energy of some kind. We have the ability to produce your own energy, store your own water, produce and store your own food and herbs, and everything else you need can be acquired by trading. The biggest war currently in our country is to survive what we have done to our earth and water. We do possess the power to address all of the problems we have allowed to occur. Terry Cook, Findlay, Ohio

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