The world depends on us to plant hemp as fast as possible to save Humanity

We are planting hemp this coming season in Ohio. I am Ohio’s Recruiter for the Citizens Committee for a Restructure Government Constitutional MILITIA. Our first Mission, Protect our farmers and farmland from harm in any way. We must bring back “1942’s Hemp For Victory”!!!! We will need as much hemp growing for thousands of reasons. Clean our air, water, and soil. We will someday, have at least one of our west coast volcanoes go blowing. The amount of hemp grown and producing seeds, determines what percent of humanity and animal life survive. The number of our design encased hemp composite vertical wind turbines working, hemp composite water towers, aerodynamic water buffaloes in all sizes, and fuel cell vehicle including trains, trucks, buses, and cars will also determine who dies of starvation. John Nicholson Citizens Committee for a Restructured Government Constitutional MILITIA, Tyson Manker Standing Rock, Wes Clark Jr Veterans Standing for Standing Rock, rebels, warriors, united patriots, terry cook/, all Veteran’s groups except Vietnam Vets for Trump!!!!! We are taking the crony rulers OUT. Not Out for Lunch!!!!! Cannabis and homemade green hydrogen are the rocks in our foundation. Nothing needs to be invented to go completely GREEN….. Any questions to us on how hemp charcoal is the total replacement for coal, natural gas, and nuke fueled power plants. terry cook/

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